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TRUE!!! "Lay Me Down" Is Taking Over the World!

iTunes Finland Top Song & Top Album:


New Sept. 13 Lyric Video! HQ Audio + Lyrics on Screencaps + GIFS

Studio quality audio: 320 kbps 11.4 MB
Can view in China!
I left out the "hush, hush, hush..." this time.  Added GIF of Adam hugging Avicii at the end.
Also at Tumblr for countries that don't allow smugmug:


Avicii Worldwide iTunes Performance 
Keep an eye on this!


"So far, Wake Me Up has sold 877,000 copies. Get Lucky has sold over 1.2 million copies – but we’re sure Nile and Avicii aren’t counting.
Will Lay Me Down get a full release and be a first Number 1 single in the UK forAdam Lambert? Who knows? But Avicii and Nile have both had Number 1s this year – they really should give Adam a turn too, right?"

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Seems you can buy "Lay Me Down" by itself abroad? Like a single?
  1. you can always by every song on an album like a single
  2. Thanks, didn't know that was always ~True ;)


TALCvids ‏@TALCvids 
Avicii chose "Lay Me Down" as the essential new tune on BBC Radio 1 and said it was his personal favorite from his new album #True !!!

Lay Me Down on BBC 1 at about 1 hr 1 min mark.
Avicii talks about it afterwards:

Avicii talks about Lay Me Down on BBC 1 radio today: Listen or download:


YouTube Comments:
For me, a song needs 2b catchy by the 3rd listen n I don't get sick of it after the 30th listen. This song IS that!! The way Adam sings it, the words just roll off his tongue so easily n effortlessly 4:01-05, but at the same time it's intense n soulful. At times there's rasp 1:16 for vulnerability n the way he ends each verse makes my senses tingle. Song's got such a great hook and the guitar n tune n beat just build up, and at the end Adam's 'COME ON!' (4:20) just hits a climax! I LOVE IT!!!
Show me I'm the one, tell me I'm the one that you need <-- catchy catchy CATCHY!
Mmm yeah, show me baby
Baby tell me that you need it
I got the time, it'll BE alright, yeah <-- 4:15 love how he let his voice rip at 'be'
I got the time that you need
COME ON! <-- 4:20 favorite part!

Now this is what happens when a big time relevant artist makes the most of arguably the greatest voice in pop music today. Adam Lambert IMO out of all the current pop stars you name them from JB to Gaga, has the most potential to emulate what MJ did in Pop in the 80's for this generation, not saying it well happen but Adam Lambert has scary potential, he's the complete package.

I just wanted to comment on the last section of the song starting at about 3:50 where Adam sings "show me I'm the one, tell me I'm the one that you need" four times in secession because, for me, it quietly shows his brilliance. He starts off soft and level, the next repeat is ascending with increasing volume, the third crescendos into the high note with a long keening 'eee' sound implying yearning, and in the fourth he brings it back down to the beginning softly. I doubt it was written that way, I think Adam was just giving us a full musical arc. Love it.

Avicii’s Debut Album ‘True’ Impresses On All Levels [Review ]

Post written by Ben Hebert
It’s not country, nor it is house. Avicii’s debut album echoes who he has always been. The scale may be larger and collaborations bigger, but True very much relies on his format of using simple uplifting melodies in his tracks. Yet in this simplicity is where beauty lies.
Even the staunchest opponents will be forced to replay through again and again, even if it’s for their own comprehension. First it’s to understand whether the the disarray of singles can even be considered an album. Next, who is Avicii?
Ash Pournouri and Tim Bergling = Avicii
Maybe the con hidden behind the giant glowing head is that Tim Bergling is just the face of Avicii the brand. Between the numerous collaborators, influencers and Avicii’s manager Ash Pournouri getting a credit on every track? It’s difficult to establish where the ideas actually come from. Although True is much more Avicii than Random Access Memories was Daft Punk. To choose this route of thinking however, makes the music secondary to the story. It’s like refusing to eat a burger, if the beef isn’t grass fed. 
Sometime as your mind struggles to comprehend everything between the thumping piano chords in “You Make Me” and the acoustic guitar lines in “Heart Upon My Sleeve”, you stop paying attention and start listening. Forgetting what you wanted or the failure that you had hopes for, the songs begin to take on a life of their own. Each finding a place to bury themselves within one’s own consciousness.
The moment may have very well been “Lay Me Down”, the disco pop collaboration between Avicii, Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert. The funky Rodgers inspired rhythm pulsates through the track, but it’s not what defines “Lay Me Down”. It’s Lambert’s glam rock sound loaded with attitude that steals the song away. Lambert captures your attention early and refuses to let go. It doesn’t matter how similar the melody may be compared to “Wake Me Up”, this track is guaranteed to be win Tim Bergling and company a Grammy.
True isn’t a coming out party. Lyrics are only added to create an additional layer, not create any real depth to the songs. Arguably it’s more like a statement album defining who or what Avicii is. By ignoring the con in front of us and the seemingly disarray, the True is quite enjoyable and refreshing at its best.

I feel like I am looking at this whole 'True' circus, very much from the outside and with quite a bit of amazement.
I am not typically a dance music listener and within electronic music, which I often like a lot, the EDM section was usually the one I had the least bit of connection with. I love soaring vocals set over a drum beat, but would traditionally lean more towards a rock sound ala Queen, for example, rather than the more disco/funk oriented one that Adam or Nile are producing. 

But I love Adam, and he loves dance music forward and backwards and so I have gotten to expand my horizons over the years. 

Now, here comes a DJ, embedded in the EDM /house music culture and its ideas about what music should be, what role a DJ plays, etc. The whole notion of seeing the DJs as a full musician, rather than a lover of music who plays tracks, the level of musical talent vs technical skill that goes into the production of electronic music, is mostly quite new to me. 

In the same way,  I see throngs of people, who come to all this from the other side. 
They are used to the electronic feed, listening to it for hours. They do not ask who the artists are behind the sonic drip, but rather show an interest to bathe in the richness and layers of overwhelming sound, use it to relax/numb their minds and to allow them to enjoy the feeling of a dance community, their world of expression or flight, whichever it may be.

Avicii makes them open their minds too, and quite a bit at that. They get introduced to soaring vocals, and while some are electronically altered, the natural voice in its variety, is very much in the foreground on this album. How may young folks have so gotten used to the generic pop autotune sound, that they are actually not open to the sound of a natural voice anymore? Kind of like a child who only plays with Barbies and finds a regular baby doll ugly or 'thick'. Or a boy who watches too much TV and sees only the beautiful women on the shows he watches and cannot relate anymore to any natural face in his own surroundings.

Avicii now places this album in front of all these 'autotuned brains' and asks people to come along for the ride. I can see from comments made by Avicii fans, how this is actually demanding for them. Both the variety of musical styles and genres as well as the various vocal and instrumental sounds, seems to be challenging and at times jarring for them, when to me, this is a relief from the monotony of other sounds I find in EDM.

It is an interesting experiment, and we will see whether Avicii will alter his fanbase with this album or whether his previous fans will come along for the ride. If they do, their ears get opened to vocals. That is a tremendous achievement and will open the doors for other bands and musicians to bring stronger vocals to their music too. That would be fantastic for Adam overall.

I am not too concerned, and hope others are not either, about how much Adam's name is paraded around within the EDM community now.  They are not buying this music for the vocalists, they are buying a sound. Here we have Adam as the musician, who is helping to create a sound, it is not his name in the foreground. Obviously, if this were all that Adam were doing, that would be different, then he would only provide his vocal services to music of others. Not that this could not be a career also, but it probably would not be a good fit for Adam. But clearly, this is not the case, so there is nothing to worry about.

I see Adam's participation in this in a different way:

a) I believe that Adam himself has not yet found his sound or musical style. He is still experimenting. And with this collaboration, he probably learned a lot and got to try out something new with two artists who come from very different backgrounds. 

b) He finally has a soaring vocals over electronic beat track that is high on the world wide charts, where the discussion is about the music, and totally removed from the personal debates that otherwise always grab the spotlight with him.

c) He is, as discussed above, influencing musical perception of vocals in general and hopefully this generates a wish for more vocal realness in much of music. That would be wonderful

d) This hit will provide an income stream. Adam has song-writing participation rights, and he is the vocalist. So any album sold, any LMD single sold across the world, any play on radio or other medium results in income. He may not need dimmers for his home anymore, but maybe he could use some dimmers for a future A3 tour.

It is all good. And I don't think that pushing Adam's name to the foreground artificially should be our main goal. Where it organically occurs, sure, but forcing it onto an EDM crowd that does not care one hoot about who is who, probably makes little sense overall, and might just annoy folks.

In the music business, Adam is already recognized by many, and a few more will wake up with this round. Adam is again part of a new and experimental movement in music and I love to be part of the ride.


  1. Pete Tong just said its his favourite track from 'True' and he said Adams name. I'm well chuffed, haha
  2. Fuck I can't believe this Adam F Lambert on Radio 1. This I dreamed off for 4 years!
  3. Holy Crap & I did almost crap my pants 'Lay Me Fucking Down by Avicii feat Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers now playing on Radio 1 Pete Tong Show
First radio 1 play for - and avicii tells them its his favourite track on the album :)))

Keep an eye out here:

iTunes Store Top 10 Dance Songs

Lay me Down is #2 in Finland 

Lay Me Down
Retro disco as seen through a modern filter of house. Including a slamming chorus. Exuberant, happy pop music that reminds you of 80′s Madonna as well as French house music from the 90′s. TrĂ©s chic.
Other tracks that also got 5/5: You Make Me, Hey Brother.

Avicii's "Lay Me Down" feat. Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert - Song Review 

     My desperate call/plea for new music today has already thankfully been answered... Thank the pop gods... Well the call had been answered a few days ago, but I finally came across what sounds to be the official version of Avicii's future smash single "Lay Me Down" featuring the glorious instrumentals of Nile Rodgers and the perfect, flawless vocals of Adam Lambert. The dance, disco throwback, retro track is set to be featured among others on the DJ's upcoming #True album and may be the moment that literally sets dancefloors on fire this coming fall. 
     Following the massive success of the unique country-inspired/dance track "Wake Me Up", currently sitting at the number four position on the iTunes chart, let's all hope Avicii makes a wise choice to release "Lay Me Down" as a single somewhere down the road. It's been getting nothing but positive reception. Rodgers and Lambert have teamed up once before, on "Shady" off Adam's last album Trespassing, and immediately noticed the chemistry between the two performers. Add Avicii's impressive ear for EDM magic and you have a song that is both electrifying and "True" to the three men's different artistic styles and abilities.
     "Lay me down in darkness, tell me what you see, love is where the heart is, show me I'm the one, tell me I'm the one that you need," Lambert belts on the infectious chorus before Avicii's production kicks into full gear on the track of love and desire. While many hope that the sound of the new track would be a sign to the direction Lambert is heading toward for his next album, they might be disappointed as the artist has said he has been inspired by rock n roll recently. His upcoming performance with legendary Queen may be the reason for his angsty, power ballad feelings. 
     No, the fantastic disco track seems to be all from the brain of mastermind Avicii. The guy certainly knows how to get people dancing, and adding Lambert's vocals and extra dash of sass with Rodger's talent for giving a song some needed funk was the right move. I'm going to be honest, the track is perfect. "Lay Me Down" fits in nicely with the EDM/dance genre, is another great creation for all artists involved and should have no probably reaching the top region of the charts thanks to Avicii's quick rise in popularity. Who says that the public is officially over dance? You betta werk! 



The media loves LMD!!!
GloPop: It’s absolutely mind blowing. Nile Rogers, Adam Lambert and Avicii are a match in heaven.
Matt Paco @Pacorazzi (FUSE TV Producer): Love the new @avicii @adamlambert "Lay Me Down" track.
This guy is everywhere in media: Writer, FuseTV; Columnist, Billboard + Words in/heard on RollingStone; BuzzFeed; RadioDotCom; MnetAmerica
‏@Jeff__Benjamin: This is SO good → Listen: @Avicii Recruits @AdamLambert & Nile Rodgers for "Lay Me Down" via @fusetv
WOW! This station has 370K followers!
@KissFMUK: New Avicii alert! Hear Lay Me Down ft Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert: #KISSFresh
@JordanMeehan EQ Music Blog): CHRIST THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. I WAS NOT READY. … #LayMeDown @adamlambert
Jack White ‏@Jack5326 (TV Reviewer/News Reporter): #NowPlaying @Avicii ft. @AdamLambert & Nile Rodgers - Lay Me Down. It's FINALLY out and sounds brilliant!
Glamhoppers! Smiling
‏@officialcharts (UK 74K followers): Attention #Glamhoppers! @adamlambert is BACK, teaming up with @Avicii & @nilerodgers on #LayMeDown. Listen NOW >
This music blogger with 5K followers couldn't stop gushing Smiling:
‏@OMFGMusic: Avicii and @adamlambert team up together on the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G glitzy, disco, dance anthem "Lay Me Down": #TRUE
‏@OMFGMusic: @JeffSwift13 @adamlambert @Avicii it is perfect. literally has me speechless.
‏@OMFGMusic: Have you heard @AdamLambert + @Avicii's stunning new dance anthem? #LayMeDown #True
This guy wasn't impressed with LMD except for Adam's vocals:
‏@WOTYOUGOTfeed: Avicii's new single Lay Me Down with Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers leaks in full. Listen here. Adam's vocals are great




Find out how is delivering 's biggest moment yet in this week's cover story:

"All the tracks on True, out Sept. 17 on Pournouri's newly founded label PRMD through Island Def Jam, have a similar formula: They blend an authentic slice of an earthier genre-bluegrass, soul, rock, even rockabilly-with the beats and euphoria of the global dance movement. Instead of pop stars dialing in toplines over prefab beats, it's based on musicians writing songs, together in a room. That small distinction, that kernel of truth, could be what catapults Avicii from superstar DJ to flat-out superstar, and carries EDM into a longer-term future."

Already better than the original!


True’: Avicii’s brave and unbounded debut fortifies dance music’s win column [Album Review ]

"On Friday March 22nd, 2013, dance music heavyweight Avicii embarked upon Ultra Music Festival’s Main Stage (the same stage that had controversially united him with Madonna one year earlier), with a start-to-finish final product of what would become his debut studio album. Coming after “Levels,” his inarguable magnum opus that remarkably shed a new light on electronic production in 2010, would be considered one of the most anticipated dance records not named Random Access Memories of the decade.
This would’ve been the fate of the hype for Tim Bergling’s first ever full-length album, but Avicii’s Ultra follow up effort was remembered more as a stunt than as a successful album premiere, despite featuring music legends and live instrumentation. It’s no secret that fans were taken back, and that the collection of music that would eventually become the album was heavily criticized. It would be picked at for its genre experimentation with country, although the final product is far more than a country sampling or two. It was bashed for its use of banjo and bluegrass twang, ironically from the same vultures who would’ve pulled out their torches and pitchforks if the sound was rather, god forbid, pop. The Swede-heartwas off to a shaky start with his debut campaign; one far from indicative of the quality of its content.
The success of Avicii’s new sound would soon come. On June 17th, “Wake Me Up” was delivered to radio stations around the world as the album’s first single.It was one of the songs that had rolled out with Tim’s controversial Ultra dice.Fans had judged blindlessly, but now they had to listen. “Wake Me Up” was being heard around the world and couldn’t be escaped - and now millions of people, from fan faithfuls to Avicii abandoners, along with countless complete strangers to EDM — were faced with the truth. Aptly titled, Tim’s True is just that.
After “Wake Me Up’s” chart-smashing success, it’s been difficult to determine where the production’s loyalty remains, balancing folk influences and commercial-dance chords alike. When taken into consideration, however, how rarely a vocal country song of its ilk receives airtime in major cities amongst mainstream outlets even beyond radio, it becomes evidence that Avicii pushed this one forward himself rather than leaning on another sound’s previous success. By the time Katy Perry’s “Roar” knocks nearly every other hit off the radio rotation, imitations will arise from dance progressions, not country singers; which speaks volumes about the allure of “Wake Me Up....
“I never dreamed of making music on this level,” Avicii told Rolling Stone nearly a month ago. He was talking about the next two records; his collaborations with Nile Rodgers. First comes “Shame On Me,” where Nile’s funky bass riffs are instantly recognizable, as is Avicii’s harmonic bridging; an artistic tug-of-war with nostalgia ranging from Harlem Renaissance jazz to progressive bluegrass  (which, in lieu of the album, should be referred to as nu-grass).
Arguably the most finely tuned record on True, “Lay Me Down” has Rodgers summoning his disco dominating days with a Chic-esque bassline and Adam Lambert providing timeless vocals in the vein of some of the greatest singers to lace the genre’s hits during the booming 70s. Avicii connects the dots with his gifted sense for octave, finding the perfect home for his creative aesthetic. He may not have won a Grammy for “Levels,” but “Lay Me Down” has a good shot at earning a golden gramophone as it pays homage to Nile Rodgers’ testament: “Tim will do stuff that, honestly, I would’ve never thought of.” Coming from a disco legend and recent Daft Punk collaborator, Nile aims to shape another generation of music, and “Lay Me Down” is a step forward even following “Lose Yourself To Dance.

tatyana27121986 via 14Gelly



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