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Adam Filmed GLEE Yesterday, Melvin Not On Set? Tweets & Pics + Avicii Praises Adam + Nile Rodgers Tweets NEW TATTOO PICS & GIFS


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It's official. We are all in love with @adamlambert. #glee #glamberts

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I am in love!!!!!!


  1. True confession: I've never had a Queen album until the (signed!) collection Adam gave me last year. (But Leila did)
  2. We thought you were responsible for exposing young Adam to the finest in rock.
  3. I did Bowie and everything else. His Mom gets to claim Queen and Elton
  4. Did you make it to Vegas Fri night? Awesome to hear it live! Saw an older guy in a Queen t shirt crying after WWTLF, sweet!

  5. I watched and cried at home

  1. So good! So sweet! So cute! Nothing but positive things to say. He's such a great fit for glee. Love that he's there.
  2. great. He's a natural. No surprise.

  1. Who's ready for my twitter chat with ? Use to send me your questions. Chat starts at 11am PST!

  1. I'm going all the way to Calico. I hope you're well. Avicii, says yo. Nile
  2. YO! Show ya all the moves I know!
  3. "I'll do it for the people!!!" Haha. See ya soon
It sounds so F-ing GOOD! I miss you and hope you're well. Let's link next week if you're avail. N
I hope it's the title to the infamous new song, lol
Pussy Cat Calico, indeed!  Headed to Urban Dictionary with Adam's name attached to it. 


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Wake up call for DJ Avicii 

IBIZA banger Avicii has warned rival DJs that dance music’s chart reign will be over unless they follow his lead and come up with fresh tunes.
By Kim Carr /

avicii, music, dj, dance, ibiza,
Avicii fears Dance music will crash and burn if it doesn't continue to evolve
Avicii, who embraced country guitar for his global smash Wake Me Up, fears some musicians are making easy money from copying run-of-the-mill hits.
The Swedish star told me: “Dance music has had a massive wave of success in the past couple of years.
“But it needs to keep developing, otherwise it’ll crash and burn.
However, the 24-year-old, whose debut album True is Top 10 bound, is optimistic about the future.
He added: “There is a risk it will stop developing, and it’s up to all the musicians and producers to push the boundaries and showcase new possibilities.
“There’s no reason for it not to progress because there’s so much you can do with electronic music.
Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, has teamed up with American Idol star Adam Lambert, 31, for album track Lay Me Down, which also features Nile Rodgers, 60
“Dance music has had a massive wave of success in the past couple of years, it needs to keep developing, otherwise it’ll crash and burn”
He enthused: “Adam is a much better soul singer than people give him credit for.
“He’s great at pop songs, of course, but I had heard him sing some soulful ballads and thought he’d do a good job.
“I’d heard Adam was a good writer, too, and he proved that – he’s very open-minded and was enthusiastic about getting stuck in to writing dance tracks.
“I want to write more with Adam, for sure – maybe for his next album, or some more tracks with me.
Having worked non-stop for six years, Avicii is already plotting his next album.
He admitted: “I worry about burnout but, while my life is exhausting, 90% of people are stuck in jobs they don’t want to do.
“I’m one of the lucky few who has found a way to make a living from what they’re passionate about, and I feel so fortunate.
“I get nervous and jittery if I haven’t worked on new music for too long.
I wouldn’t be surprised to hear bagpipes on Avicii’s next big summer anthem.


Enhanced IG pic of Adam &  by Markus

a bit more


Pap videos in this playlist:



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