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The Blonds, Sept 2012

The Blonds, Feb 15, 2012:



YouTube to Air New York Fashion Week From Sept. 5-12


Citizen Vein

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First sighting of OOFTA at Katsuya:




5 Debut Albums To Get Excited About This Fall 

Avicii – True  

Having appeared on Forbes' annual DJ Rich List before he’d even released an album, Swedish house maestro Avicii will no doubt add to his $20m fortune with True. A far more intriguing prospect than most of his superstar DJ peers, the 23-year-old has roped in everyone from Chic legend Nile Rodgers to American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert for his long-awaited debut.

Screencap from Chateau Marmont August 11:

Avicii, ‘True’: Fall Music Preview 2013 

By Kerri Mason 
Avicii, ‘True’: Fall Music Preview 2013

Alex Wessely
Release Date: Sept. 17
Label: PRMD/Island Def Jam
That comely Swedish mug doesn’t imply it, but Avicii’s got the soul of a disruptor. When he trotted out a bluegrass band on Ultra Music Festival’s main stage in March, the crowd cleared and the entire Internet seemed to point and laugh. “I knew it was going to be controversial,” says the DJ/producer, born Tim Bergling. “But obviously the audience has really come around.” One of the songs performed that night was "True’s" first single, “Wake Me Up!,” which has since hit No. 1 in 40-plus countries, and is just starting its U.S. climb. (It’s No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100.) The album is loaded with similarly bold combinations that seem bound to catch on with audiences both foreign and domestic.

It is, of course, impossible to know what the late Freddie Mercury might have thought about Adam Lambert’s performances in his stead with Queen. But the American Idol finalist suspects it would have been positive.
Lambert has made a series of appearances with Queen since Brian May and Roger Taylor took part in the Idol finale back in 2009. Up next is a highly anticipated U.S. debut, as part of the iHeart Radio music fest later this month in Vegas.
“I think he’d be down,” Lambert says of Mercury, in a talk with Wild 106.1 FM.“Brian, Roger and the band, they’ve been really cool about telling me stories about Freddie — and kind of letting me into the kind of guy that he was. They always keep saying: ‘Oh, you guys would have gotten such a kick out of each other. You probably would have made each other laugh.’ It’s quite a compliment.
Lambert isn’t the first to serve as fill-in frontman since Mercury died in 1991 from an AIDS-related illness. Among them are George Michael (at a 1992 tribute concert), Robbie Williams (on the 2001 soundtrack for A Knight’s Tale), Paul Rodgers (from 2005 through 2009) and Tom Chaplin of Keane fame (in 2010).There’s even been a Queen + Wyclef Jean rap version of “Another One Bites the Dust” along the way.
Still, for Lambert, Queen’s original singer remains one of a kind.
“There will only be one Freddie Mercury,” Lambert says. “There’s really no comparing. I’m just up there when I sing those songs, just trying to kind of pay tribute.
The iHeartRadio festival, set for September 20-21, 2013, will also feature Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, and others, performing at the MGM Grand Arena.

The Ultimate Interview Part 3

So you left “Wicked” to become a rock star?
"I came back [to Los Angeles] and took some promo shots and started rehearsing. We had a handful of songs. I don’t know if any of them were great, but it was a start. At the time, we believed in them. We did a couple gigs here and there. The band was called the Citizen Vein. We performed at the Knitting Factory one night, the Cat Club on Sunset, and a club in Hermosa Beach. We did three gigs and that was it and we recorded a couple things, like rough recordings, and I don’t know, it didn’t quite click. We kept writing and doing things, but then I got into my first relationship and I fell in love and I was going out a lot. I was dressing up, just living my life and having a great time. Falling in love was major. It changed everything, because up until then, I was 25 and I hadn’t been in love. I felt like there was a part of me that was like, “I don’t understand something about life, like a big thing.” I listened to these songs on the radio or CDs or I’d see these musicals about people being in love with each other and what that feels like and what heartbreak feels like and the joy of what love is and I had sex but I’d never been in love and just didn’t get it. It was really interesting because during and after that relationship, everything changes. It’s like, “Oh, that’s what they were talking about.” I thought that was so corny before and now I am crying because I totally identify with what that feels like. So that was a big turning point for personal growth."

This is the end of Part 2 of the Fred Bronson interview:

You were in the ensemble, so you were on stage every night, even if you didn’t go on as Fiyero.

Oh, yeah. I was an onstage cover. And we rehearsed it in Toronto for about a month before we opened and we ran there for about 2½ months. So I spent time in Toronto and then we went to Chicago. Spent a couple of months there and then here in L.A. a couple months and then San Francisco. And at that point, it was about six months into it and I felt, “I think I’m done,” and I got to this point where I thought, “This is what I’ve been working toward my whole high school career and my early 20s. This has been the goal, Broadway,” and I knew that I could probably go into the New York production the minute a track opened up but I wasn’t satisfied. Probably because I was in the ensemble. I’m not going to lie. It was probably a step down from “The Ten Commandments” situation. Bigger show but not as featured, not as much attention. Not doing what I felt I was supposed to be doing.

How often did you get to play Fiyero?

I went on as Fiyero a couple times and it was really fun. I thought I did well, but it was only a couple times. The guy hardly ever missed. So I dropped out. I thought, “I want to be a rock star.” During “Ten Commandments,” I had a friend who encouraged me to play around with Garage Band and come up with my own stuff, so it all happened at once. I started messing around with the idea of recording. I got really interested in that while I was on the road with “Wicked.”

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