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Adam Has A New Tattoo! at Giorgio's Disco Night Saturday Sept 14 At The Standard's Mmhmmm Nightclub in WeHo + Artpop Instagram Pics + New Year's At Winstar!


Nile talks about Adam recording Lay Me Down, edited, can view in China, orig upload by schaetzelein

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Avicii re Adam recording Lay Me Down: "That's the same take that's in the release, and that's going to be in the single. You know it's the same one he did when he was hungover...just a phenomenal singer"

, thanks for wearing the shirt I gave you at Del Mar again from the Adams Life group! Hope you like it!
This is the shirt from Skin Graft that I took to Adam at his concert in Del Mar in July. He seems to like it. Wor

The Scoop on L.A.'s Chicest Dance Party 

DANCING QUEEN: Who says nobody dances at parties anymore? The chicest dance party in Los Angeles starts well after midnight in a private club behind the kitchen at the Standard Hollywood . There are no lists; those in the know receive a secret password the day before, to be given to a doorman discreetly positioned in hallway off the lobby (yes, you do need to walk through the kitchen to get there). Former events producer and Nineties club promoter Bryan Rabin (fashion types of a certain age remember him from the club Cherry or from assorted events for Dior, Giorgio Armani Dolce & Gabbana , etc.) has teamed up with She Wants Revenge frontman Adam Bravin, also known as DJ Adam XII, disc jockey to President Obama, Stevie Wonder and Prince and re-mixer for Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Spinning only vintage disco tunes with a modern edge, Bravin and co. have kept the tiny dance floor packed until past 4 am for the past six Saturdays. So far, the mix has included Olivier Theyskens , Haider Ackerman, Prabal Gurung ChinaChow, Dita Von Teese, Rose McGowan, Alexandra Von Furstenberg, Crystal Lourd, Adam Lambert and drag queen Constance (who throws his own party Thursdays at Bar Marmont).

“There can only be five of the best from every crowd,” says Rabin. “The space only hold 125 people so it will always stay perfect.” Anyone who has tapped a foot along to the recent chart-topping singles by Daft Punk, Robin Thicke andBruno Mars that harken back to Michael Jackson in his heyday gets that disco is back. “Today very much mirrors the recession-wracked times in the Seventies when disco couldn’t have been better for the economy,” reasoned Rabin.

And even though it is in Hollywood, celebrities behaving badly are not tolerated.“If a celeb shows up and demands this or that, I throw them out. It feels like the olden days when people couldn’t care less about celebrities. Everybody is obsessed with one thing and it’s the music.

Setting a Sophisticated Standard in WeHo 

Wed, Sep 11   By Lina Lecaro    
From left to right, influential Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder poses with party promoter Bryan Rabin and DJ Adam 12. The Standard Hollywood is shaking up the Strip with a number of unique events, including sexy dance party Giorgios (named after Moroder), gay pool party A Club Called Rhonda and the live music of Desert Nights. (Photo by Tyler Curtis)
On Saturday nights, congestion and conspicuous consumption pervade the Sunset Strip. Loud crowds —tourists and frat boys mostly — spill out from gregariously garish venues like the Saddle Ranch Chop Shop and the House of Blues. But smack in the middle of the sloshed flip-flops and sneaker swarm, a chic crowd of women in vintage dresses and men rocking American Gigolo swagger arrive to boogie the night away to disco music inside the Standard Hotel.
Giorgios , the sexy new dance party at the Standard’s MmHmmm club from longtime event thrower Bryan Rabin and famed LA DJ Adam 12, is getting, arguably the best kind of buzz in all of Los Angeles right now. No less than Purple Magazine, The New York Times and LA Weekly have taken note of its fierce and fashionable crowd and ambiance. In the short three months it has been open it has attracted a diverse mix of designers, performance artists, club kids, movie people, rock stars and pop stars and bodacious bon vivants hungry to soak in its condensed Studio 54-like atmosphere. We’re talking David LaChapelle, Jody Wately, Lenny Kravitz, Daphne Guinness, Rodney Bingenheimer, and yes, even Giorgio Moroder himself (the legendary producer for whom the club is named popped in just last week).
Rabin likens the happening to an underground gathering on the Strip. There is a password to get in and those who don’t “bring something to the party” in the way of fashion or a fun attitude don’t get in, no matter who they are or what credit cards they flash. Period. That has given the gathering a tough rep on the Strip,  Rabin said, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
While the Sunset Strip may be a legendary hub for after dark revelry and music, it’s not the first place one thinks of when seeking a hip drinking or dancing spot with eclectic character or arty vibe (that’s Downtown LA). Local bands looking to gain credibility play the “Eastside,” aka Silver Lake and Echo Park, not the Strip.Notoriety has ironically damaged the area’s “cool” in some ways. Why? Because the more iconic a destination is outside of Los Angeles, the more tourists want to go and locals in turn, want to stay away. Witness the love/hate relationship Angelenos have with Hollywood Boulevard.
The upscale exclusivity at nightspots like Sky Bar, Soho House and Bootsy Bellows may help pull in mainstream celebrities and big bucks, but fashionably hip crowds or “creatives,” as many in the events biz call them, have been few and far between there. Ditto WeHo residents looking for after dark fun beyond circuit parties or head-banging rock shows.
But this is changing, and the Standard is leading the way. Andre Balazs already had the famed Chateau Marmont, whose old school glamour is timeless, but when he opened the Standard in 1998, it was all about innovation. It was a ground-breaker from the get-go, from its lobby, which used to feature a live model as art, to its sleek, Warholian rooms to its consistently hot nightlife.Fifteen years after the place opened, the Standard’s club — originally called The Purple Room, then briefly known as Smoke & Mirrors and now named Mmhmmm — sees itself once again trail-blazing and in full burn (baby burn) mode.
Despite the impressive guest list at Giorgios, it’s not a snobby vibe. “Just like when disco brought people together in the 70s,” Rabin said. “We’re mirroring that with the mix of gay and straight, black and white, young and old.
Rabin, best known for his famed ‘90’s dance rock spot Club Cherry (which brought a dose of pansexual cool to WeHo when it first opened at Love Lounge, now the Robertson) said he had tons of fabulous friends who had no where to go. ‘They want to get dressed up and go out and dance without the ageism of LA clubs or being molested by constant cell phone flash,” he said. (Giorgios does not allow photo taking).
More important, said Rabin partner Adam Bravin (DJ Adam 12), is the fact that you can’t buy your way in. “Clubs based on bottle service become a certain type of environment,” said Bravin, who knows what he’s talking about as a top turntablist for LA clubs, corporate events and even President  Obama. “ The best part about the Standard is that they’re on the same page as far as creating a place not under the stress of having to make certain number at the bar.
Balazs seems to understand the importance of getting the right promoters and giving them the freedom to create the environment they choose. Hiring the right staff is a big part of this. Both Standards in Los Angeles, the other located downtown, have consistently presented great parties since they opened. But the original Sunset Strip locale presents more challenges than its downtown sister spot.

“The Standard West Hollywood is the baby,” said Darryl Gibson, director of nightlife and culture at the Standard. “When I came on board, Andre asked me to shake things up. As the brand grew quickly, everybody’s attention started to be diverted, and we sought to keep it relevant and be a part of the conversation.Bringing people back from Hollywood and what’s happening east of Highland.

Sutan Amrull and Adam Lambert. (Photo by Tyler Curtis, enhanced pic) May 19
They’ve been successful at just this with a mixture of events, including the wild, mostly gay pool parties of A Club Called Rhonda, which just closed out its second splashy summer season, and Desert Nights, a live music night featuring hip bands doing acoustic jam-like sets in the hotel’s groovy Cactus Lounge.
Standard Talks’ “Short Shorts” screening series (featuring presentations by short film-makers) and “Eat Your Words” story-telling events (with comedians spinning yarns about food) are two more examples of the eclectic nightlife offerings setting the hotel apart from pretty much everything else on the Strip.
“We definitely have a spot to fill, “Gibson said. “We’ve always been out to cultivate a scene.”
Giorgios is a queen of the Standard’s scene right now. Mmmhmm only holds a few hundred people, and the small mirrored room and tiny dance floor is rarely empty. The booths are always filled with style mavens. Many are the types who wouldn’t usually fight the Strip traffic outside, on a Saturday night no less.
For his part, Rabin said he never had concerns about throwing a party on the busy Strip or at the Standard. “It’s Andres Balazs. He’s about decadence, glamour, beauty, design,” he said. “He doesn’t bend to trends, he has a filter just like I do. They get it here. It’s not just based on commerce. It’s about being successful artistically first, commercially second.
In many ways, said Rabin, Giorgio’s is a success because it’s on the Strip, not in spite of it. He tells of a recent Lauren Hutton sighting at the hotel and the full circle meaning behind it. “Before I moved to LA, my ideas and aesthetics were shaped by ‘American Gigolo,’ much of which was filmed on the Strip.  And Blondie were a huge, huge influence. They were on the soundtrack (the movie’s theme song “Call Me” was produced by Giorgio Moroder). Then there’s Donna Summer’s “Sunset People,” which captures it all. Yes, a disco club on Sunset Boulevard makes perfect sense.




I wonder if colorful tattoo is on the guy in this pic.  He has a tattoo of Sutan on upper right arm, so maybe he has another face on his left arm.  Probably not.  It may be Raja's arm.

I have a hunch the new Instagram photos 
were taken at the tattoo parlor!



Playlist: 10 tracks you need to hear 

Avicii ft. Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers: 'Lay Me Down' (out now)
"As Avicii continues his ascent to the electronic dance music throne, a little help from Adam Lambert and Chic legend Nile Rodgers makes his latest track his grooviest spin on EDM yet. Expect this to be everywhere come the Christmas party season."

"He has worked with Nile Rodgers, whose most recent success has been with Daft Punk on Random Access Memories, and American Idol star Adam Lambert.
"I've been a fan of Nile for a long time, especially his music. You don't even know that he's behind some of the music that's out there.
"We just influence each other and give each other ideas and we feed off each other. The same with Adam too. We're a good team for sure."
Once he has finished promoting this album, Avicii has said he would like to take a break."



World's second largest casino!
I guess they liked this:




Adam Lambert 

Tue Dec 31, 2013
at 8:00 PM
Doors Open at 6:30 PM
General $65 / Premium $85 / VIP $95
Tickets for this event go on sale Friday, September 27th at 10:00 AM at!
Contact Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000
"Adam Lambert is an American singer-songwriter and stage actor. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in San Diego, California, he performed in amateur theatrical productions as a child, a path he pursued into adulthood, appearing in professional productions in the U.S. and abroad. In 2009, Lambert came to prominence after becoming the runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol. After signing with 19 Entertainment in a joint venture with RCA Records, he released his debut studio album For Your Entertainment in 2009; it debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 198,000 copies in first-week sales, and reached the top 10 in several countries. Its singles "For Your Entertainment", "Whataya Want from Me" and "If I Had You" also became international successes. Soon after the album release, he headlined a worldwide concert tour, Glam Nation, the first American Idol contestant to do so in the year following his Idol season. The tour was followed by two live releases: an extended play entitled Acoustic Live! (2010), and a live CD/DVD Glam Nation Live (2011), which debuted at number one on the SoundScan Music Video chart. Lambert took executive producer credit and was a principal writer on his second studio album, Trespassing, released in May 2012, to critical acclaim. Trespassing made its debut in the number one spot on the Billboard 200 album chart, also topping the Billboard Digital Albums Chart and Canada's Digital Albums Chart.
Citing influence from various artists and genres, Lambert has a flamboyant, theatrical and androgynous performance style, and a powerful, technically skilled tenor voice with multi-octave range. His showmanship and commanding presence in live shows have also become part of his signature. He has received numerous awards and nominations, including a Grammy Award nomination for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 2011 and an Honorary GLAAD Media Award in 2013. By April 2012 his first album had sold nearly two million copies worldwide and 4.2 million singles worldwide as of January 2011."

Global Event Center 
WinStar Global Event Center has been nominated as Casino of the Year by the Academy of Country Music Industry Awards four years in a row. Featuring 3,500 seats, the Center gives artists like Maroon 5, Blake Shelton and An Evening with Al Pacino the star quality performance they command.

Avicii, Adam Lambert Release New Song 

""I really fell in love with his voice,” the 24-year old DJ said in the Belfast Telegraph . “He just captured something on that first take."

"I need someone to do a lead vocal so I call Adam Lambert,” added Rodgers, who contributed guitar on the funky, EDM dance-hybrid.
The American Idol  season eight alum wraps his vocals around the lyrics, a collaboration between himself, Avicii, Rodgers and AshPournouri, which surmises  that “life is dance.
“Lay me down in darkness/Tell me what you see,” Lambert sings. “Love is where the heart is/Show me I'm the one, tell me I'm the one that you need.""

by santabillie

Avicii Wanted To Work With Nile Rodgers 'Way Before' Daft Punk 

EDM star says he had 'always been a fan' of Rodgers, who he worked with on his True track 'Lay Me Down .'

By Elizabeth Lancaster (@LizzyDL )
EDM superstar Avicii shocked the world with "Wake Me Up," the country-tinged lead single off his debut album, True. And it seems that is only the beginning of his experimentation on the album, coming September 17.
Looking farther down the track list, another surprising but promising collaboration comes on "Lay Me Down" with Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert.Rodgers most recently garnered attention for his work with Daft Punk, but 24-year-old Tim Bergling clarified to MTV News that his interest in working with Nile started long before the release of "Get Lucky," and he doesn't see any similarities between the two tracks beyond their shared success.
"The first time I met Nile was at my Radio City show a couple of years ago, that was before I heard anything about collaborations with Daft Punk," Avicii clarified."A lot of people mention it like, now that Daft Punk has worked with him, now everyone is going to work with him too, but for me I had always been a fan, and I always wanted to work with him, from way before that."
The choice to use Adam Lambert's voice on the track came directly from Rodgers, and luckily, Avicii finds Lambert's voice to be "truly incredible," saying, "I've heard a lot of vocalist and he is really rare, such a talented vocalist — and he killed that song."
While "Lay Me Down" is Avicii's first track with Nile and Adam, the Swedish producer is already looking to include them on his hard at work on his second album.

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