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Reports from Vegas at Adamtopia by ohmy:

Sept 11:  Adam and Queen will be in Las Vegas rehearsing 17-19. I also know where but I am reluctant to give that info  ;) They may do a partial day of rehearsals on the afternoon of the 16th but not likely.

Sept. 16:  Adam and Queen are a couple hours into rehearsal now sounds amazing. I don't want to give it out too early but I'll be giving song spoilers out before the show on Friday.  ;)

I am not going to give out any specific details until Friday afternoon till I'm done with this job. I don't want to get fired, but I will and I may also post a few pictures after iHeartRadio show is done. I will say this they've only rehearsed three songs that they performed together last year today only with Adam

Facial hair is still present

I have never worked with Adam nor Queen. They are in Las Vegas they will be rehearsing Today Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

Adam and Queen are a couple hours into rehearsal now sounds amazing. I don't want to give it out too early but I'll be giving song spoilers out before the show on Friday



First day of rehearsal w for our iHeart Radio set on Friday. What a treat to once again share the stage w Rock Royalty.



Brian talks about being re energized because they have , in Poland:






True is #4 Overall & #1 Dance , LMD is #56 Overall & #7 Dance in US iTunes \o/ \o/ 😇👍

To track, click 'countries', then search for Lay Me Down using "find". LMD now tracking in 28 countries:


"We all bleed, bleed the same. If you get the picture leave it out of the frame"
1. Going In To enter into an activity with unparalleled enthusiasm and fervor. I'm so hungry, I'm going in on this chicken pot pie! Oooh this is my jam I'm going in on the dance floor! go in goin in get after it go hard do 2. Going In To do anything considered wild behavior or to freestyle as in rapping They bout to get a cipher we going in.

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I think "Tasty Luck" is used as a rhyme for  "Tasty F*ck"

. closed a booming set with "Lay Me Down." Find it on True, our .

take ALL that she says with a grain of salt!

"Update" from MJ's:


Glee Season 5: Adam Lambert Spoiler Update (Changes Have Been Made)
by MJ on 09/17/2013

I’ve got some brand new information on the character Adam Lambert will play on Glee.

Adam’s character WILL NOT BE A DRAG QUEEN. There will be NO performances in drag.

Drag was the original plan for Adam’s character, but at his request, the character will be rewritten. Adam met with the Glee writers/producers this week to discuss the changes.

Also, Adam won’t be singing Lady Gaga’s “Judas,” also at his request. However, he’s still set to perform “Applause.”

Production on Adam’s first episode, 5×04, begins next week.

And that’s all I got.



MJ has the story wrong. It was MELVIN who nixed the drag queen idea, b/c he realized he'd be toast.  Melvin is the diva.

Meet EDM’s Anti-Hero — Avicii Follows an Uncharted Path on First Full-Length Album, ‘True 

YAHOO MUSIC: This album seems to be a "true" labor of love for you, as it's your first proper full-length album. What went into the process of making it?

photo by Mark Seliger, courtesy of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
On a Sunday afternoon, Avicii stands onstage at Encore Beach Club at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, fist-pumping in the air as hundreds of scantily clad revelers dance to his beats. His DJ set isn't filled with huge build-ups and drops, typical of the electronic dance music sound that's currently so hugely popular the world over. Rather, the crowd is singing along to the chorus of vocal anthems that cross over from pop music to his own original productions.
The one common theme: All of the songs in his sets have distinct melodies.Whether it's his remix of '80s anthem "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics or the refrain from "Liar, Liar" (his new collaboration with L.A.-based indie band Blondfire), his legions of fans know every word. As the familiar chord progression to his currently single "Wake Me Up" begins, a roar rushes over the crowd. He's saved this huge hit for the end of his set, which ultimately concludes with his new track "Lay Me Down" (featuring Adam Lambert and produced by Nile Rodgers, who came back in a huge way recently through his collaboration with French DJ duo Daft Punk), and lastly his bootleg unreleased remix of Jay Z's "Holy Grail."
In a few hours, he's going to do it all over again, as Avicii's also booked to play at the hotel's XS nightclub later that night for Nick Jonas's 21st birthday party .
Avicii (real name: Tim Bergling) holds two residencies in Vegas (the other is at Marquee at the Cosmopolitan), with more residencies around the world, including a huge slot at mega-club Ushuaia in Ibiza — not bad for a young man from Sweden who just turned 24. Just five years ago, he was tooling around remixing other people's music at home in his bedroom in Stockholm.
Everything changed for Avicii in 2011, when his song "Levels," featuring a familiar sample of an Etta James lyric, because one of the biggest electronic music songs of all time, garnering him his second Grammy nomination. "Levels" was followed by two more huge hits, 2012's "Silhouettes" and 2013's "I Could Be the One" (with Nicky Romero). A huge commercial endorsement with Ralph Lauren followed.

On September 17, Avicii releases True, his first full-length album of all original songs. What's most unique about "True," however, is that it sounds completely different from anything else out there, drawing on musical influences that range from American bluegrass to house music. Many of the songs almost sound country, but they're executed with a soulful R&B edge. It's impossible to try to pigeonhole the music on True to any particular genre. Avicii zigged while every other DJ was zagging, and it certainly threw many of his fans for a loop at first.
But now, the new music is starting to show up everywhere — in nightclubs and beach parties — but also in television commercials and in the introduction to lifestyle segments on "The Today Show." It's music that's loved by both the hardest club raver…and your mom.
Yahoo Music caught up with Avicii on the eve of his album release to chat about his new music, his collaborators, and more. His answers demonstrated a surprising musical maturity, which left us unsurprised by his continued march to the top of both the dance and pop charts the world over.
AVICII: Yes, [it's] definitely a labor of love! When making it, I didn't set any boundaries…I wanted to explore what I could do personally, while making the most out of all the amazing people I was working with. I wasn't necessarily making music that would only work during a set; this album was me trying to make music that was emotional, and had meaning. It was a very natural process.
I was blown away by the diversity of talent that you chose to work with on this album: Mike Einziger of Incubus, Aloe Blacc, Blondfire, Mac Davis, Imagine Dragons, and so many others. How did you go about choosing the folks with whom you wanted to collaborate?
All of the collaborations on the album were through various connections that my manager, Ash [Pournouri], or I had…Neil Jacobson, who plays golf with Mac Davis, introduced me to Mac. So when the opportunity presented itself to work with such incredible talent, I just had to do it. I knew they would be great contributions to the album.
What was the process like reaching out to each of them and explaining your vision? How did you connect with Nile Rodgers, who's on a roll right now with Daft Punk? And likewise, how did the Adam Lambert collaboration come into the picture?
Once we worked out who I would work with, everything happened relatively fast…We sat down to discuss our ideas, and then laid it all down in the studio.
I shared ideas about incorporating guitar with Mike Einziger, who performs and/or writes on three tracks on the album, and Nile brought Adam [Lambert] in, and his voice was perfect for the track. I listen to so many kinds of music, I brought my openness into the studio, and it seemed everyone had something that fit with my vision.
I'd been talking to Nile for over a year, and we talked about working together.He's one of the most talented people I've ever met. I'm so lucky to have worked with him. And with Adam, I wasn't even thinking that he was going to be on the track…But his voice is incredible, and he captured something on the first take.
Have you been doing more with Adam lately, beyond the new track? There have been pics tweeted in the last couple weeks, of the two of you in the studio. Are you working on Adam's album?
I stopped by a big charity event [recently] that Nile put together, so Nile and I spent time in the studio again…and Adam came by also. I don't know what will happen to what we did in the studio together that day, but it was really cool working with him again.
Many people are excited to hear what Zedd and Madeon did with Lady Gaga for her new album. Which other artists are on your list as dream collaborators?
I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most creative, cool musicians and voices out there. At this point, I am open to collaborate with any artist that I really like, mainstream or not, regardless of the genre. Working with Nile was a dream of mine…[but] Chris Martin is one [that I'd like to work with], Stevie Wonder, Adele, and more.
"Wake Me Up" is certainly different sounding than anything else out there right now — this album pushes the envelope by adding country and bluegrass elements to electronic music. How does this sound inspire a young man from Sweden? What drew you to it?
I have always been open to listening to anything, and bluegrass in particular has always captured my attention when I've heard it. The sound of the acoustics is just so pure, especially the guitar. I think it added a great element to the song.
Obviously the response at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in March must've been disappointing [EDM fan message boards shared mixed reactions when Avicii debuted his new sound there for the first time earlier this year], because people were probably expecting to just hear "Levels" over and over again in a large setting. How did you feel when you got this reaction from people?
Although it was a little disappointing to see the negative feedback. I didn't let it get to me. I knew I was taking a chance by bringing out live musicians. It was something completely different from what the audience was expecting, especially at Ultra. I really appreciate my fans who stuck by me and listened with open hearts and minds. It's been really rewarding to see the success of "Wake Me Up"; I can't believe how well it's done.
Do you have a personal favorite track right now on your new album? If so, which track is it?
I'd have to say "Hey Brother" — the bluegrass elements just have a really cool and alluring sound.


kind of blown away by new album, but maybe we're just suckers for great melodies. it's euphoric!!

I would agree! RT : The stand out song on 's new album is "Lay Me Down" by ...what a killer track
music director at B96



fan art by shuiye

Lay Me Down CD credits: LAY ME DOWN (Tim Bergling, Ash Pournouri, Nile Rodgers, Adam Lambert)
Produced by Tim Bergling
Co-produced by Nile Rodgers
Vocals by Adam Lambert
Background Vocals by King and Russell Graham
Guitars by Nile Rodgers
Published by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. o/b/o EMI Music Publishing Scandinavia AB (BMI) // Sony ATV Songs LLC (BMI)// XLC Music (BMI) administered by Sony ATV//Glambert Music ASCAP, All rights administered by Kobalt Songs Music Publishing
Recorded at Interscope Studios
Recorded by Kyle Vandekerkoff and Ryan "Skinny" Shanahan

via Lynneville

enhanced pic of new tattoo





True’: Avicii’s Genre-Defying Album [Beatdrop Review ]

September 18, 2013 by Kevin 
Avicii’s first ever full-length album, True, has landed. It wasn’t that long ago in March when he debuted his single ‘Wake Me Up’ at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, as the first taste of this album. What he didn’t expect then was the unexpected head scratching and even hating he received when he introduced it, backed with banjos and bluegrass beats. While some fans loved it, others hated on it and described it as not being electronic dance music. Fast-forward a few months and ‘Wake Me Up’ has become one of the biggest hits in the world that people of all music preferences enjoy.
While there is still arguments about the genre that this album falls into, Avicii has said himself, it’s electronic, incorporated with other great stuff. In an exciting change perhaps from the typical beats we hear in house music, the album pushes the limits of what electronic music is by definition (if there is one), incorporating a wide array of pop and folk singers, a guitar legend (Nile Rodgers) with a lot of acoustic guitar, not to mention singers with soulful voices like Aloe Blacc, and rock-star vocal powers like Adam Lambert.
Truth is, do we really have to claim or define certain types of music into genres or categories? Music is sound delivered to us and we can choose how we like it, how we personally define it and categorize it, and we can simply appreciate how Avicii breaks through these barriers. He brings us a successful full-length album that merges country with bluegrass with jazz with rock with electronic. While this album may not be for everyone (too soft for those seeking to sweat on the dance floor), (too folksy and country for many), and it is difficult to determine where the production’s loyalty remains, it is an impressive delivery change. It proves electronic music is such an amazing art form that we can introduce all sorts of genres, be innovative and still create songs that will make you happy you found them. Love or hate this album, you have to marvel how Avicii has followed his passion here. He’s the farthest thing from what people call ‘selling out’ on this album.
Beatdrop Album Score: 8.3
Favorite 3: Lay Me Down, Wake Me Up, Liar Liar
Honorable Mention: Dear Boy, All You Need Is Love
Here’s Beatdrop’s take on some of the hits on the album as well the album Spotify playlist below.
Purchase: iTunes 
Stream: Below on Spotify
Lay Me Down
Legendary producer and guitarist, Nile Rodgers, who has produced hits for Madonna, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Diana Ross, and more, starts us out with some nice jazzy guitar helped up by an approaching drum, then backed by Adam Lambert’s rock-star powered vocals. The fun and funky jam of the song gets upheld by Nile Rodgers on jazz guitar, plus added bass that keeps it feeling Rodgers-esque, then we get lifted by Avicii percussion that will surely be getting arms in the air when it takes over soundwaves on the radio and in clubs. Adam Lambert has a voice that always makes us want to sing with him, and he does it again. This song is sure to be a massive hit.
The names in the collaboration already speak for themselves and with Avicii bringing another stellar melody that will get stuck in your head, backed by Adam Lambert’s vocals and Nile Rodgers guitar riffs, the barriers of song genre are once again broken. It’s so unique and special and creative, this track will do more for music in the future than people know. At the same time it adds inspiration to artists previously afraid to cross genres and mix artist categories, as it does so well and with absolute success. Grammy nods predicted on this one.
RT : did you write all the lyrics for Lay Me Down? {Me, , and co-wrote the lyrics}1:51 AM - 18 Sept  https://twitter.com/nilerodgers/status/380207536831361025
@SusieFierce I got clip of Elvis Duran talking about True and Lay Me Down. Sorry for low volume. Recorded from phone:

Avicii will release 'Lay Me Down' as a single 
Avicii has confirmed plans to unleash new track 'Lay Me Down' as a single.

The song, which features Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers, is included on the Swedish DJ's new album 'True' and it has generated a lot of buzz.

It is doing well in iTunes charts across the world and the song is even No.3 in the overall Finland list .

Speaking to In:Demand, Avicii confirmed that 'Lay Me Down' will be a future single, hinting that it could be released sooner rather than later. When asked if he will bring it out, he said:

"Yeah, for sure. I think it will be the next single."

AVICII NEWS: Skip to 6:29 to hear saying that Lay Me Down is Definitely going to be a single!


Wow! Everyone agrees, 'Lay Me Down' is definitely THE track of the album!

Many of the tracks are pure dance (or dance pop, like new single, the thumping “You Make Me,” featuring Salem Al Fakir on vocals), and Avicii has those down cold. Particularly striking is “Lay Me Down,” which features “American Idol ’s”Adam Lambert ’s searing powerhouse vocal on a funky track co-written by Chic ’s Nile Rodgers. It’s is a dance and pop smash (and maybe because of Rodgers’ influence the intro may remind you of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” before it explodes into its own creation). 




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