Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sauli Koskinen's Best Friend: Saulin Paras Kaveri Ep1 Sept 14 GIFS + HQ Promo Pics


Super Sauli!

"For young Mr. Koskinen who is sunny and full of energy, we see a long tv career ahead of him" - MeNaiset (finnish magazine) ❤

Adam's Roof!


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  1. I remember being a little girl, and seeing these various shows on tv - especially Saturday morning. They came from several other countries. They were Magical, because I could see people's soulmate energy inside them. I didn't know what it was, of course, but I never gave up trying to figure it out. Some people were gay, but I never knew that until much later - for me all that mattered was that sense of something truly Magical, which they all held inside themselves, in their hearts. Whether they knew it or not - it was there for them.

    I can put on an act, and play a role, and keep my feelings to myself - or so I imagine. Because they never stay hidden, everything is displayed to the Cosmos.

    Celebs tend to be jerks, who only care about money and being seen as "strong". They never have "somebody they love", they only have "types". You are only another person's "type", therefore. I believed I'd found someone completely different, who showed me there were some "real" people in Hollywood at long last - I only needed to open my eyes. Then they ask us to close our eyes again. "The NCOE Hitmaker" - what a definition!

    And FOX! FOX, for crying out loud! They were that network who twisted the facts about 9/11 every chance they got, creating hate and terror. Murdoch has been given the right treatment by Roger Taylor of Queen.
    I thought, "maybe someone like Sauli will change them, just like everything seems to be changing right now". But what I don't see, is a change in people's values, who interact with the shows - at all. They maintain the same pretentious bollox beliefs about who we are. They get excited about crap, and if anyone tries to speak up about anything deeper, it's the "conspiracy" label. Instead of realizing that "normal life" is full of weird things, which are just Nature.