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The Adam Lambert Interview That Will Change Your Life May 28, 2009 Michelle Collins

The Adam Lambert Interview That Will Change Your Life

May 28, 2009
Michelle COLLINS

American Idol Runner-Up Adam Lambert Stopped By Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins this week, where he took time out of his insanely hectic schedule to sit down with and answer the questions we’ve all been dying to have answered. What follows is the story of that afternoon:

There’s an old saying that goes “Never meet your heroes, because you can only ever be disappointed.” For me, this has never been such an issue, as most of my heroes are dead. In fact, the only hero of mine that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Ms. Joan Rivers, exceeded my expectations and beyond for being the most amazing woman ever. But lately, a new hero has emerged on the horizon: Adam Lambert, the enigmatic, timeless, sexy, talented, from another planet amazing American Idol runner-up who has turned the United States into a pigpen of lusty fanboys and fangirls, myself included. Having watched this season of Idol since Day 1, my feelings for Adam went from “casual fan” to “He is the Second Coming of Christ.”

So when word got around that Mr. Lambert would be coming in to tape a segment for Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, airing this Friday, May 29 at 11 PM, I was faced with a real dilemma: Do I opt to meet him face to face, risking the chance that I embarrass myself 4 Lyf, or do I take that old saying to heart, and keep my dreams and heroes at an arms length? The answer should be pretty obvious. And so I strapped a jetpack made out of dreams and joy to my back in an effort to rocket ship my ass into his heart.

The morning before perhaps my most anticipated celebrity encounter of all time, I was an effing lunatic. I straightened my hair with NASA-like precision, and tried to present myself in as Lamberty a way possible, hoping he wouldn’t realize my motorcycle-inspired jacket was an original Lauren Jeans Company design purchased from the Hell’s Angels Dept. Store of Choice: Macys.

Minutes before he arrived at the Best Week Ever studio, a group was quickly forming around the door: Plenty of VH1 employees hoping to catch glimpse of this magical man, the crew, etc. One of the show writers brought her two kids to the set — both huge American Idol fans — and didn’t tell them that Lambert was on his way in. The air was thick with nervous energy. And then…
Ladies and gentlemen…

Adam Lambert walked into the room.

Tall, in a slim cut jacket that was tailored to perfection, hair perfectly coiffed, he entered with a big smile. And perhaps there was something about my GIANT BEAMING GLOWWORM FACE that caught his attention, because the next thing I know, Adam Lambert is there, introducing himself to me. And it went a little something… like this:

(Ahead, our exclusive interview, along with dozens of Lambert pics with him looking ~fabulous~. Plus, we get the scoop on his bromance with Kris Allen!)

Michelle: I am having a panic attack.
Adam: Hi, how are you?
Michelle: Hi I’m Michelle. We have so much to talk about. I’m freaking out! I adore you.
Adam: Don’t freak out.
Michelle: But I am. I just lost 7 pounds from excitement.
Adam: Oh my god, are you serious? I need to start freaking out more often.
Michelle: What!? You look fabulous; you don’t need to lose a pound.
Adam: No I need to lose about fifteen.
Michelle: I’ll seriously kill you, you’re gorgeous! Don’t change a thing.
Adam: I know your face from this show, right?
(Ed. Note: I would just like to repeat this sentence because I just cracked my skull open, pulled my brain out of it, deep fried it, put some corn cob holders in the sides, and put it back in my skull cavity out of shock.)
Michelle: (gulp) I was on the show a while ago, yeah. I’ve done some other stuff for VH1.
Adam: Okay that’s what I thought because I was like “I know you, I’ve seen you before.”

Michelle: (me right now) Wait a minute you cannot say that because I am shaking. Are you kidding? Do you know that I literally want to have your children?
At this point, I believe it was his publicist who slowly backed him away from me, carefully, like one would walk away from a mental patient, or Gary Busey. He was then introduced to Mr. Paul F. Tompkins, dressed impeccably as always, with whom he was shooting a hilarious bit with for Friday night’s brand new episode. We don’t wanna give away EXACTLY what happened… but let’s just say some pretty swanky glasses are involved:

Not to mention a pretty damn lucky CPR doll:

Let me also say this about Adam… forget his incredible singing ability for a second… but what an actor! He nailed his lines ON THE FIRST TAKE — complicated words, mind you — and had the sort of comic sensibility that one can only be born with. The entire room was cracking up from the guy — be sure to watch tomorrow night to see the entire bit, because it delivers.

Once Adam and Paul breezed through their respective bits together, I unsheathed my diamond-studded Wolverine claws, sunk them into the kid’s back, and hauled him away from his throngs of glowing fans in an effort to get at least 10 minutes one on one. The poor guy had been up since the crack of dawn, and now here he was, ending his exhausting day with the ghost of Robin Williams: Me.

As we walked from the set into the green room, our arms were nearly touching:
Michelle: Do you realize that you are a magical person?
Adam: Well, thank you. (arms touching now) And I’m only attracted to other magical people.
Michelle: (Click here to see animated rendering of me.)
In the green room, a tray of fruit was set up, which we all convened around while bantering. But Lambert’s clock was ticking down — and while I would have loved to have stood there all day chatting about seedless watermelon, we had business to attend to. And it is then that THE MOST EXCITING INTERVIEW OF MY ENTIRE LIFE began:

Michelle: Come! Sit, take a load off. I have a question before we start: Are you a fan of The Golden Girls?
Adam: Not really, I think I’m too young.
Michelle: Are you? How old are you? I thought you were my age.
Adam: I’m 27.
Michelle: I’m 27! I look like your mother, but I am.
Adam: But I never got into The Golden Girls! I’m more Sex and the City than I am Golden Girls.
Michelle: Duly noted.

Michelle: First of all, parents around the world need confirmation on this: You’re Jewish?
Adam: Mm-hm.
Michelle: Why are we not Be-fris? We could take Bas Mitzvah classes together! You name it, anything. Come to Israel with me this Summer!
Adam: Oh my god, what’s it called… Birthright?
Michelle: Yes. I did it! I couldn’t turn down the free trip.
Adam: Was it cool?
Michelle: Well, I was the tallest person in the whole country, but yeah, it was great!
Adam: Did you plant a tree?
Michelle: No, me? Trees? Come on. I ate some hummus, got a tan. Did you know that they actually play you on the radio over there? Your “Mad World” cover is an international sensation.
Adam: Really, in Israel?
Michelle: I swear to you.

Michelle: What do you think of your international success?
Adam: You know, I’m getting little whiffs of it.
Michelle: Are you? I hope that’s not my D and G lady cologne that you’re getting whiffs of right now. I’m such an idiot, don’t even talk to me.
Adam: (laughing) I love it, I love you!
Michelle: Really? Say it again, so everyone in the room hears you.
Adam: I love her. (Into the microphone) I love her.

Michelle: I have to tell you something. So my Mom calls me the night that you lost…
Adam: I didn’t lose! I just didn’t win. Half-full, half-full.
Michelle: Well, listen, your whole life is a win. Everything about you is “WIN“.
Adam: Yeah, exactly, there’s no losing.
Michelle: I’m not even just saying this: you are magical, from Mars, I don’t even think you’re of this Earth. Now let’s talk about something the internet needs to know more about: Your Bromance with Kris. Which has taken on a life of its own: There’s fan fiction involving you two…
Adam: Oh really?
Michelle: Did you not know about that?
Adam: (laughing) No I didn’t.
Michelle: Oh my god. Adam.
Adam: I kind of want to read it.
Michelle: It’s kind of hot. I’m really serious, Adam, it’s so good.
Adam: We should show it to his wife. That’s who we should have read it.

Michelle: Do you like Kris’ wife?
Adam: She is adorable. They are the cutest couple in the world. He is the nicest guy. He’s genuine. He’s totally what you see is what you get. He means it. He’s open-minded, and he’s a real musician. He’s great.
Michelle: Was there anyone in the house when you were living with all the Idol people who you really didn’t get along with so much?
Adam: Yes.
Michelle: I think I know who it is. Are you allowed to talk about it?
Adam: I can’t say.
Michelle: Can I say it?
Adam: Well I’m on tour with them all summer, I can’t say! Maybe after the tour.
Michelle: Oh right! I tried to buy tickets yesterday. Look, when you’re in Newark, call me. Anything you need from the city, I’ll bring to you over there.
Adam: [Laughing] Okay.

(Suddenly, Adam’s phone rings.)
Michelle: Oh… who’s calling you? Someone has Adam’s number, that’s so exciting, what a lucky person. Where are you staying? Not that I’m going to come stalk you… I’m losing my job because of this, surely. By the way (motioning at Adam’s security guard, who is way hot) How on Earth did you end up with such a hot security guard? I thought there was a male model in the room! (The two of us laugh. Then I chime in, desperately) Adam, we need to be friends! No, you’re too famous for me.
Adam: Be-fris?
Michelle: Yes!! (The laughter continues, until I realize I’m being photographed.)
Michelle: Oh, great, that will be a nine-chinner, easy.
Adam: I do the same laugh! It pulls your face back!
Michelle: It’s the Jimminy Glick laugh. Where you look like you’re covered in Styrofoam and you want to kill yourself.

Michelle: OK, let me ask you a question about your brother.
Adam: Yeah.
Adam: You’ve seen it?
Michelle: I have.
Adam: Oh, right on.
Michelle: He’s hilarious.
Adam: He is hilarious.
Michelle: And adorable.
Adam: Yeah.
Michelle: I know he was saying that a lot of ladies are interested in you. I’m interested in your friendship, just so you know. If you need a surrogate though… I’m here. So, your brother. He’s hot, he’s single, he’s a Lambert. I’m thinking of doing a contest for the website called “Win a Date with Neil Lambert.”
Adam: Oh my god! You have to!
Michelle: Would he do it?
Adam: Oh he would totally do it. He’s hilarious. He makes me look socially awkward. He’s that funny. I told him at the very beginning, you will get ladies because of me.
Michelle: You don’t even know how slutty I am, so fingers crossed! Don’t look at me that way. (A camera flash goes off.) Oh photos, I forgot. Hold on, let me do the Monica Lewinsky turn so that I look narrow. I am going to Photoshop these. I’ll look like the skeleton from Beetlejuice next to you, shrunken head, you don’t even know.
Adam: I do, I love that movie!

Michelle: Did you ever watch yourself on the show?
Adam: On Idol? Yeah. Well I downloaded the videos on iTunes.
Michelle: Do they quarantine you when you’re in the house? Can you read stuff about yourself?
Adam: Yes, I had a computer. I could read stuff on the internet, watch TV. I could get picked up by friends and leave. I had a curfew, that was it.
Michelle: Now what did you think when you saw yourself on the show?
Adam: I said “More makeup and oh I look fat and I hate high-definition.”
Michelle: HD is the devil. How do you not lose your voice?
Adam: It was hard. It was tiring. But luckily, we only sing two nights out of the week, so the rest of the time if you needed to you could kind of fake it.

Michelle: You’re going to be on the cover of Rolling Stone?
Adam: (A lot of side-glances to his publicist.) Maybe… (The publicist announces I have one question left.)
Michelle: Well now I’m unraveling because the pressure’s on. Oh! Let’s go through a quick thing, this will be fun: Favorite movie, tv, song… (his eyes roll back in his head) Is that gonna make you nuts?
Adam: I’m not good at favorites! Favorite movie is Velvet Goldmine, I can say that.
Michelle: Would you be the lead singer for Queen if they asked?
Adam: You know, I want to do my own thing. I want to be my own lead singer. But I would love to guest star with them anytime.
Michelle: OK, last question. Tell me… How short is Ryan Seacrest?
Adam: Short.
Michelle: Great answer. I love you.
Then? Then we hugged THREE TIMES. Yes, my jacket is already being laminated for Smithsonian-esque purposes. And now, I can honestly say having met my new life hero Adam Lambert: He is every bit as amazing a person as he is a singer. Best. Hero. Ever.

GIF PieChart by mindchnger

For more pictures from the above interview, as well as a sneak peek at Adam‘s Best Week Ever debut (along with Idol winner Kris Allen), CLICK HERE!

(All photos above taken by VH-wunderkind Erica Magrey.)

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Lyrics - Adam Lambert's New Song 'Two Fux' Premiered with Queen June 22 on Jimmy Kimmel Live

✨😛✨ Adam Lambert – Two Fux Lyrics

I only trust my tarot cards
Pink flamingos in my yard
People think I’m from mars
Only smoke that holy green
High above the big machine
Not attached to anything
I got that magic you call ADD
Rep for them aliens
Different like me
If you think that what I do and how I live’s too much
I don’t really really give two fucks
If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love
I don’t really really give two fucks
Here right here right here
Namaste stay right here right here right here

Photo by Sean Fodor @SeanFodor
In the center of a crowded room
I might as well be on the moon
Searching for that one or two who get it
You see me talking to myself
Cause no one gets me like myself
I’ve been this way since I was twelve
I get it
I got that magic you call OCD
Rep for them aliens
Different like me
If you think that what I do and how I live’s too much
I don’t really really give two fucks
If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love
I don’t really really give two fucks
Here right here right here
Namaste stay right here right here right her

Watch out for my enemies
Cause in the end it ain’t that deep
Imma get my inner peace in leather
If you think that what I do and how I live’s too much
I don’t really really give two fucks
If you think that what I say and what I give ain’t love
I don’t really really give two fucks
Namaste stay right here right here right here

Video by Sharon Nilsson‏ @FunkyPepper

Top photo by Coral Mermaid @CoralMermaid  Her video:

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🍭 InRock Japan Adam Lambert Interview March 2012

InRock Magazine translation (thanks to Terra):

Adam Lambert Speaks on His Thoughts on His New Album

"Meeting my present boyfriend was an extremely powerful and important event" 

On 11 January, at Adam Lambert's management office, we were able to have an early preview of six tracks off his upcoming album Trespassing (due 28 March). (With the exception of "Better Than I Know Myself", his first single due 22 February, the songs were still in a rare, pre-mastered, rough-mix state.) Although the single this time is a gorgeous and dramatic ballad, the other five songs are quite varied. 

"Kickin' In" and the album's title track, "Trespassing" – written with N.E.R.D's Pharrell Williams – are dance numbers with extremely funky bass and beats that make one want to get onto one's feet. In both songs, Adam's vocals are a little reminiscent of Michael Jackson and uplift the spirit. "Cuckoo", written with Bonnie Mckee (Katy Perry's "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream"), is an extremely enjoyable dance-pop piece. 

These songs are balanced out by the other tracks: For instance there's the slightly dark ballad "Broken English"; and there's also "Underneath", which is a really gorgeous song that begins with just Adam's vocals accompanied by piano. The songs are all brilliant. It seems that Adam has decided to split the songs in Trespassing into two halves of light and dark songs. Both these sides of fun as well as serious, soul-penetrating songs will surely make the album an enjoyable one. 

Later in the evening, a media event was held in a room of a stylish hotel near the management office. Adam had been fielding questions as well as getting photos taken by media from Japan and Europe all day. We were last and by the time it came to our turn, it was already past 8PM. Despite all that, Adam was cute and smiley as he answered our questions. 

- In the latest press release, you said, "[Trespassing has been] an exciting journey through the past two years of my life. It's been a transformative period." Let's talk about events that have stood out to you in the past two years. What comes to mind? 

Adam Lambert: I think it would have to be meeting my present boyfriend. That was an extremely powerful and important event. By building a relationship with him, my life has really changed. It's really enriched my life; it's inspired me and made me feel really good. It's really exciting. I've been seeking a relationship like this for the longest time. My boyfriend feels the same way too. 

- Which song in your new album Trespassing reflects this experience?

Adam: There are a few songs that do that. I don't think you've heard it yet, but "Broken English" is a song that reflects the challenges and rewards of this relationship; "Naked Love" also reflects my relationship. There's also "Shady", which is about the night I met my boyfriend. There's also "Outlaws of Love"; well, I've found love – but there are others who are in similar relationships yet face adversity. This song talks about that. 

The gay and lesbian community faces many obstacles that crop up in different forms. There's lots of positive things for sure, but there are also some very troubling, sad things. I've heard that even in Japan it's difficult to come out. This song is about that. By being open about the love you've chosen, you become an outlaw. Because of this love, you'll never find peace of mind. It's really difficult. And that's why this song is very honest and very real. I hope this song will cheer and uplift people, because it is a song that evokes emotions, and that people can relate to. By bringing these feelings to the forefront, perhaps people that carry this burden of sadness would come to realise that they aren't alone. 

- I've heard that the theme of "Outlaws of Love" is on gay marriage. I guess it's not just about that, is it? 

Adam: Well, it does include that aspect. But it's not just about marriage, it's also about what it means to be gay. Yet, what's cool about this song is even though I wrote the song with that meaning in mind, when I let friends and family listen to it, their interpretations of it were quite varied. The song is written in a way that's open to interpretation. And that's why, it can be a song about a "Romeo & Juliet"-esque pair of unfortunate lovers; or it could be about the judgement and persecution one faces because of the person one's chosen to love. The song's message is really universal. 

- It's something that no matter who you are, you'd be able to relate to, isn't it? 

Adam: Yes. 

Part 2 of this interview will be continued in the April edition of INROCK.

Translation by @terra_zephead

Adam Lambert INROCK Japan Pics With Lyrics:

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Katharine Hepburn's Dorm Rooms at Bryn Mawr College

Ghosts of Dorm Rooms Past 
by Alison Leigh Cowan 
"The most detailed reports came from people associated with Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania.

Lauren F. Friedman described her freshman-year dorm in Pembroke West as once having belonged to Katharine Hepburn. It was “a huge jealousy-inducing double, with lovely details and large fireplace,’’ Ms. Friedman wrote. She dimly recalled the number on the door as 103; other alumnae remembered its being 102.

“Having that random connection made her seem more real to me, less like an utterly untouchable movie star,’’ Ms. Friedman continued. “At 18, I had no idea where I was headed, but maybe Katharine Hepburn hadn’t known, either, and she sure turned out O.K. There was small comfort in that.”

Luann Wilkins Abrahams noted that the actress “actually had two rooms at Bryn Mawr.”

“Her freshman year was spent in Pembroke West,” Ms. Abrahams said, “but she moved to the Tower Room on the second floor of Pembroke East for the rest of her time at Bryn Mawr. It was room number 34B until the dorm was renovated and the rooms renumbered in the mid-1990s. I had this room my senior year. A friend who had the room two years prior wrote to Ms. Hepburn” to “ask if the campus folklore was true.”

“Ms. Hepburn responded,” Ms. Abrahams continued, “with a note confirming that it was indeed her room and that she remembered it fondly. The room had a small balcony overlooking Thomas Hall and she was able to climb in and out of her window bypassing the matron at the front desk, when she wanted to sneak out after curfew.”

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🎧 Adam Lambert is recording new music at Pink Satellite Recording Studios in Joshua Tree CA February 22, 2017

Sarah Hudson, singer, songwriter and old friend of Adam posted an Instagram story of Adam Lambert recording February 22nd, plus other stories from the studio. 
Peter Dyer, Adam's keyboard player and musical director for his The Original High Tour posted an Instagram from Joshua Tree.  Pink Satellite Studios matches Sarah's video and was co-founded by Spike Edney, Queen's keyboard player.

 ðŸŽ§ Adam Lambert is recording at 
🌵 Pink Satellite Recording Studios
 in Joshua Tree CA. GIF edit



💖 Wicked Hot Adam Lambert

 ðŸ˜› I didn't recognize Ferras cooking!

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