Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lay Me Down is NOT the Next Avicii Single in US! Chinese Fans Unhappy, Too!

 · 3Such a disappointment. How long must we wait for LMD in the US?!
[怒] #Lay Me Down# is NOT the next Avicii single in US!
[可怜] "'Addicted To You' will be the 3rd U.S. single from True. It's on the latest TMCentury Hit Disc. ATY is listed on their 4/25/14 release date for hac and chr."
[泪]  WHY?! Lay Me Down is #92 in France #95 in Australia. 
[鄙视] February Story:
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February story about next US single Addicted to You:


[呵呵] Lay Me Down should follow Addicted to You in the US. We are 1 single behind. Lay Me Down is the 5th internationally: 1. Wake Me Up, 2. You Make Me, 3. Hey Brother. 4. Addicted to You
Thanks to maggy_97 at FYE

Maybe Lay Me Down will be a hit in the US soon before Adam Lambert releases album #3.  That would be great for sales! #silverlining

[嘻嘻][哈哈][嘻嘻] Adorable fan video from China: Adam Lambert
 TRUE LOVE by @SshAalt夏 TY  for dl from YouKu! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Clues Don Draper Will Die At the End of Mad Men

More clues Don Draper will die at the end of Mad Men are in 702, "A Day's Work".  When Don is at the restaurant with his daughter, he asks her how her studies are, and her one word answer is "Spectacular", just like in "American Beauty" when Lester Burnham asks his daughter how school was.  We already know from the start of the film that Lester will die.

I have a feeling the tone at the end of Mad Men will have a similar feel to the one in American Beauty, and that "spectacular" was a reference to the movie.

Pete says "No one feels my existence" and Ted responds,  "Just cash those checks. You're going to die one day."

And, of course, Sally goes to NYC for her roommate's mother's funeral and ends up spending time with Don because she lost her purse.  Talking about the funeral, Don tells Sally, "I'm sorry you had to see that." and  "Life goes on."   Her response is "I'm so many people."  Cryptic.  Their visit ends with her telling him "Happy Valentine's Day. I love you." 

The song at the end is "This Will Be Our Year" by The Zombies.
It may be Don's last year on earth. 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Adam Lambert's Tweets March 31

Comment on Weibo: 一颗小草莓  A small strawberry



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  1. Genre is irrelevant. ": post-modern pop? post-modern rock? post-modern funk??”
  2. hahahahhaha. I think there are meds to help w that. Unless these are side effects.
  3. What I CAN say about the album is that is a completely post-modern affair. Very sonically diverse and very honest.
  4. So so so so true! ": Aquarius Aries combo you really cant help it lol”
  5. It's still cookin girl, I can't tell u what ingredients I'm using- you'll just have to wait to taste it when it's good n ready
  6. I'm honest to a fault sometimes- but it's my default.
  7. I also wanted to say how much I loved being on this season. I learned so much & had so much fun. Thanks to the cast and fans.
  8. It ain't a DISABILITY!! It's just a disposition ya'll. the only thing that makes it "hard to deal with" is when folks be ignant bout it. Ha
  9. Agreed! It's going really really well! ": enough about orientation.. LETS TALK ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM?? IM SO EXCITED"
  10. Hahaha exactly. Same difference. ": You're gay, I'm gay. Doesn't that mean we should date then? Haha”
  11. I love all of u who get it. Thank u for your continued support. This is gonna be a great year!!!
  12. I will not be defined or victimized by my orientation. Hallelooooooo!
  13. "Adam, take it as a compliment, that they like u that much" Well if they do, they should realize it's sorta indirectly offensive.
  14. U know whats sorta annoying? When fans write "it's so sad he's gay"Why?Cuz if I was St8, then we could date? Sad? I love bein gay
  15. Nope-- those ain't my lyrics. I use my iPad to write mine. Cool handwriting though.

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