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"Adam Lambert steps confidently into late Queen-frontman Freddie Mercury’s shoes"

Adam Lambert steps confidently into late Queen-frontman Freddie Mercury’s shoes

Owned the crowd ... Adam Lambert strutted, gyrated, teased and belted out hit after hit.
Owned the crowd ... Adam Lambert strutted, gyrated, teased and belted out hit after hit. Picture: Paul Kane Source: Getty Images
LET’S get this out of the way right from the start – Adam Lambert is not Freddie Mercury.
But if you are going to choose to someone who can match the flamboyance, swagger and vocal dexterity of arguably the greatest front man in the history of rock, there are not many better than the former American Idol star.
From the moment he appeared in front of a packed Perth Arena on the first night of the revitalised Queen’s Australian tour, decked in an outfit reminiscent of George Michael circa the Faith era and sporting reflector shades, Lambert owned the crowd.
He strutted, gyrated, teased and belted out hit after hit, while the remaining members of the revered rock band, guitar guru Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, beamed on in obvious delight.
Obvious delight ... original Queen members drummer Roger Taylor (left) and guitar guru Br
Obvious delight ... original Queen members drummer Roger Taylor (left) and guitar guru Brian May (right) perform with Adam Lambert. Picture: Jackson Flindell Source: News Corp Australia
Whether he was spitting out the lyrics to Stone Cold Crazy, shimmying to Another One Bites the Dust, camping it up and fanning himself on a lounge to Killer Queen, working the crowd into a frenzied gospel freakout on Somebody To Love or standing still in lasers for power ballads such as Who Wants To Live Forever, Lambert proved a perfect vehicle to bring to life the beloved Queen catalogue for those who never got to see Mercury in the flesh.
But appropriately given the tour is billed as Queen + Adam Lambert, the new kid on the block didn’t entirely steal the thunder of the original band members. May, rocking a still impressive snowy mane of curls, had plenty of opportunities to show why he regularly rates highly on best guitarist of all time lists, with bone-crunching riffs and those searing, unmistakable solos from tunes such as Fat Bottom Girls and I Want It All. And Taylor, with sterling support from son Rufus, puts to shame men half his age, making a thunderous racket on the drums.
New kid on the block Adam Lambert in concert at the Perth Arena. Picture: Jackson Flindell Source: News Corp Australia
Adam Lambert brought to life the beloved Queen catalogue. Picture: Jackson Flindell Source: News Corp Australia
Each got their moment to shine out front too. May was impressive and emotional armed with just an acoustic guitar, introducing Love Of My Life by inviting the audience to “do it for Freddie” and followed it up with the stomping, sing-along, sci-fi folk number 39, from the classic Night At the Opera album. Similarly Taylor took centre stage for lead vocals on another Mercury tribute, Days Of Our Lives, and impressively sang the David Bowie part in Under Pressure. Together, their harmonies behind Lambert were impeccable.
Wisely, the late, great Mercury was never far from the action either – featuring in several video tributes and with Lambert acknowledging that without the original Queen front man he would not be there. It was also gratifying to see in the archival footage the somewhat forgotten member John Deacon, who played bass until his retirement in 1997 and was the architect of hits including Another One Bites the Dust and I Want To Break Free.
Revitalised ... Adam Lambert and Brian May perform at Perth Arena during the first Queen
Revitalised ... Adam Lambert and Brian May perform at Perth Arena during the first Queen tour of Australia since 1985. Picture: Paul Kane Source: Getty Images
With the exception of funky, sexy B-side Dragon Attack – a personal favourite and special request from Lambert – it was a cavalcade of hits, and the spread of ages in the audience was testament to the timelessness of the tunes. And still they came after two hours, with a magnificent finale of Bohemian Rhapsody (yes those tricky bits were a video) and an encore of the knockout one-two punch, We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions.

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Adam Lambert's Ambien Induced Twitter Party August 28, 2012 With Deleted Tweets

Adam Lambert: Tossin and turning jet lag!!!

Adam Lambert: Can't stop thinking about the list of things I pledge to do tht aren't career related this week. It's time to re-connect w friends and craft

Melanie @GLAMBERTROSE: were supposed to have a song called 'making love' on Trespassing?
Adam: according to who? There was never a song called I wasn't. Who said? Lol

the bad wolf @badwolfyy: wake Saulí up so you don't have to be awake alone lol
Adam: your evil. He's sleeping like an angel.

Monica もふ公爵 @DukeHarebert: pls get head and neck massage!! I'll send you some kirakira golden light to you.
Adam: oh ill get head.

@Shelltwitt86: Interesting!!!!! Any advice for those going to Burning Man?
Adam: bring lots of water. Lip salve. Extra brain juice. (5htp) coconut water.

pialoveadam @pialoveadam: pls let us know if u will be a judge in AI. Can't take it anymore:(
Adam: I knoooow! I'm waiting too. It's stressing me out girl!

@adamlambert still tongue dive?? ;) maybe 3rd time a charm for me;) ♥
Adam: @darcnelson not now doll, I ain't single anymore.

Monica @Glambert_Lady25: Have U ever watched Queer As Folk ? :D
Adam: yeah I used to jerk off to it. (UK version)

Valery ツ @lerunchick
@adamlambert did you see the final episode of True Blood? Do you like it?
Adam: caught up all day today. Love TrueBlood.

LILLIPOP :P@--- @lilybop2010: A recent WWFM w/ keys, symbols reminded me of Queen. Was that the intention? It's gorgeous.
Adam: naw. U were prob just projecting.

Jennifer @JennyRunsToo
@adamlambert What do you look forward to doing them most now that you are home?
Adam: eating healthy veganish food and de-puffing

@arwa_buraik What is that avi!!? Lol some of y'all are so cray.. Lol as if there was some big love triangle conspiracy. God how exciting !

Lidia Ratliff Koala @Liduteczek
@adamlambert what it feels like to sing with queen?
Adam: royal

Olya Lambert @DREAMaboutADAM
@adamlambert when will be your single? you promised it and forgot!!! :(
Adam: oh Olya- I didn't forget. I just can't say yet. For promotional strategic reasons. Trust a bitch!

Roxy ☮ @RoxyHatesYou
@adamlambert what's the last movie you watched?
Adam: saw Snow White and the Huntsmen on the plane. Really awesome production design and visual fx! Gorgeous.

SleepwalkerAries @SleepwalkrAries
@adamlambert If you were running through a tall-grass prairie, what color would you wear to capture the mood?
Adam: purple. Lol

Steph. @Meandmyradio
@adamlambert top or bottom??? ;-D
Adam: top

kinkykiedis @kinkykiedis
@adamlambert Are you excited for Saturdays show? It seemed a little last minute, was it?
Adam: @kinkykiedis It's not a full show. It's a club appearance. Its a big gay dance party. I'm performing to get a better look at the guys. Lol

lili Black @liliyGlambert9
@adamlambert What Do you think about @NICKIMINAJ ?
Adam: i think she's a good entertainer. Skilled rapper. Wig expert. ;)

Bren @crazyforadam
@adamlambert Would LOVE for u to perform w/ Rhianna.. that way Me AND Hubby would be satisfied!
Adam: just give me the time and place. Lol

@adamlambert see what Ambien does? Try melatonin! Natural (of course I have to take like 10Mg)
Adam: I took some earlier. This ain't my first rodeo mama

Sveta @svetapeabody
@adamlambert who's you favorite designer? :D
Adam: Gareth Pugh makes me happy

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
Goodnight beautiful Glamberts. Try and be your most authentic, honest self today.

L!SU @xLisek
@adamlambert your version of 'is this love' is amazing! Have you ever recorded or written any other reagge songs? I want to hear it! ;)
Adam: @xLisek check out "By the Rules" bonus international cut from Trespassing. It goes there.

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Adam Lambert's Twitter Party from Seoul 8 pm EST Show There Tonight



Thanks lovelies !!

: if you could ask Freddie one question, what would it be?” Wanna get a drink?

: what are your thoughts on ?” GLUTEN

: are you a fan of one direction? pretty hot band at the moment, apparently” they have good songs and seem like nice guys.

: The question everyone wants to know... Adam... are you dating? xD” not really, no. I'm on tour !

: Hey how long is this party gonna last? I'm already late for a date! (lol) ” OMG GO ON UR DATE!!!

: Totally random but Team Edward or Team Jacob ? I was watching an interview were this was mentioned” girl what year is it?

: do you miss singing theater” I miss the theatre community most of all.

: have you seen or are you going to see for the prismatic world tour?” Yes I saw it in London! Very impressed.

: what do you think about Kerli? ” super sweet

: describe in one word.” Spicey

: Thoughts on ?” She's got a killer voice. We get along really well. ;)

: what's your favorite song by ” aliens and rainbows.

: thoughts on ? 16” she's so pretty! Great voice.
: Gauge size?” ZERO. ;)

: Do you drink a special throat coat tea before/during performances ?” Yeah during. Raw honey too.

: Will you ever go back to the WWFM look?” Prob not honey. That was sooo 5 yrs ago. Lol

: who is your celebrity crush? x2” omg I have so many. Lol. I'm Boy crazy.

: I read somewhere that Gene Simmons said that you coming out hurt your career. I don't think it did but do you?” He's an ass

: you speak spanish?” No. I should learn that too.

: what record label are you signed to?” Time will tell. ;)

: you get more handsome/cute/hot/etc as time goes by, what's your secret?” Thank u. I think so much of it comes from the inside

: thoughts on miley??” She's a rock star and a badass. Also very real in person, genuine. ;)

: After the shows what do you like to do?” Eat. Lol.

: What do you think of your french fans ?” I want to come perform for u more. ;)

: any suggestions for coming out?” Just get it over with!

: HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING TRUE BLOOD THIS SEASON ???? Im so sad that it's ending :(” YES! I love it. I'm sad too. But it's time

: do you have multiples of each piece?” Some pieces yes.

: What happened to the white tour pants?” I saw a photo and I didn't like the way they looked.

why are you even wearing pants at all

: current ringtone” Another One Bites the Dust ! Haha no lie.

: what's your favourite thing about the glamberts? ” passion and enthusiasm.

: what's the trick to a quick costume change especially with tight pants?" There's only one very fast one. I have helpers.

: And how DO you clean leather pants throughout tour?” I'm not wearing any leather pants on the tour. Look closely.

: worst place to get a tattoo?” Up near armpit is really painful.

: favorite Robin Williams movie?” Toss up tween Hook and Ms Doubtfire.

Do you still drink those "5 Hour Energy" shots or does juicing give you so much energy? Kale :)” I love those things!

: does it piss u off when fans demand u to shave and be glam-rock? And who says glam rock is clean shaven? ain't no rules