Saturday, August 9, 2014

"You need more fight in you." That's a big part of living proud.

A friend once said to me, "You need more fight in you." I wasn't certain what he meant at the time.  I was very young, naive, relatively inexperienced in life.   But I knew he was right, and I took it to heart. 

There are times we all could use that advice, "You need more fight in you."  Life, with its daunting ups and downs, requires more than authenticity, self awareness, tenacity, hard work, even love, to get past the obstacles we all will encounter.  

I've always been authentic, never caved into peer pressure even as a kid, and always championed the underdog.  Still, life could get me down. and sometimes I forgot how to champion myself.  I needed more fight in me to weather certain storms, and reach towards my potential in a more effective way.  

It's a never ending journey to experience our true selves. 
Knowing you need more fight in you, that's a big part of living proud. 


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