Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Adam Lambert's Twitter Party from Seoul 8 pm EST Show There Tonight



Thanks lovelies !!

: if you could ask Freddie one question, what would it be?” Wanna get a drink?

: what are your thoughts on ?” GLUTEN

: are you a fan of one direction? pretty hot band at the moment, apparently” they have good songs and seem like nice guys.

: The question everyone wants to know... Adam... are you dating? xD” not really, no. I'm on tour !

: Hey how long is this party gonna last? I'm already late for a date! (lol) ” OMG GO ON UR DATE!!!

: Totally random but Team Edward or Team Jacob ? I was watching an interview were this was mentioned” girl what year is it?

: do you miss singing theater” I miss the theatre community most of all.

: have you seen or are you going to see for the prismatic world tour?” Yes I saw it in London! Very impressed.

: what do you think about Kerli? ” super sweet

: describe in one word.” Spicey

: Thoughts on ?” She's got a killer voice. We get along really well. ;)

: what's your favorite song by ” aliens and rainbows.

: thoughts on ? 16” she's so pretty! Great voice.
: Gauge size?” ZERO. ;)

: Do you drink a special throat coat tea before/during performances ?” Yeah during. Raw honey too.

: Will you ever go back to the WWFM look?” Prob not honey. That was sooo 5 yrs ago. Lol

: who is your celebrity crush? x2” omg I have so many. Lol. I'm Boy crazy.

: I read somewhere that Gene Simmons said that you coming out hurt your career. I don't think it did but do you?” He's an ass

: you speak spanish?” No. I should learn that too.

: what record label are you signed to?” Time will tell. ;)

: you get more handsome/cute/hot/etc as time goes by, what's your secret?” Thank u. I think so much of it comes from the inside

: thoughts on miley??” She's a rock star and a badass. Also very real in person, genuine. ;)

: After the shows what do you like to do?” Eat. Lol.

: What do you think of your french fans ?” I want to come perform for u more. ;)

: any suggestions for coming out?” Just get it over with!

: HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING TRUE BLOOD THIS SEASON ???? Im so sad that it's ending :(” YES! I love it. I'm sad too. But it's time

: do you have multiples of each piece?” Some pieces yes.

: What happened to the white tour pants?” I saw a photo and I didn't like the way they looked.

why are you even wearing pants at all

: current ringtone” Another One Bites the Dust ! Haha no lie.

: what's your favourite thing about the glamberts? ” passion and enthusiasm.

: what's the trick to a quick costume change especially with tight pants?" There's only one very fast one. I have helpers.

: And how DO you clean leather pants throughout tour?” I'm not wearing any leather pants on the tour. Look closely.

: worst place to get a tattoo?” Up near armpit is really painful.

: favorite Robin Williams movie?” Toss up tween Hook and Ms Doubtfire.

Do you still drink those "5 Hour Energy" shots or does juicing give you so much energy? Kale :)” I love those things!

: does it piss u off when fans demand u to shave and be glam-rock? And who says glam rock is clean shaven? ain't no rules



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