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Adam Lambert's Ambien Induced Twitter Party August 28, 2012 With Deleted Tweets

Adam Lambert: Tossin and turning jet lag!!!

Adam Lambert: Can't stop thinking about the list of things I pledge to do tht aren't career related this week. It's time to re-connect w friends and craft

Melanie @GLAMBERTROSE: were supposed to have a song called 'making love' on Trespassing?
Adam: according to who? There was never a song called I wasn't. Who said? Lol

the bad wolf @badwolfyy: wake Saulí up so you don't have to be awake alone lol
Adam: your evil. He's sleeping like an angel.

Monica もふ公爵 @DukeHarebert: pls get head and neck massage!! I'll send you some kirakira golden light to you.
Adam: oh ill get head.

@Shelltwitt86: Interesting!!!!! Any advice for those going to Burning Man?
Adam: bring lots of water. Lip salve. Extra brain juice. (5htp) coconut water.

pialoveadam @pialoveadam: pls let us know if u will be a judge in AI. Can't take it anymore:(
Adam: I knoooow! I'm waiting too. It's stressing me out girl!

@adamlambert still tongue dive?? ;) maybe 3rd time a charm for me;) ♥
Adam: @darcnelson not now doll, I ain't single anymore.

Monica @Glambert_Lady25: Have U ever watched Queer As Folk ? :D
Adam: yeah I used to jerk off to it. (UK version)

Valery ツ @lerunchick
@adamlambert did you see the final episode of True Blood? Do you like it?
Adam: caught up all day today. Love TrueBlood.

LILLIPOP :P@--- @lilybop2010: A recent WWFM w/ keys, symbols reminded me of Queen. Was that the intention? It's gorgeous.
Adam: naw. U were prob just projecting.

Jennifer @JennyRunsToo
@adamlambert What do you look forward to doing them most now that you are home?
Adam: eating healthy veganish food and de-puffing

@arwa_buraik What is that avi!!? Lol some of y'all are so cray.. Lol as if there was some big love triangle conspiracy. God how exciting !

Lidia Ratliff Koala @Liduteczek
@adamlambert what it feels like to sing with queen?
Adam: royal

Olya Lambert @DREAMaboutADAM
@adamlambert when will be your single? you promised it and forgot!!! :(
Adam: oh Olya- I didn't forget. I just can't say yet. For promotional strategic reasons. Trust a bitch!

Roxy ☮ @RoxyHatesYou
@adamlambert what's the last movie you watched?
Adam: saw Snow White and the Huntsmen on the plane. Really awesome production design and visual fx! Gorgeous.

SleepwalkerAries @SleepwalkrAries
@adamlambert If you were running through a tall-grass prairie, what color would you wear to capture the mood?
Adam: purple. Lol

Steph. @Meandmyradio
@adamlambert top or bottom??? ;-D
Adam: top

kinkykiedis @kinkykiedis
@adamlambert Are you excited for Saturdays show? It seemed a little last minute, was it?
Adam: @kinkykiedis It's not a full show. It's a club appearance. Its a big gay dance party. I'm performing to get a better look at the guys. Lol

lili Black @liliyGlambert9
@adamlambert What Do you think about @NICKIMINAJ ?
Adam: i think she's a good entertainer. Skilled rapper. Wig expert. ;)

Bren @crazyforadam
@adamlambert Would LOVE for u to perform w/ Rhianna.. that way Me AND Hubby would be satisfied!
Adam: just give me the time and place. Lol

@adamlambert see what Ambien does? Try melatonin! Natural (of course I have to take like 10Mg)
Adam: I took some earlier. This ain't my first rodeo mama

Sveta @svetapeabody
@adamlambert who's you favorite designer? :D
Adam: Gareth Pugh makes me happy

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
Goodnight beautiful Glamberts. Try and be your most authentic, honest self today.

L!SU @xLisek
@adamlambert your version of 'is this love' is amazing! Have you ever recorded or written any other reagge songs? I want to hear it! ;)
Adam: @xLisek check out "By the Rules" bonus international cut from Trespassing. It goes there.

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