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Queen + Adam Lambert "Save Me" UK Debut


That long note! Audio: Queen + Save Me London 2 from video by Listen or download:
Queen + Adam Lambert "Save Me" 
London Jan. 17 by  


It started off so well
They said we made a perfect pair
I clothed myself in your glory and your love
How I loved you, how I cried

Years of care and loyalty
Were nothing but a sham it seems
Years belie, we lived the lie
"I love you 'til I die"

Save me, save me, save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me, save me, save me
I'm naked and I'm far from home

The slate will soon be clean
I'll erase the memories
To start again with somebody new
Was it all wasted, all that love ?

I hang my head and I advertise
A soul for sale or rent
I have no heart, I'm cold inside
I have no real intent

Save me, save me, save me
I can't face this life alone
Save me, save me
Oh, I'm naked and I'm far from home

Each night I cry
And still believe the lie
"I love you until I die"

Save me, save me, save me, oh
Just save me, save me, oh, save
Don't let me face my life alone
Save me, save me
Oh, I'm naked and I'm far from home

Song written by Brian May

How wonderful for Dr. Bri to have his song sung so beautifully, with so much emotion, by Adam. 

Audio of "Save Me" from video by Listen or download 9.29MB

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Transcript of Dr. Brian May Berting by Marisa

The Official Queen Podcast - Episode 10: Brian May Interview Pt 1

Behind the Scenes on Tour with Adam Lambert
Transcribed by Marisa   

Just listening to Dr. Bri berting on that podcast was not enough, so I decided to type the best parts. So here it goes, with some editing.

"I have to say, we have the extra ingredient now that is Adam Lambert. Adam is a phenomenom. He has everything that you could ask from a frontman. (...) He's delightful to work with. He's equipped with this stupendous instrument, his voice. I never heard a voice like that in my whole life. His range is extraordinary. 

He's also dedicated to his art in the same way that Freddie was. He recognizes that he has a gift from God. He doesn't waste it, he takes good care of himself. Even when he parties, till the ends of the earth, he's very much like Freddie, he into enjoying life, he knows when he can work and when he can play, so he's always on it for the show. 

He's got a natural way with the audience, he's a born entertainer, much more than just a singer. He's also, which I really like, very physical on stage, I'm very aware where he is and very aware of where I am (...). That comes completely naturally, it's the kind of thing that you cannot coreograph, and it's great, cause it's gonna be different every night. But it is, you develop a flow, a kind of sixth sense about what the other guy is doing, and of course, our music is physical, it's not just in the mind, it's in the body as well, so they way we physically interact influences the way the music sounds very much. 

He's very easy going, he's a total prima donna in the sense that he's into his clothes and into his looks and his fitness in the same ways as Freddie, and the same way as Elvis, I'm sure. I've never met Elvis but I have a strong feeling Adam conducts himself in the same ways that Elvis did. 

(...) (He's his own person.) Well, he's more than that. He's so...what's the word, he's kind of very much overqualified. You could say that he fits the bill, but Adam is way way more than that. Even people who are skeptical, after about three songs they're eating out of this hand. They just love him. And I think by the end of the show Adam has become the complete focus of the show, that Freddie did as well. 

It's a big thing, I feel very often like Adam is a huge part of the show, massive part, he's not just someone who's filling the slot. He's changed us, he's brought us up to the 21 century, in some ways, he's reenergized us. 

And himself, as a performer, I would go watch him. There's not too much performers of his generation that I would go watch, but I would watch him. I think he's a wonderful craftsman. And that voice is just beyond belief. Sometimes I'm standing beside, like in WWTLF (which he nails), and I never know how he's gonna nail it, sometimes he goes for a note and I think, 'Jesus, is he really gonna do that?' This goes through your head while you're playing, you can't lose your cool, but I feel like stopping and looking at the guy, 'What is he doing?', and 'Is he gonna pull it off?', yes, he pulls it off every time, he's never anything less than a million percent. 

I'm sounding too exclamatory now, but I seriously get shivers up my spine at some of the notes he hits. And I know Freddie would as well. I know if he was watching somewhere, some place, somehow, he would be thinking: 'God'!"

Thank you, Marisa!
. Podcast - Takes you Behind the Scenes on Tour with +

Audio download:


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11 January 2015
Adam Lambert’s look and voice make him the man to fill
the shoes of Freddie Mercury, says Neil McCormick
“I’m not Freddie,” insisted the bearded young American, lounging in a brocaded black and gold jacket, tight leggings and knee-high lace-up boots. “I’m not trying to be Freddie or compete with Freddie. But I’m seizing this opportunity to try and make his music come to life again.”
On the first day of 2015 the most searched for term on Google UK was “Adam Lambert”. It seemed the nation had been stirred into collective curiosity about the identity of the singer who welcomed in the new year with Queen. As fireworks exploded, 12 million viewers rocked to the sound of Bohemian Rhapsody and We are the Champions on BBC One.
This week, the group embark on a UK arena tour, performing to 160,000 fans before rolling on to the continent. It is all quite impressive for a band whose iconic lead singer, Freddie Mercury, passed away 24 years ago. So who is this young whippersnapper swinging the microphone in front of white bearded 65-year-old drummer Roger Taylor and frizzy haired 67-year-old guitarist Brian May?
“Adam is a phenomenon,” says May of the vocalist he first spotted on TV show American Idol“We weren’t looking for another singer but Adam is kind of a gift from God. He has a technical ability beyond 99.9 per cent of singers in the world. You see that and can’t help but think, ‘I wonder what would happen if we opened that box again?’”
“My nickname for him is Camp Elvis,” says Taylor. “His presence and charisma reminds me of Presley in so many ways, the look, the showmanship, the overtly sexual attitude. He is absolutely scintillating on stage, a voice in a million, and the same was true of Freddie. There are almost frightening similarities, especially socially, as an overtly gay man full of wit and banter. There are moments backstage when it seems like nothing has changed at all.”
“F— yeah, I had doubts! It was really intimidating,” the 32-year-old Lambert proclaims, recalling his first performances with one of rock’s legendary bands. “Freddie is like a myth, how do you live up to that?”
Lambert was just nine when Mercury died. He discovered the band through his parents’ record collection. “Everybody knows Queen peripherally, you hear them at sporting events and stadiums, my dad helped me make the connection between the music and the people making it.” So he was already a fan when he got a chance to sing I with May and Taylor during the finale of American Idol in 2009.
“I was pinching myself. These guys were part of the golden era, you are looking at their pictures in books and magazines, then you look up and they are in the dressing room next to you.”
They got along well enough for Queen to invite Lambert to join them for a 15-minute set at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011. “I made the mistake of going online and reading some of the comments after, and oh man, there were diehard Queen fans that were ruthless. I thought I’ve got to step up to the plate here.” When it was proposed that they play gigs together in 2012, he says: “I knew it would be a big challenge on a personal and performance level.” They played six shows, in Russia and the UK. “I was winging it, that’s what it felt like.”
But when they reunited to tour America last year, something clicked into place. “I realised it’s no use being awestruck because we are in this together. I’d done my homework. I read every biography, watched every documentary, listened to every album. It’s like I’ve crawled into the music, it’s part of my blood now, I don’t have to think about it, I can just be. You let instinct take over and that’s when things get really interesting.”
Lambert has fantastic vocal range and control. “He’s a very daring singer,”according to May. “He goes for notes he’s got no right to reach.” Although still not particularly well known in the UK, American Idol made him a household name in the US where he has had two hit albums, even though he hasn’t enjoyed the kind of blockbuster career his talent probably warrants. “I don’t think pop music is really about how high you can sing,” says Lambert. “I’ve learnt a lot in the last five years. It’s not about technique, it’s about: are you cool? Are you likeable? Are you interesting? Is there something about you that grabs people? And oh yeah, you can sing too? That’s nice.”
Charming, chatty, good humoured, Lambert comports himself with a light campness, wearing his sexuality easily. “Listen, I’ve been out of the closet since I was 18, and i’m not getting back in,” he assures me.
He was raised in San Diego in a creative, liberal household, and here was always a lot of music around. From the age of nine, Lambert became involved in theatre. When it became evident that singing was his strength, he took voice lessons and studied opera. From the age of 19, he was making a living in musical theatre, performing in productions of Hair, Brigadoon and Wicked. "I kind of slowly fell out of love with the idea of being onstage eight shows a week doing the same thing every performance, over and over again. Creatively, I really get off on spontaneity, impulse and novelty but those big Broadway shows become kind of corporate, locked-in things.”
In LA, during his 20s, Lambert fronted short-lived indie rock bands with a glam rock bent. “Bowie and Queen were what I dug into, the way they performed, the androgyny, the theatrical, campy persona. When I was coming up, there were a lot of girl pop stars pulling from that era, but when I did it, my eyeliner seemed to make people uncomfortable. Go figure.”
Lambert auditioned for American Idol, almost as a last roll of the dice. “I was 27, I knew I was openly gay. I thought the worst that could happen was I would get some notoriety and it might bump my theatre career up a couple of notches.”
Lambert finished as runner-up (to Kris Allen). “That exposure as a person, that was the thing I needed to get to - a place where a record executive could look at me and go, ‘OK, this is someone we could work with.’”
What can never be quite determined is what part his homosexuality has played in determining Lambert’s career. Before the American Idol finale, pictures of him kissing a man became a major news item. Later the same year, when Lambert kissed his male assist during a TV awards performance, ABC received so many complaints it cancelled his appearance on Good Morning America.
Lambert is credited with being the first openly gay artist to have a number oneBillboard album in the US (Trespassing in 2012), and this despite the presence in pop of such figures as Liberace, Johnny Mathis, Elton John, Boy George, George Michael and, indeed, Mercury.
"Freddie dressed like a leather daddy in a group called Queen,” notes Lambert. “Back then, it was almost like people didn’t want to hear it, and they certainly didn’t want to talk about it. Right now, the US media is gay obsessed. My sexuality precedes everything I do. It is not the easiest thing to navigate. You want to be open and make your community proud, but at the same time you don’t want to alienate everyone else.”
Yet if Lambert has not quite become the superstar many predicted, it may also be because his contrived brand of glam-infected pop is not individual or characterful enough to really warrant world domination.
His live collaboration with Queen has given him a global platform and it will be interesting to see how performing that killer catalogue night after night will shape his next solo offering. “Queen is not where pop music is today, but emotion is universal and timeless, and that is why the music endures. They went into every genre, almost. We’re doing bluesy rock songs and the campest baroque show tunes, it is like a variety show, it’s a great challenge for a singer.”
Rock bands never seem to fade away any more. as long as at least one member is alive, (and sometimes not even that many) they find ever more inventive ways to keep the show on the road, with the video screens, holograms and stand-ins.
Between 2004 and 2009, Queen toured and collaborated with British rock and soul star Paul Rodgers. This latest venture feels closer to the brash, flamboyant spirit of the band’s glory days. May proclaims himself delighted that Lambert can sing every song in the original key, adding “that was hard even for Freddie.”
“I had a little bit of trouble with Don’t stop me Now, admits Lambert. “The guys would say, ‘Hey, it’s OK, you don’t have to do it just like the record. Freddie used to modulate down and find ways to make parts easier for himself.”
“But Freddie was allowed to do what he wanted because it was his song. I have a different standard that I’m up against. I have to do the big note or they’re gonna say I can’t cut it.”
There are no plans for Queen and Lambert to record together. For the moment it is purely a live experience. “When Freddie died, we sort of assumed that was it,” admits Taylor. “But new challenges arise and you think maybe there’s life in the old dog yet.” Original Queen bassist John Deacon left the band (and the music business) following the completion of posthumous album Made in Heaven in 1995. “It is everyone’s prerogative to retire,” notes Taylor. “But its like giving up on life as far as I’m concerned. I worked it out years ago. This is who I am.”
“We ain’t a tribute band, that’s a no-brainer", says May“We built Queen, we lived and breathed it, it is part of us and we are part of it. It still feels as if Freddie is with us, because his music is always in there, his personality is on stage with us.”
“He is part of our mental wallpaper, which can be a little bittersweet,” says Taylor. “I would say it took five years to get used to the fact that he was gone. But the fact is, he’s not here, and we are celebrating and we salute him, and it’s not maudlin at all. I think he would have liked Adam.”
“Freddie and Adam have a very similar attitude to life,” concurs May, “a sense of humour and camp and lightness of touch. Queen have a serious side but, really, that little bit of humour is what keeps everybody sane.”
“Singing his songs every night, I feel very close to Freddie,” says Lambert. “I wish I had his heavier tone, for sure. He smoked like a chimney and he’s got that real strong mid-chest voice. The way he attacks the note, it’s bad ass, it’s sexy, powerful. I’m a fan, and that is my connection with the audience. I feel lucky to be up here. I mean weren’t Queen great? Listen, they still are.”
* Queen + Adam Lambert play Newcastle Metro Arena on Tuesday and then touring. For tickets visit


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What Adam Lambert Was Up to in 2013



January 2013

January 1: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia at 4am.
January 1: TV Appearance, USA. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats repeat on Fuse.
January 1: TV Appearance , Australia. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on channel 812 MTV Live at 10pm.
January 1: TV Appearance , Finland. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on MTV Finland at 11:05am.
January 2, 3, 4: TV Appearance , UK. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on MTV Live at 1pm.
January 4: Concert. Vietnam. LIVESTREAM
January 5: TV Appearance, Asia. 2012 VH1 Divas on MTV Asia
January 5: TV Appearance, Shanghai, China.
January 8: TV Appearance, USA. Pretty Little Liars-This Is a Dark Ride repeat on ABCFAM at 7pm.
January 9: TV Appearance , USA. Adam Lambert VH1 Unplugged repeat on Palladia channel at 1pm.
January 9: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia at 1:30pm
January: Magazine. OIQFC (Queen Fan Club)
January 14: TV Appearance ,USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia at 12am.
January 15: TV Appearance ,USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia at 6pm.
January 15: TV Appearance, USA. Pretty Little Liars-This Is a Dark Ride repeat on ABCFAM at 6pm.
January 15: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine interview and exclusive poster. February Edition. Available January 15
January 24: TV Appearance, USA. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats series repeat on Fuse starts at 12:00pm.
January 27,28,29: TV Appearance, Asia. Hennessey Artistry repeats on MTV Asia.
January 28: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia at 11am EST.
January 31: Special Event, New York City. Charity event with Nile Rogers & Chic. Various other artists to perform. Adam will be honored with a Unity Award. We Are Family Foundation. Tickets from $100 to $1500. Venue: Manhattan Center's Hammerstein Ballroom. 6:30 pm EST Details:



IPB Image

February 1: TV Appearance, Asia. Hennessey Artistry repeats on MTV Asia.
February 02: TV Appearance, Taiwan. Hennessy Artistry of Mixing Shanghai repeat on MTV Taiwan at 2:00am
February 03: TV Appearance, China. Hennessy Artistry of Mixing Shanghai repeat on MTV China at 12:30am
February 10: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia at 3am EST.
February 10: TV Appearance, Japan. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on MTV Japan at 20:00. Repeats on Feb 11 and 14 at different times. Check local listings.
February 14TV Appearance, Japan. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on MTV Japan
February 15: TV Appearance USA. Adam Lambert VH1 Unplugged repeat on Palladia channel at 9am.
February 15: TV Appearance USA. Better TV, Better Show. Livestream
February 16: TV Appearance, Japan. 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards on Space Shower TV at 7pm.
February 17: Concert. Seoul, South Korea
February 19: Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Venue: Shibyua Kokaidou Capacity: 2084, all seated. 1st night.
February 20: Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Venue: Shibyua Kokaidou Capacity: 2084, all seated. 2nd night.
February 21: TV Appearance, Germany. Channel ZDFkultur airing Glam Nation Live
February 21: Interview with InRock Magazine
February 21: Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Venue: Shibyua Kokaidou Capacity: 2084, all seated. 3rd night.
February 23: Concert. Kanazawa, Japan. Venue: Kanazawa City Hall. Capacity 900, all seated.
February 25: Concert. Nagoya, Japan Venue: Club Diamond Hall. Capacity 800 all GA.
February 26: Concert. Osaka, Japan. Venue: Namba Hatch. Capacity is 1500, combined seating & GA.
February 26: TV Appearance, USA. The Graham Norton Show repeat on BBC/BBC America at 9am ET.
February 28: TV Appearance, Australia. E! True Hollywood Story repeat on CH 121 E! Entertainment at 5pm.


March 1: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia
March 3: Concert. Shanghai, China Mercedes-Benz Arena. Capacity 5000.
March 5: Concert. Hong Kong. Star Hall at Hong Kong International Exhibition Center, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Capacity 3600.
March 8: Concert. Singapore. Star Theatre.
March 10: Concert. Jakarta, Indonesia Gandaria City. Capacity 5000
March 15: Concert. Minsk, Belarus. Venue is Palace of Sports with 4,842 seats.
March 16: Concert. Moscow, Russia Crocus City Concert Hall. Venue has 6200 seats.
March 18: Concert. Kiev, Ukraine. Kyiv Palace of Sports. Capacity 10,000.
March 20: Concert. St Petersburg, Russia Ice Palace. Venue holds up to 12,350 based on configuration for the event. Standing, seated and VIP boxes.
March 20: TV Appearance, USA. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats repeat on Fuse.
March 22: Concert. Helsinki, Finland. Hartwall Arena. Venue holds 13,000.
March 22: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia.
March 25: TV Appearance , Japan. Mezamashi Live repeat on Fuji
March 31: TV Appearance, Japan. 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards repeat on Space Shower TV.
March 31: TV Appearance, USA. Rove LA talk show repeat on channel TVGN at 12:00 AM ET.

April 2013

April 14: Concert Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival, Miami Beach Florida, USA LIVESTREAM
April 18: Special Event. Macau, China. Star TV 17th China Music Awards/Global Mandarin Chart Awards. LIVESTREAM Adam walks the Red Carpet and performs 2 songs. Adam is awarded Most Popular International Artist.
April 20: Special Event The 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. Adam is nominated for Outstanding Music Artist, Trespassing. Adam's appearance is unlikely as he will be taping Chinese Idol show on April 22 in Shanghai.
April 22: TV Appearance Shanghai, China. Adam’s recording (taping) the Chinese Idol opening gala. Broadcast date TBA
April 23: TV Appearance, US. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats series repeats on Fuse Channel. Starts at 2:30pm EDT.
April 25: TV Appearance, US. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia Channel at 4am EDT.
April 28: TV Appearance, US. Majors and Minors repeat on The Hub Channel at 11pm EDT

May 2013

May 11: Special Event May 11: The 24th annual GLAAD Media Awards in San Fransisco. at the Hilton San Francisco, Union Square. Adam will receive the Davidson/Valentini Award.
May 13: TV Appearance USA. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats series repeats on Fuse Channel.
May 15: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine, June Issue, available May 15.
May 16: TV Appearance USA. American Idol Finale. Adam performs "TITANIUM" as a duet with Angie Miller. Pre Show Livestream
May 18: TV Appearance, China. Chinese Idol episode with Adam’s taped (April 22) performance. LIVESTREAM
May 19: TV Appearance, China. Dragon TV, 80′s Talk Show episode with Adam’s taped (April 22) performance. LIVESTREAM
May 20: TV Appearance, USA. The Graham Norton Show repeat on BBC America at 9am EDT.
May 25: Special Event, Vienna, Austria Life Ball AIDS Solidarity Gala 2013 at the Hofburg Palace. Theme 1001 Arabian Nights. Adam will appear as Ali Baba and open the ball by performing the original LifeBall song "Love Wins Over Glamour" which he co-wrote. LIVESTREAM
May 27: TV Appearance, Canada. Interview airs on ET Canada at 7:30pm ET/PT. This is from on the plane on the way to LifeBall.
May 30: Special Event. City of Los Angeles LGBT Heritage Celebration to honor Adam. Adam given award as "Hope of Los Angles".

June 2013

June 05: TV Appearance, USA. Fuse TV, Fuse News coverage on Adam’s involvement with The Friend Movement.
June 06: TV Appearance, USA. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats series repeats on Fuse Channel.
June 10: TV Appearance, USA. Fashion Police on E! at 10:30pm ET. Adam celebrates Joan's birthday and wins a date with her. Possible livestream
June 11: Radio Interview, Pittsburgh Adam on the @ KDKARadio Afternoon News. Livestream 
June 15: Concert Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Pride, Pride in the Street. LIVESTREAM
June 18: TV Appearance, Italy. Vintage Majors & Minors w Adam mentoring. LIVESTREAM
June 21: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia Channel at 9:00am ET.
June 26: TV Appearance, Australia. The Graham Norton Show repeat on 103 UKTV or 214 UKTV HD at 11:25pm.
June 29: Concert Orlando, Florida. Universal Studios Orlando
 Summer Concert Series. LIVESTREAM

JULY 2013

July 02: Concert Del Mar, California. San Diego County Fair. LIVESTREAM
July 03:Special Event Hollywood, California. AT&T Live Proud contest. Meet & Greet and private concert. Date subject to change. Time TBA.
July 04: TV Appearance, Japan. Adam Lambert Live at Summer Sonic 2012 day one repeat on WOWOW Live at 10:00am.
July 12: TV Appearance, Japan. Mezamashi Live repeat on Fuji
 TV NEXT at 17:30hr.
July 19: Concert, USA. California Mid State Fair Paso Robles. LIVESTREAM
July 30: TV Appearance, Japan. Adam Lambert Live at Summer Sonic 2012 Adam only repeat on WOWOW Live.


August 10: TV Appearance, USA. 2012 VH1 Divas repeat on Palladia Channel.
August 15: TV Appearance, Finland. Project Runway repeat episode with Adam on Sub-TV at 9:00pm local time.
August 19: Special Event. Adam appears at Nile Rodger's charity event AFTEE. Livestream
August 25: TV Appearance, USA Adam will be at the MTV 2013 VMA Award show. He will be presenting. Red Carpet Livestream


September 17: Avicii’s album “True” released. One track (Lay Me Down) will be a collaboration with Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers.
SEPT 20: Las Vegas. Adam reunites with Queen for a performance at the 2 day IHEART Music Festival. The MGM Grand hosts the biggest live concert event in radio history. Besides Queenbert, Elton John
, Paul McCartnet, Katy Perry, Muse, Maroon 5 and many others are scheduled to perform. It will be broadcast live on 150 Clear Channel stations throughout the USA.
Sept 30-Oct. 1: TV Appearance USA. USA CW TV broadcast a 2 night special of the IHEART Radio Festival. Queenbert featured both nights to rave reviews.


Nov 2: Special Appearance Miami, Florida. Adam to appeared at Make a Wish Foundation's annual gala.
November 04: Special Release date of Marry the Night (Glee Cast Version feat. Adam Lambert) on iTunes
November 05: TV Appearance, US. The Ellen Show.
November 07: Radio Appearance, US. On Air with Ryan Seacrest, 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles.
Nov 7: TV Appearances, USA. Adam will joins the cast of GLEE. 1st appearance tonight.
November 12: Special Marry the Night (Glee Cast Version feat. Adam Lambert) is released on Amazon
Nov 30: Concert Miami, Florida. Adam Appears in concert at the famed Fontainebleau Hotel.


Dec 8: Special Appearance Adam appears at The Trevor Live charity event at the Hollywood Palladium.
Dec 29: Concert Biloxi, Missisippi. Adam azppears in concert at The Hard Rock.
Dec 31: Concert Thackerville, OK. Adam performs a NYE show at Winstar Casino.

Late 2013 BOOK APPEARANCE Adam will appear in a book of photos of celebrities wearing Elvis Presley's sunglasses. Priscilla Presley in charge of this project. Shoot took place May 30 2013.



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Adam Lambert "John was not the only one" IMAGINEGIFS

Adam Lambert GIF: "John was not the only one" 

Video Edit: