Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Adam Lambert Talks About "The Original High" on The Chart Show UK March 4. Quotes, Video, GIFS

Adam Lambert was interviewed on the Brit Awards red carpet February 25 by Stephanie Faleo.  The Chart Show aired in the UK March 4.

Some quotes from Adam about his new album "The Original High"

"Max Martin and Shellback have executive produced it."

"I love it because it's surprising, the sound of it.  I don't think people have heard me on tracks like this before."

"Production wise we're going to some places I haven't gone.  There's a lot of house music influence, a lot of deep house.  There's a little r & b flavor here and there and then some great, timeless song writing.   Lyrically the songs are very honest.. a little more serious. They tend to be a little darker." 

One last snippet ...'Deep House'

"I co-wrote the whole album."  

"I'm having a really good year, yeah.  Single drops in April.  I'll see you then."

"A good year" via Siobhan

full interview via  

The 10 best deep house tracks, according to Ron Trent: