Thursday, July 3, 2014

Adam Lambert Tweet History + Funny Pics

Alikat1323 4h
Hehehehehehehe sorry I missed his head...

CrazyGlambert17 2h
Hahah finally his own moment of glory! Right @adamlambert ? grin.gif

adamlambert 1h
@CrazyGlambert17 oh don't worry, he's had PLENTY. wink.gif

Virg1877 5m
Hehe RT @feraltwirler: LOL


source unknown

adamlambert 2h
San Diego 




Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Adam Lambert's Hair Dying Tips

Adam's hair dying tips direct from Adam!

1. Rinse hair upside down, that way all the blood will run to your head. *butt shot*

2. Eat a horribly cold sandwich with fork and spoon to ease the pain of sitting in the chair for 4 hours. *pout*

enhanced pic

3. Almost Done! *pose pose* (uh oh, I can tell this color is not turning out the way I want it)

4. The only thing you can do with a failed dye job is to try and look fierce *meorw*