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Transcript of Dr. Brian May Berting by Marisa

The Official Queen Podcast - Episode 10: Brian May Interview Pt 1

Behind the Scenes on Tour with Adam Lambert
Transcribed by Marisa   

Just listening to Dr. Bri berting on that podcast was not enough, so I decided to type the best parts. So here it goes, with some editing.

"I have to say, we have the extra ingredient now that is Adam Lambert. Adam is a phenomenom. He has everything that you could ask from a frontman. (...) He's delightful to work with. He's equipped with this stupendous instrument, his voice. I never heard a voice like that in my whole life. His range is extraordinary. 

He's also dedicated to his art in the same way that Freddie was. He recognizes that he has a gift from God. He doesn't waste it, he takes good care of himself. Even when he parties, till the ends of the earth, he's very much like Freddie, he into enjoying life, he knows when he can work and when he can play, so he's always on it for the show. 

He's got a natural way with the audience, he's a born entertainer, much more than just a singer. He's also, which I really like, very physical on stage, I'm very aware where he is and very aware of where I am (...). That comes completely naturally, it's the kind of thing that you cannot coreograph, and it's great, cause it's gonna be different every night. But it is, you develop a flow, a kind of sixth sense about what the other guy is doing, and of course, our music is physical, it's not just in the mind, it's in the body as well, so they way we physically interact influences the way the music sounds very much. 

He's very easy going, he's a total prima donna in the sense that he's into his clothes and into his looks and his fitness in the same ways as Freddie, and the same way as Elvis, I'm sure. I've never met Elvis but I have a strong feeling Adam conducts himself in the same ways that Elvis did. 

(...) (He's his own person.) Well, he's more than that. He's so...what's the word, he's kind of very much overqualified. You could say that he fits the bill, but Adam is way way more than that. Even people who are skeptical, after about three songs they're eating out of this hand. They just love him. And I think by the end of the show Adam has become the complete focus of the show, that Freddie did as well. 

It's a big thing, I feel very often like Adam is a huge part of the show, massive part, he's not just someone who's filling the slot. He's changed us, he's brought us up to the 21 century, in some ways, he's reenergized us. 

And himself, as a performer, I would go watch him. There's not too much performers of his generation that I would go watch, but I would watch him. I think he's a wonderful craftsman. And that voice is just beyond belief. Sometimes I'm standing beside, like in WWTLF (which he nails), and I never know how he's gonna nail it, sometimes he goes for a note and I think, 'Jesus, is he really gonna do that?' This goes through your head while you're playing, you can't lose your cool, but I feel like stopping and looking at the guy, 'What is he doing?', and 'Is he gonna pull it off?', yes, he pulls it off every time, he's never anything less than a million percent. 

I'm sounding too exclamatory now, but I seriously get shivers up my spine at some of the notes he hits. And I know Freddie would as well. I know if he was watching somewhere, some place, somehow, he would be thinking: 'God'!"

Thank you, Marisa!
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