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Adam Lambert Drops 'Lay Me Down' + So Much More That September Should Just Be Renamed ADAM SEPT-AMBERT!

Listen to Adam Lambert's Avicii Collab
Adam Lambert wants to lay us down? Go oooooooooon...
"Forgive us, Adam Lambert , for we have sinned -- it has been nearly two weeks since we last spoke your name! Well, that unholy silence ends today, for you have blessed us with "Lay Me Down," a tuh-ruuuuuly divine collaboration with Avicii and Nile Rodgers . OMG, and that's not even mentioning the flawless Lady Gaga impression that you whipped out on Instagram!
Basically, you are running our lives right now, and we are #INTOIT. We're, like, as into it as we are obsessed with that that photo up top It's like your eyes are penetrating directly into our souls in order to determine whether or not we are fab enough to join you in the Grand Principality of Glamsburg. WE SWEAR WE'RE WORTHY!
Opening with a funky disco bass line, Adam's collab with Nile and Avicii -- off of the Swedish DJ's debut album, True -- initially seems right at home with the past couple months' crop of '70s throwback hits like Robin Thicke 's "Blurred Lines " and Daft Punk 's "Lose Yourself To Dance ." #SlappinTheBass
But as the verse builds to the chorus, the track progressively blends more and more contemporary EDM elements until you end up with this anthemic perfection that's like Sylvester 's "You Make me Feel (Mighty Real) " gone 2013.  It should go without saying that we LAHV IT.  Listen to "Lay Me Down," and get ready to aurally give yourself over to Adam Lambert below... We said aurally.
Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga? WE CAN'T TELL.
Adam Lambert or Lady Gaga? WE CAN'T TELL!
Oh, and as if that sensual seduction weren't enough, Adam posted two photos on Instagram of him wearing what looks to be 40 pounds of grade-A, American WIG.  Captioning the photo "#Artpop," the "Never Close Our Eyes " singer must be giving us his best Gaga impression (specifically the Botticelli's "Birth Of Venus" look from her "Applause " video).  However, we didn't really need the caption to tell us that, because WIG.
This is too precious, Adam Lambert. You need ta STAHHHP.
This is too precious, Adam Lambert. You need ta STAHHHHP.
Also captioned "#Artpop," this Adam pic is, like, honestly TOO MUCH The upcoming "Glee" guest star looks so adorable with his hands cupping that angelic punim, that he makes Precious Moments figurines look like a bunch of busted Barbies that you gave haphazard haircuts to because you thought it'd grow back.  (WHY WON'T IT GROW BACK.)  Adam for president!  Adam for king!  Adam for Oprah!  #WeCant"

Adam wins Idol again!!!

“Lay Me Down,” produced in part by Nile Rodgers, who is having a banner year, and featuring a bracing vocal by Adam Lambert, is completely valid modern disco, faithful to the genre as it once was but not a slavish throwback. It’s another escape into yesteryear by an artist carrying today — and tomorrow — on his shoulders.

Adam Lambert speaks in interview about getting to where he is now 

September 18th, 2013 by Martin Lamont
Fans of Adam Lambert get very defensive when ‘haters’ discuss his history with American Idol saying he hasn’t paid his dues and some seem to think he was handed success despite finishing second place.
Adam Lambert though remembers things differently and discusses the path its taken him to get to where he is today – to be working with Queen and how he deals with criticism.
Being in the limelight nowadays it’s difficult to escape criticism. With most big names now on Facebook and Twitter it’s very easy for trolls/haters to contact a famous face and tell them exactly how they feel.
If you’ve ever looked at a celebrities mentions timeline on Twitter you’ll notice sometimes it moves far too fast and the chances of celebrities seeing this hate is slim to none but sometimes they do pick up on it. Some handle it well, others not so well.
Afterall, we’re only human beings – yes, celebrities are as well.
Adam Lambert spoke recently to Pheonix Radio about how he deals with criticism:
“Everybody has an opinion, right?” Lambert  said. “Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but I think growing up as a kid and doing theater, I got used to wanting a role and not getting it.
“So, I think I’ve had a long history of rejection and criticism. That’s what being a performer is all about. It’s just part of it — part of the territory.
The former American Idol contestant who is also set to star in Glee has also spoken out recently about the journey he had to take to get to where he is now.
Adam Lambert also spoke about how despite what critics and haters say – he worked very hard from performing as a singing waiter at corporate events, as a Starbucks server and in retail all while trying to get somewhere in the music industry:
“If you rewind my 20s,” he said in this ‘In Sixty’ clip, “I definitely paid my dues. I definitely lived a very unglamorous life.”
Adam Lambert also discussed his determination on creating music that would showcase his own voice long before American Idol came along:
“I was doing a lot of theater stuff, but I was in the ensemble, always,” he said “I would never get hired beyond that. I was getting frustrated. I was getting to pay my bills, finally, but I don’t feel like I’m creating something. I had this hunger to make something.”
If you haven’t seen the interview with ‘In Sixty’ then watch it below.

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From Brian's Blog:

We hope to have the full schedule of the iHeart Radio Music Festival concert to put out before time

- but we do know the on stage slot for Queen + Adam performance !!

Friday 20 September 2013

11:58PM – 12:33AM: Queen + Adam Lambert Performance (PST)



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Adam Lambert & @AnnaAlbern's daughter

Glee's Cinematographer

iHeart's Venue Gallery:

Some Queenbert Spoiler Clues, if interested:

It's pretty funny that Adam's pants split in London during "I Want to Break Free" He shows us at 2:15:
Stripper Circus April 10
Looks like it's from April 10.  He's wearing the same thing here:
as here:

Danielle Sears @yelli24
@adamlambert big thanks for the role you played in my wedding on Saturday!

Info on how to watch and listen to the iHeartRadio Music Festival no matter where you are located ->

Why wait until today 9/19 to tweet this?

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motleycrue concert
4 hours ago
He liked the other one better but I don't have glowy alien eyes in this one #adamlambert #whatayawantfromme

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Roger from Queen. #rogertaylor #queen #wewillrockyou#wearethechampions #alieneyes #gloweyes #vegas


Nate Ruess of Fun. to Perform With Queen at iHeartRadio Music Festival 

By Marc Schneider 
Nate Ruess of Fun. to Perform With Queen at iHeartRadio Music Festival

fun. performs during the Inaugural Ball at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Queen will team up with another powerhouse singer at the iHeartRadio Music Festival this weekend. Nate Ruess of Fun. is set to take the stage with the legendary British rock group at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, a source confirms to Billboard.
Ruess and the band -- led by Brian May and Roger Taylor -- were spotted rehearsing classics "Somebody to Love" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" on Tuesday (Sept. 17), however it's unclear how many songs they'll perform together.
Queen and guest lead singer Adam Lambert are on the bill for Friday night, as is Ruess' Fun., whose hits include "We Are Young," "Some Nights" and "Carry On."


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