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Meaning Behind Adam's Tattoos

Adam's key tattoo fits in with the forbidden knowledge referenced in his new Garden of Eden tattoo.  

"The most profound story he shared with me in regards to symbolism was the explanation of his painting "Sepia's Secret".  Recently pop-rocker Adam Lambert chose an element from the painting as inspiration for his latest tattoo.  The painting had existed for a while and Lambert has now purchased it.  In "Sepia's Secret"  there is the female "goddess", her cloak outstretched to protect two children, symbols of innocence and counterpoint to the ego.  They hold a large key.  Above the goddess is the all-seeing eye of the universe, with its keyhole shaped pupil.

The point of the story is that the child holds the key to unlock the wisdom of the universe.  Therefore all of us but especially artists of all types must always make sure the child is present.  The most difficult part of being an artist is the battle against the ego to let the child prevail so the art can be made.  The child is the creator.  If the ego gets too big, the child dies and so will your art.  It was after Adam learned this story that he chose the key for his growing collection of body art. His previous tattoos, the eye of Horus and the infinity symbol also have very specific meanings to the musician. 

Hans Haveron & Roxy Contin

Hans says Adam's choice makes complete sense as he does an amazing job of keeping his ego in check and calling on his child to create.  He is a pure spirit who loves helping his friends.  As for Lambert's art, despite his success he still doesn't settle for less than his best."

Via Q3,  Adam talks about the Rolling Stone snake at about 2:45

Complete Rolling Stone Cover Story, Wild Idol:

"Welcome to my world of truth. 
I don't wanna hide any part of me from you."

I think Adam is proud of being a rebel. His temptations bring him joy and self knowledge.   He lives an authentic life and shares it with the world, changing hearts and minds along the way. 

By aleksandrakv  :

His tattoo sleeve is just beautiful! I agree with an idea from yesterday that one of the meanings is comparing the original sin, eating from the forbidden tree of knowledge..., with what is perceived as Adam's sin, illustrated by his Lusus Naturae tattoo. Thus, Adam emphasises how unfair, unjust and ridiculous both concepts of sins are. 

I think that could be the main idea behind it. Plus, many more: the Adam and Eve story provides basis for the belief that the humanity is in essence one single family (which is a Christian doctrine and I can see Adam relating to that), or in Jewish tradition, the Tree of Knowledge and the eating of its fruit represents the beginning of the mixture of good and evil together, which I can see Adam relating to as well.

But there are no Adam and Eve in Adam's tat, only the serpent, which could represent the trickster, the temptation, and the apple, which comes from the tree of knowledge; which could all mean that he doesn't want to live in 'paradise' (absolved from his so called 'sins') if that requires living in ignorance... or that he chooses his ways because the alternative means not knowing - about himself, about a significant part of the humanity - and living in the darkness of ignorance. 

I don't know, it's not finished, but I do know it is simply beautiful. I can't wait to see it done.

Glee news are also fantastic. It feels like renaissance in Adam's world:)))


 Pirates vs Ninjas June 14 2011

Perish Dignam & Roxy Contin at Pirates vs Ninjas
He resembles one of the friends with Adam
 at Bootsy Bellows Sept. 27:






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