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Adam Lambert - the Titanium Idol

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Adam Lambert - the Titanium Idol 

Adam Lambert is Taking His Place in Destiny 

Adam Lambert is on the precipice of an extraordinary advance in his careerOpening night at the recent iHeart Musical Festival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, accompanied by the iconic band Queen, Lambert wowed the audience with his impeccable voice and his sizzling hot sexual magnetism. His tight, black skinny jeans and unbuttoned shirt displayed every inch of the stunning Alpha male. Lambert has grown from the kid we fell in love with as he anxiously auditioned for American Idol with his a capella version of Bohemian Rhapsody to a man to be reckoned with in the music world.
Four years ago Queen was quick to recognized Lambert's brilliance and a collaboration began. Since Idol, Lambert has grown as a man and as a performer.He is at the height of his game, exuding confidence, slim, trim and strikingly handsome, he mastered the Queen catalog. Well, at least all of it they could fit into 35 minutes of spectacular. So perfect were his vocals that Brian Mayproclaimed that Lambert's voice is "one in a billion."
"Adam can do things which I've never heard anyone do in my life," he said.
It was an amazing compliment coming from the band mate of the late, great Freddie Mercury. 

Lambert displayed outstanding talent among his musical piers at the iHeart Festival and proved that he deserves more recognition in the music industry. The momentum is building for his career. He is contracted to appear on Glee for it's fifth season, and his collaboration with Avicii and Nile Rodgers, for the mega hit,Lay Me Down , is receiving worldwide acclaim. Lambert did not just add his unmatched vocals to the track, he had a part in writing the lyrics. As I have predicted since Lambert first appeared on American Idol, he will become the unparalleled legend of this generation.
We have seen the transition. Gone are the days of Lambert's more campy style.When he graces red carpets now with his cover boy looks and well put together fashion, he is more GQ than glam rocker. On American Idol he was the kid who just wanted to sing and had the whole country clamoring for him to reveal his orientation . Now he navigates his own direction. Adam Lambert has that cold, steel look in his eyes of a man who knows he is going to fulfill his wildest dreams. It is one thing to have aspirations that are above your talent and ability and quite another when you possess a gift that is out of this world. All Lambert ever needed was a platform to display his talent. His new endeavors will elevate his career to the next level.

Lambert does not need "branding experts" or the advice of his fans to help him create an endurable "image." Real legends are their own brand and do not rely on gimmicks. Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson never contemplated branding.Trailblazers are always met with opposition. Elvis Presley caused a sexual revolution with a thrust of his pelvis when he became the first objectified male sex symbol in a sexually repressed decade. Michael Jackson was an African American whose talent and universal appeal far overshadowed the color of his skin. Lambert is not only a uniquely gifted vocalist, he stalks the stage with apowerful sexual energy that transcends his orientation. His spell is both mesmerizing and enchanting. It is no wonder that the world is taking notice.

Once icons break down the societal barriers with their unique talent and energy, they become universally accepted. The individuals that become iconic can never truly be defined and put into a box. They are transported into the universal consciousness by an undefinable cosmic force.
Sometimes a climb to success can take difficult twist and turns. Even Lambert's most devoted fans get nervous. Lambert has shed his old record label, RCA .Their dismissal of Lambert's talent as a songwriter and their vision of an album of covers songs will one day make them the laughing stock of the music industry.Why did RCA never release a Lambert penned single? Why did they not fully promote the albums or the singles that they did release? The halfhearted representation of Lambert by RCA was a mistake RCA will never live down.Moving forward, the choices Lambert is making will take him from star to superstar. Real talent can not be denied. Exceptional, one-of-a-kind talent, has wings that no force can stop.

Adam Lambert's fans need to sit tight. They are in for a whirlwind ride. Once he gets the momentum from his exposure on Glee, as his hit single collaboration,Lay Me Down, continues to take the world by storm, with his future collaborations with Queen, and his upcoming third album, the music industry and the dismal American press will be forced to acknowledge that a superstar has arrived. Fans should not worry and foes are powerless. Adam Lambert has proven he will survive any turbulence in his career and take his place in musical destiny. He is our titanium Idol.

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