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Adam Lambert Potpourri September 24


Brian May, 2012: "At rehearsals, I was sometimes overwhelmed with emotion. When I first heard him perform Who Wants To Live Forever, I was literally stunned, just was not internally ready for such an amazing interpretation of the song." 



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Brian May 2012, translation by @Jadelle1

Not that long ago you came to Russia with the show and the frontman Of Queen was Adam Lambert. Do you have any plans to go on world tour with him?  
Everything is possible. This guy is amazing!  Adam is full of energy, he is an incredible professional. He has a tremendous voice, there are not that many singers these days who can be compared with Adam.  His huge vocal range is not only for hitting out-of-limit notes, thanks to this Adam can easily express himself. At times, at our rehearsals, I was overflowed with emotions.  When I first heard him sing "Who Wants To Live Forever", I was really shocked. Inwardly, I wasn't ready for such an amazing interpretation of this song. I truly have gotten pleasure out of our collaboration with Adam.

How did you start that collaboration with Adam? Why did you choose him?

It seems to me, that some things are predetermined, planned by fate itself. As soon as Adam appeared on American Idol, me and Roger started getting phone calls and text messages saying something like "You should pay attention to this guy. He is amazing! He is like Freddie! He is the only person who is able to sing Freddie's songs", and so on. Of course, we were intrigued. And then, we got a call from the show organizers asking if we'd like to play with two finalists, and that was what we (me and Roger) happily did. While performing that mini set, we found out that Adam was phenomenal, indeed. Then at MTV Awards in Belfast, we together performed "The Show Must Go On", "We Will Rock You", "We Are The Champions", and again, Adam was fantastic! And then after that event, we got an offer from Russian promotion to do a show and we didn't hesitate.


Backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Brian May and Roger Taylor told Kennedy that they first heard Adam Lambert's voice a long time ago. “That’s a voice of a billion." stated Brian May.  “Adam can do things which I’ve never heard anyone do in my life.”

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Avicii, "True" (Island)

Sweden's Avicii delivers an expected polish on "True," with big soulful vocals laced over a thick cache of funk tracks. But I'll note that "True" feels a tad dated. Unless Chicago house is officially old enough to be back in vogue as retro, this is worn territory with the piano overkill and avalanche of soul claps. There is one absolutely perfect track in "Lay Me Down," featuring vocals from "American Idol" alum Adam Lambert. If 2013 needs a dance anthem playlist, this is track No. 1. Hands down.


Report From iHEART by  

Still too overwhelmed for a full recap, but Good Lord!!!! Adam's voice literally shook the walls of that arena!!!! His WWTLF was jawdropping perfection. Peeps behind me who never clapped once during the night were WOOOing and clapping like mad for him.

Adam didn't take other performers to school, he friggin' picked them up, drove them there, sat them down and proceeded to show them what University level singing is about!

The opening medley was flawless and soooooooooooo much fun. I had not seen the spoilers so I didn't know what to expect.

Unfortunately, as much as I warmed up to Fun during their segment, their 'interrupting' the Adam/Queen flow was a HUGE mistake, IMHO!

People started leaving during SBTL and missed some awesomeness that was yet to come. On the plus side, it got me a better seat.... 

It was definitely too short and I can't even begin to imagine what people who saw them at Hammersmith witnessed!


theosgma said:  Well it’s time for my recap

Arrived Thursday late and Dancygeorgia was out at the “O” show and waltzed in around 1 AM. We slept in late which we both needed and headed over to the dinner at MGM with our fab Atop crew. I don’t think I would ever get tired of watching momtomany talk. I couldn’t hear her as the restaurant was so noisy but I didn’t need to. Her face is so expressive, open and loving that I got the gist of everything she said. 

I headed to the nose bleed section but knew in advance that one of my very dear friend’s mom was an usher and it turned out she was working my section! No way?? Way! After about an hour, she turned up at my seat waving a ticket for a MUCH better location.

I didn’t know anyone around me so I was able to be lost in my own thoughts waiting for Adam. As you may know, BA (before Adam) I had stopped listening to any popular music (rock, pop, rap etc etc) for years. Why? First date with my husband was for an opera and it was classical music for him (and me) all the way. Too long to tell you why I turned on AI that fateful night but I did and here I am in Las Vegas at I Heart Radio. NO ONE that knows me well would have ever predicted this. 

Tried to have an open mind and actually enjoyed a few of the acts - Elton John and Muse especially. I have warm thoughts about Katy since she is so supportive of Adam though the cotton candy gets to me. I have to say that Las Vegas knows how to get this stuff done. They were spot on in their timing and with one exception, their techie stuff. 

I also want to say in reference to some of what created the furor on the list that more than one singer corrected their language when a swear word started to slip out. It was VERY clear that they had instructions to rein in it. It wasn’t wild child night at all - at least not until the next night when Miley showed up. But then she is a she and the double standard applies.

As the time for QAL approached, like several others, I found myself fluttery from excitement but also nerves. Somehow it felt the stakes were very high. I totally knew the level of Adam’s professionalism and Queen’s so there was no reason to feel that way but yet .....Diva’s......AMA.... something about those live broadcasts that are scary. 

I couldn’t believe Queen opened with BoRap. Q3 said in all her years of listening to them, they NEVER started a performance with BoRap but it was a brilliant move. I spent half my flight over wondering what the hell they were going to open with. The medley from last summer was not going to be appropriate, WWRY - not an opener, not TSMGO like EMA’s - not familiar enough or upbeat enough for a starter on this occasion . I was racking my brains but the wily Brian and Roger had just the ticket. It brought the whole audience right in to the heart of the iconic sound of Queen. 

Then I realized that it was going to be a snippet and so too the other songs. I don’t like snippets. They don’t give the opportunity to unfold the fullness of Queen’s textures. However, they pulled off the snippet thing admirably through the genius of the force of nature that is Adam Lambert - his voice, presence, charisma, movement, class - on and on. He was Queen - seamlessly integrated into the band. It felt very different than last summer. It was his rightful place - not an invitation to do a series of concerts. He was not so much “our boy Adam” but more like “you are the man”. Yet, he is still the individuated Adam Lambert - his own man, distinct and independent. Quite a feat to achieve. 

NO ONE ELSE’S voice filled that arena with anything even approaching the richness, phrasing, breath support, velvet continuity of the musical line. It was like night and day. And it wasn’t just the voice. It was the whole enchilada. To say he was a class act was a complete understatement.

My breath stopped when WWTLF started. My mind went to Cassie and I heard her explain when and under what circumstances Adam will take that high note - how he has to know in his body in the moment that it is truly there. And I prayed! Very odd thing to do sitting in a Las Vegas concert but I did because I knew he was going to go for that note - the moment demanded it - the need for him to establish who he really is in these United State demanded it. And then there it was - absolutely perfect. I totally teared up. 

To me, it was completely natural that he would leave the stage after that song. He did it for each of the six shows last summer and I found myself wondering whether in fact, he needed a short break - whether it was actually, I won’t say necessary, but better for him to have that little respite. That is a very demanding song - body, soul, emotions, vocals. Can’t really imagine him just bopping into another song right after. It felt right to have the guest come on just then. And he was a guest. That distinction was so clear. And Brian was so happy to promote another young artist. He loves that and Nate was so bouncy and adorable. 

After I heard that Fun had tried to have Queen come to their Grammy performance, I actually was happy they did this instead. The selfish me, the grasping for Adam advantage me, didn’t want that to go to someone else. Of course I would rather see Adam on the Grammy stage doing his own music but if that is out of the question for another year, than I would like the door open for another route be it Nile or Queen and if Queen was on last year that would null them out. So for me, this was a small price to pay.

When Adam came back on for FBG, the distinction between “the man” and the guest was even sharper. I honestly couldn’t get over how natural Adam was in his front man role. Don’t get me wrong - he was unbelievable last summer. This is more a qualitative than quantitative difference. The aura was different. 
And it went on like that until the glorious end. 

I too hung out to hear comments. I wound up in a conversation with a man of around 50 maybe who was FURIOUS. He came to hear Queen not knowing whether he would ever hear them live again and he was livid that they did get more time and had to cut their songs up so much. He also was livid that STL was not sung by Adam (not a Glambert by the way but someone who loves Queen and their music) He felt that song deserved Adam’s voice and style. 

On the way out I saw radio crews interviewing concert goers and stopped and listened to a few of the interviews. When asked what was their favorite act, the four I heard all said Adam and Queen! One group had come over from London only to hear QAL. That impressed the radio crews!

The evening ended flailing with Atoppers, eating ice cream with Dancy and heading back late to our room. I had to get up for an early flight and I chucked when I realized as I was getting up at 5:30, Dancy was just rolling off the computer into bed having pulled an all nighter mesmerized by the list comments, pictures and reviews or totally involved in doing her audio magic for all of us to enjoy. She is a treasure and so generous in sharing her expert results. 

As I winged home, my eyes were closed the whole time (very red and tired) but the head set was on and the glorious voice of Adam filled my heart and soul. I am forever a slave.


by moi

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Culture Newspaper [Russia]: Brian May | Google Translation

Culture [Russia]
Brian May - "Culture":

Brian May - a figure in popular music is truly unprecedented. Clever and intelligent among the rockers and otvyaznoy professors, Mae - the only rock musician with a worldwide reputation, which is a Doctor of Science. Always polite, courteous, always with a charming smile, the man - the exclusive property of the ambiguous world of pop culture. They are hard not to admire, it is impossible not to respect. July 19 founder, guitarist, and the keeper of traditions of Queen marks 65 years of age. In anticipation of this significant date, "Culture" was able to talk to the principal gentleman of rock.

Culture: Brian, what do you think the main difference between rock and pop music?

Mae: Interesting question. I think there all a matter of sincerity with which the artists present their works. I think that pop music is primarily designed to please people, give them pleasure. While rock music is more honest, passionate, not only is it not so appealing to our pleasure centers, how many invites to reflection, empathy. Although in general the line delineated these concepts are very thin. You should not take these things one-sided and blinkered: they say, is rock and pop here. Over time, this is a good start to understand, since the age of perfectionism is giving way to judgment. When I was young, I also differentiated between items on a "cool" or "not cool". Then, because it was thought that love rock - cool, and pop - no. Queen clearly fell under the category of "rock", and, say, ABBA were pure pop. And for a young music fan is a fan of ABBA was the same as if not worthy, because there was an unspoken belief that they lack creativity "klevosti." But today, listening to the songs of Benny and Bjorn, I feel as much in their passion and sincerity. This is a brilliant pop. Or, say, Leonard Bernstein - I love his music, although this is not a rock. His stuff too full of passion, though very different properties. You know, by and large, it does not matter which direction to include a particular piece of music. There are just good music and bad.

Culture: What's the difference between the popular music of the past and present?

Mae: I can not say that is familiar with many of today's trends. However, it is obvious that the penetration of Internet in almost every house music has become, perhaps, more personal, personalized, which is probably a good idea. Today, you can put your product in a network to put video on YouTube, and it will become known to thousands of people around the world. Music - is communication, and in this sense similar to "access" - it is a healthy phenomenon.

Culture: You recently traveled to Russia with concerts, which acted as a frontman Adam Lambert. Do not plan to undertake this large-scale tour with his participation?

Mae: I do not exclude such a possibility. This guy is great. Adam is full of energy, he's a brilliant professional. He has an amazing voice, and with very few people can be compared to the contemporary scene. His enormous range is not only to take notes exorbitant - thanks to Adam express themselves beautifully. At rehearsals, I was sometimes overwhelmed with emotion. When I first heard him perform Who Wants To Live Forever, I was literally stunned just was not internally ready for such an amazing interpretation of the song. I get great pleasure from the co-operation with Adam.

Culture: And why do your co-operation began with Adam? How and why did you choose it?

Mae: I think some things in this world is predetermined, prescribed by fate itself. Once Adam came on the scene in the show American Idol, our drummer Roger Taylor began receiving calls and sms-messages along the lines of: "You should pay attention to this guy! He's great! He - like Freddie! He was the only person who can do his songs, 'and everything like that. Of course, we were intrigued. And then the show organizers called us and asked if we would want to play with the two finalists - we were pleased to do so.* During this mini-set, we found that Adam is really phenomenal. Then at the MTV Awards ceremony in Belfast, we, along with Adam played The Show Must Go On, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions - and he was again incomparable. Therefore, when shortly after the above ceremony, the Russian promoters reached out to us with a proposal to perform with Adam Lambert in your country, we did not think for too long.*

Culture: There are persistent rumors that you are going to collaborate with Lady Gaga ...

May: Actually, I have worked with her, played the song You And I with her ​​latest album Born This Way. We also performed together at the MTV Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. I was very pleased with it. Dense concrete plans of cooperation we are not bears, but are in contact. I think it is a very talented actress, completely given to the business: it seems that she lives it 24 hours a day. Music for her - it is both work and pleasure and a hobby, just her whole life.

Culture: How are shooting a feature film about Freddie Mercury with Sacha Baron Cohen in the title role?

Mae: I know that everything was okay, as planned, so to speak. We have seen the script, and he, in general, is largely correct, that is, the more precise to say, not divorced from reality. And this is not easy to achieve when it comes to movies, biopic on the rock stars. Of course, in this case there are points of contention - some of the details, I'm sure will cause a heated controversy in the camp of fans of Queen, and in the press, but overall, once again, the script is very good. Remove truthful film in general is very difficult - you just can try to make a movie, which is relevant to real life painting, which has its own point of view. This film has attitude. It is not absolutely realistic, but it is a very honest attempt to tell about Freddie.

Culture: What are you more proud in my life - the fact that a famous musician or the fact that you respected scholar?

Mae: I suspect that the fact and the other in about equal measure. However, today I am most proud that this is actively engaged in this (pointing to his badge with the words Save Me. This name-based Bryan Foundation in charge of protecting animals from abuse and cruelty - "Culture"). I spent a lot of time and energy trying to change the alarming state of affairs in the world, namely, how people treat animals. I think that humanity is making a serious mistake, believing that the person - is master of the universe, and in general the only creature on this planet that deserves attention. In the cement-concrete world we have created, there is no room for others - a charming and defenseless - creatures. I try to change it. People today are for the most part so far removed from the animals, which sometimes panicky fear them: see, used to fly in horror throw up one's hands and immediately rush to kill her. Thus, without noticing, we kill everything. This is a big mistake. This is bad for animals and for ourselves.

Culture: What would you say is the biggest failure, a major setback in your life?

Mae: We need to think ... Failures of the last, perhaps, that's what. We have, as you know, there's the musical We Will Rock You, which is delivered in many countries around the world. In London, he still continues to accompany a great success. For ten years the theater Dominion, in which he shows every evening gathers notices. But here in Las Vegas this musical, they say, "not rolled." In general, bringing We Will Rock You in every country, we come to the matter very carefully and meticulously - from production to the selection of musicians and actors. In Vegas, we have also had a great cast, and generally find fault with, from our point of view, it was not for nothing, but there is a musical suffered a complete fiasco. This is hardly possible to name the biggest failure in your career and life, but it was definitely a big disappointment.

Culture: What music do you listen to while driving?

May: Yes, what you want, depending on your mood, from Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff to the Foo Fighters and the new album of the same Adam Lambert - I absolutely omnivorous.

Culture: You are a recognized astronomer. But astrology, you are not interested in an hour? Do you believe horoscopes?

May: At the instinctive level, probably not. I do not follow this logic, it seems to me a kind of a funny game. But sometimes, sitting in any Chinese restaurant, for the sake of curiosity, with a smile lurking horoscope: they say, well, well, something I prepared for the fate of this week? Yeah, I will be meeting with someone important to me to avoid this or that, well, everything like that. Sometimes some of this is true, why not?

Culture: What is the period of creative activity Queen is most interesting to you?

May: Oh, really, I do not know ... (For a long time thinks). Perhaps the earliest years. After all, it was a novelty then, everything was so exciting, vibrant and intriguing ... We were, in fact, ordinary boys, we had no vision and a clear understanding of what to do and how to get it right. We moved the touch, experimenting, risk. And we just did was unreal, insane belief in themselves.

In general, each period in the history of our group was amazing. And the present also. We had a wonderful life - beyond the most daring and desperate dreams. And I do not get tired every day thankful.

*Google translation corrections by nica575.

KMS kms15423
16th July 2012 from Twitlonger

Hmmm >> Culture: You recently traveled to Russia with concerts, which acted as a frontman Adam Lambert. Do not plan to undertake this large-scale tour with his participation?

Mae: I do not exclude such a possibility. This guy is great. Adam is full of energy, he's a brilliant professional. He has an amazing voice, and with very few people can be compared to the contemporary scene. His enormous range is not only to take notes exorbitant - thanks to Adam express themselves beautifully. At rehearsals, I was sometimes overwhelmed with emotion. When I first heard him perform Who Wants To Live Forever, I was literally stunned just was not internally ready for such an amazing interpretation of the song. I get great pleasure from the co-operation with Adam.

Staying ‘True’: Avicii Opens Up About His New Album


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