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Lots of Great Press for Adam Lambert Re "Lay Me Down"! + Pics & Tweets Potpourri

Adam Lambert Lays Down Some Vocals For Avicii 

"With the rise of disco inspired tracks surfacing across radio airwaves, it's no surprise that artists are latching on to the success of 70's throwback tunes (Get Lucky, Blurred Lines, etc...). With pop radio embracing different genres (albeit slowly, I'm being positively optimistic here), we are seeing unique and seriously unexpected collaborations. Avicii shocked the EDM world with his country inspired track previews at Ultra, and for good reason. I was not thrilled in the slightest with what he shared back in March and feared that he made a grave mistake. I fully admit now that I was wrong...

Wake Me Up has broken boundaries for electronic music and it looks like the rest of Avicii's album will be held to this standard of crossing over musical styles. In recent news, it has been reported that American Idol Alum Adam Lambert has collaborated with the man himself, alongside the genius that is Nile Rodgers, for a track on the new album. With a preview that has been released to the public, Lay Me Down is everything that I hoped the song would be. While many had hoped that Lambert would choose to make music in the same vein as his performances on Idol , he went for a more pop-oriented album, leaving a hate it or love it divide from the general public. 

As a long time advocate for Lambert's amazing vocal abilities, this news comes as a sigh of relief. With recent news that Lambert separated from his label, many were fearing that his music career would reach a stand still (He has now been cast on the television series GLEE, the details of which have yet to be announced).

With an octave range that parallels the likes of Freddie Mercury, lending his talents to Avicii's production only heightened the magnitude of the track. While provocative and racy performances in the past have distanced many from truly giving his music a chance, Lambert's talent is undeniable. Of course it goes without saying that his AMA performance shocked much of the entertainment industry and left many wondering if his Idol persona was an act. Despite the backlash, a cancelled GMA performance, and social media going into a frenzy, Lambert has proven that talent should always prove more successful than shock value.

With two successful albums ('Trespassing debuted #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart), the world wide 'Glam Nation Tour', and several performances with the legendary rock band Queen under his belt, I have complete confidence that this song will be a massive success. Singles like 'Whataya Want From Me' and a Grammy nomination lend themselves to the unique talent that he alone possess. While many are outspokenly against his 'campy' performance styles or unapologetic views on being a proud member of the LGBT community, his work speaks for itself. I highly suggest you check out both albums, his vocals are ridiculous!

This song will either be something that everyone loves or loves to hate...It throws itself back to Earth, Wind & Fire and Donna Summer inspired 70's tunes that really embody the soul that pop radio seems to be lacking (This is a generalization, but not completely unfounded). Avicii deserves huge praise here, he has definitely taken a risk that, I think, will pay off. And no, this isn't 'Get Lucky' 2.0...There is almost no semblance of comparison. Check out Lay Me Down below!"


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Can view it in China here:

is honestly taking EDM to another level with "Wake Me Up" and his new song "Lay Me Down"

. & release teaser. Listen to the disco collab here:

VIDEO: 's "Lay Me Down" preview featuring & !…

With his latest single “Wake Me Up” demolishing the charts at an alarming speed,Avicii’s new single, “Lay Me Down”, is set to officially debut in one week upon the release of his newest album, True. The preview to this song has already had significant plays. With Nile Rodgers with his long running record of successful collaborations including Diana Ross, David Bowie, Duran Duran, Madonna – and more recently with another dance music heavy hitter, Daft Punk, and alongside Adam Lambert, a rising star in the pop scene straight out from American Idol, this song looks like another chart topper. With a long list of lucrative collaborations under his belt, the young Swedish DJ’s streak doesn’t seem to be ending soon.
Avicii has had a notorious record of surprising his fans from dance favorites to surprising kazoo solos; with “Lay Me Down”, he switches gears yet again and drives into a funky baseline with groovy beats and utilizing Lambert’s softer melodic voice to entrance its listeners back to the 70s disco era. Although this has rumored to be one of the standout tracks of True – hold your breath as he may lead us into another astonishing pathway.
Shoes Adam liked on Tumblr, too ugly to post!
Sara Gilbert of The Talk spoke about your moment 2:28-2:55.

Tim Bergling – known as Avicii – has previewed tracks from his upcoming album 'True' on his website. The track with the biggest buzz around it is his collaboration with American Idol runner up Adam Lambert and Chic legend Nile Rodgers. The 90-second long clip of their song 'Lay Me Down' features a big funky sound that clearly comes from Rodgers and clean pop vocals from Lambert. Describing the album, Avicii told Digital Spy: "It's kind of all over the place. It's a fusion, but when you listen to the whole album it makes sense. "It sounds like it's going to be weird, but the final product is what I got so excited about. Once I started making these tracks I realised that it works." He continues: "It doesn't sound forced or that I'm trying to be pretentious - it's just made total sense."





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Become the "ambassador" of your favorite track from 's new album "True"! Full details here -

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And what are this bizarre lingo we've invented? "Lurking"? Eh more like reading. "shipping" more like "fantasizing about a delusion" hahha



Cinema Society & Donna Karan Host A Screening Of "Happy Tears" -After Party 

Cinema Society & Donna Karan Host A Screening Of "Happy Tears" -After Party
Singer Adam Lambert attends the "Happy Tears" screening after party hosted by the Cinema Society and Donna Karan at Mr Chow in Tribeca on February 16, 2010 in New York City.



Phil Donahue On Syria: 'Barack Obama Has Broken My Heart' via - LOVING PHIL DONAHUE

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And what are this bizarre lingo we've invented? "Lurking"? Eh more like reading. "shipping" more like "fantasizing about a delusion" hahha

Avicii and Adam Lambert collaboration previews online  

added: 11 Sep 2013 // by: Newsdesk 
A 90 second preview of Avicii, Adam Lambert and Nile Rodger's new collaboration has debuted online!

Speaking about the track, Nile recently explained:

"I need someone to do a lead vocal so I call Adam Lambert."

On Adam, Avicii added: "I really fell in love with his voice. He just captured something on that first take.'

'Lay Me Down' features on Avicii's upcoming new album 'True', released September 16th.

Avicii – Lay Me Down (With Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers )

September 10, 2013 By Sal Amato 
One word… HUGE.
Great track coming and by Christmas it should be all over U.S. airwaves. This was the year the legends came together and acknowledged the dance music and EDM is here to stay. With the coming of a DJ Hall of Fame and Museum in Chicago? What more proof does one need before they take their head out of the sand and admit this is some good shit!
Avicii has certainly shown how he has grown this year as a producer by embracing new ways of making great dance and EDM songs.
Next up here, coming from the “True” album due for release in the U.S. on Sept.17, 2013, Adam Lambert contributes with stellar vocals and Nile Rodgers lends his extraordinary talents to bring us “Lay Me Down”

AVICII NEWS:In 4 Days time is going to be performing at the iTunes Festival! LIVE STREAM!Stay tuned for link!


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Avicii: 'True' - Album review 

Released on Wednesday, Sep 11 2013
Published Wednesday, Sep 11 2013, 7:45am EDT  |  By Robert Copsey  |  Add comment
Avicii True album artwork

When Avicii broke into the global circuit in 2011, he was quick to brush off comparisons with fellow superstar DJ David Guetta, insisting he wasn't going to emulate the Frenchman by collaborating with every international popstar with a spare 20 minutes. Save a contentious feature on Leona Lewis's 'Collide' and finding a friend in Madonna(!), the 23-year-old has stuck to his word on his debut album True, which doesn't even officially credit its guests so as to keep the beatsmith firmly in the spotlight. 

As such, eyebrows were raised when it turned out that it was 'I Need A Dollar' singer Aloe Blacc who featured on the record's lead single 'Wake Me Up!'; a bonkers blend of EDM, soul and country that in theory should be classed as a novelty song but somehow avoids the distinction due to everyone involved. Given its massive worldwide success, it's hardly surprising that the LP continues to put a donk on songs you wouldn't otherwise expect to hear a donk on. 

A case-in-point is 'Addicted To You', a sultry soul number that quickly metamorphoses into the kind of arms-aloft number that would suit both an underground club or a night down your local Walkabout. And if that wasn't surprising enough, the vocals come courtesy of 71-year-old Mac Davis, the man behind Elvis Presley's 'Memories' and 'A Little Less Conversation'. It's a similar story for 'Hope There's Someone', which sews together Linnea Henriksson's ethereal and trembling vocal with thumping dance breaks - the result Frankensteinian but strangely listenable. 

The effect of Avicii's head-spinning concoctions means that when he opts for a more serious house moment, the results aren't quite as compelling. New single'You Make Me' feels like the attention-seeking sibling of its predecessor, while the extended instrumental and detached vocal on 'Dear Boy' never quite reaches the expected climax - especially when compared to the Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert-assisted 'Lay Me Down', a shimmery slice of funk-infused house that serves as one of a handful of the album's highs that easily offsets its lows.
Album Credits:
Performance Credits
Avicii Primary Artist
Nile Rodgers Guitar
Gabe Dixon Background Vocals
Mike Einziger Guitar
Aloe Blacc Vocals
Peter Dyer Keyboards
Blondfire Vocals
Salem al Fakir Vocals
Adam Lambert Vocals
Audra Mae Vocals
Russell Graham Background Vocals
Dan Tyminsky Vocals
Linnea Henriksson Vocals
Sterling Fox Vocals
Technical Credits
Mac Davis Composer
Nile Rodgers Composer, Producer
Neal Cappellino Engineer
Jonas Knutsson Composer
Stuart Hawkes Mastering
Chris Cheney Engineer
Mike Einziger Composer
Aloe Blacc Composer
Erica Driscoll Composer
Bruce Driscoll Composer
Antony Hegarty Composer
Peter Dyer Composer
Ryan Shanahan Engineer
Michael Einziger Engineer
Vincent Pontare Composer
Salem al Fakir Composer
Adam Lambert Composer
Audra Mae Composer
Tim Bergling Composer, Producer
Angelo Caputo Engineer
Ash Pournouri Composer, Executive Producer, Management
Sterling Fox Composer
Karen Ørsted Composer
Josh Kratchic Composer
Kyle Vanderkerhoff Engineer 

Avicii - "True", the debut album is dance-enthusiasts and 08/15-Radiohörer equally satisfied 

Andi 11 September 2013 0

Avicii_True Avicii's real name Tim Bergling, is born in 1989 and comes from Sweden. The extraordinary career of Avicii started in his Stockholm nursery. Here he built early in his first beats and songs. As a child of the digital generation, he used the distribution channels of the Internet to draw attention to themselves. Successful releases have been around for four years, but still no song had ever managed the hype as it does for a few weeks, "Wake Me Up". In the list of references Aviciis but nevertheless appear to Leona Lewis, Flo Rida and the former ABBA boys Benny and Bjorn.
Since June 2013 now supports "Wake Me Up" international singles chart. A brilliant move was to get this Aloe Blacc ("I Need A Dollar") back from oblivion and to give him the lead vocals. The mix of soul and voice dancefloor track captures the spirit of the times and the video tells a nice story. So hits are made and Avicii has established itself as a kind of northern European David Guetta.
Well then - a single does not make a summer and we are looking forward to the first full album called "True". The second single "You Make Me" I find a bit disappointing. Here Avicii exaggerates the electronics concept and teases us with unnerving sounds. For the charts is still rich because of the song title of the hit song strikingly similar and makes the name of the protagonist currently just curious.
The whole album consists of collaborations of different kind and you can tell by who's who of guest vocalists and instrumentalists represented, now that Avicii is at the top and many want to work with him. I call guitarist Nile Rodgers, country star Mac Davis, also Mike Einziger (Incubus), Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), and especially the eccentric Adam Lambert. It is striking that none of those named is from the big club dance scene, but the album covers representing the different kinds of music.
So then sound the songs. I find most the tracks, the acoustic guitar, country influences or splendid soul voices mingle with electronic noises. Since Dan Tyminskis strong voice in "Hey Brother", which sounds like a bluegrass song fresh from the Mississippi River, or the powerful voice Audra Mae in "Addicted To You". Audra also gives also "Dear Boy," her vocals - and there you can see the difference here because I find the PC music really annoying.
Very strongly, however, is the aggressive use of the indie band Blonde on Fire "Liar Liar" including concise 80s organ. This could develop into a brave radio song. And Adam Lambert makes "Lay Me Down" with his tenor voice to the cheering dancefloor hit.
Conclusion: "True" is amazingly versatile and is gaining by the protagonists involved. Is a pity that they are treated fairly neglected, not allocated to the respective songs in the booklet and you have to painstakingly search the information on the Internet. In any case, Tim Bergling has a knack for beautiful melodies. He does not forget his roots synthesizer, developed the successful concept of cross-style music but more and should therefore mutually satisfactory: the dancefloor enthusiasts as well as the 08/15-Radiohörer.

  1. WAAOOOOO can you handle the funk?

    Avicii, Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert..? Yes please New Avicii album True, out Monday. Adam sounding amazing..




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  1. It's interesting the way you placed "fantasizing about a delusion, hahha" right near the picture of Freddie and Adam onstage (and the other pictures of them, PLUS the picture of Ming the Merciless! priceless... Another fan posted a pic of herself as "Gollum" holding the Trespassing album). I wonder if you do any of these things consciously - when I have tried to suggest to you about the Holy Grail you did not comprehend. With such immense energy spent on your blog project, do you not begin to see behind the image? I've been getting LOADS of suggestions about it lately, with some people going as far as to believe Adam and Freddie are SOUL MATES. Lol. They are no such thing!! :D That's a delusion happening to all "fans" when they worship someone - their energy goes eaten up by the star but they will never be "the One". Older visions and studies of mine show that this is what Adam & Freddie are spiritually connected by: the project is to awaken the world to the truth behind the image. This truth is Heart Energy and it "makes the jump into hyperspace" (Glam-hoppers). Gaga's advice "Do not wear ear condom" was what happened in Vienna. I ask the question, when shall we make the link? Did you see We Will Rock You? Was your heart broken at any time by any event? Did you merely accept that, instead of "SHOUT"-ing?
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