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Adam Sangin in the Studio + Adam/Bunny Pics + Lay Me Down

Avicii Feat. Nile Rodgers & Adam Lambert – Lay Me Down 

by Graham Porter on Sep 8, 2013 

We’ve just heard the HQ preview snippet of Avicii’s new track ‘Lay Me Down’ which features Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert and it’s flaming disco gold. Holy sh*t people! Track of the year if this one gets a release before the end of 2013.


Adam's new FB Profile Pic

New FB Cover Pic

Moscow GIF people enjoyed yesterday

VMA: painted out fan, enhanced

Avicii 'True' Review: 'Wake Me Up' DJ Teams Up With Chic, Adam Lambert For Unique Debut Album

By Sarah Dean

Swedish DJ Avicii shocked both his fans and music critics when he first unveiled single 'Wake Me Up' at Miami's Ultra Music Festival.
The collaboration with soul singer Aloe Blacc saw his much-loved party sound shift from traditional electronic dance music to something with a country influence.
However, the song went on to become the fastest selling single of the year so far, beating One Direction to number one in the UK charts and also reaching the top spot in 62 other countries.
Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, was confident about his new sound, announcing at the time on Facebook: “I really wanted to switch things up and do something fun and different. Disruption is good when a [dance music] scene is half stuck… We knew people would be provoked."
And Avicii has stayed true to this ethos almost throughout the whole of his debut album, 'True'.
The Huffington Post UK has heard the album in full and can confirm that 'Wake Me Up' was just the start of a new, diverse and interesting sound from one of the world's biggest DJs.
In the past Avicii has teamed up with powerhouse vocalists such as Leona Lewis, and there are more great vocals on 'True', as well as the sound of the king of disco guitar music - Chic's Nile Rodgers, fresh from his success with Daft Punk.
There are plenty of surefire hit singles on 'True', including 'Addicted To You' with its almost haunted vocals from 71-year-old Mac Davis, who wrote 'In the Ghetto' and 'A Little Less Conversation' for Elvis Presley.
It's just one example of how Avicii has mixed soulful, old fashioned voices with infectious new beats.

'Dear Boy' begins with a more techno sounding intro but moves onto a voice that sounds almost identical to Lana Del Ray's, although we've been assured she's not on the album and it's actually folk artist Audra Mae.
On 'Shame On Me', a male vocal accompanies a strong female voice for a mix of fast jive music that wouldn't be out of place on Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby' soundtrack.
For fans of Avicii's former sound, his collaboration with Adam Lambert called 'Lay Me Down' should appease but the guitars still creep in from Nile Rodgers after what starts off as a more traditional dance anthem.
The darker 'Hope There’s Someone', with ethereal vocals, also sounds more progressive.
Avicii's debut album 'True' will no doubt garner a whole new set of fans for the 23-year-old. And it deserves to. It's a novel and unique mix of soul, country, R&B, rock, funk, house and electronica, from a DJ and producer who isn't afraid to take risks.

@lohablondie:”Adam Lambert & Nile Rogers give LayMeDown a slinky 70′s vibe..destined for dancing shoes around the world”-itunes editor
Rolling Stone: Avicii's Rave New World

How the Swedish DJ-producer merged bluegrass and EDM into a global smash

Avicii  byAlex Wessely
August 16, 2013 9:30 AM ET
This past spring, the Swedish DJ-producer Avicii opened the second half of his set on the monster main stage of Miami's Ultra Music Festival with something totally unexpected: He brought out a stomping band – singers, guitars and a banjo – to strum through a new Mumford-sounding, bluegrass-tinged anthem called "Wake Me Up." Ravers weren't sure what to make of it, and their confusion spilled over into harsh criticism online. "After the show, he kept telling me, 'There's so many people on Twitter who hate what we were doing,'" says guitarist Mike Einziger, who was onstage. "He was kind of visibly affected by it."
Six months later, they've definitely come around to the 23-year-old spinner's vision. The insanely catchy "Wake Me Up" is a worldwide smash. It's the fastest-selling single of the year in the U.K. (beating "Blurred Lines") and has gone to Number One in 63 countries. "It's ridiculous," says Avicii (real name: Tim Bergling). "I still don't really feel like I've had time to slow down and really realize where it has all come to. A lot of dance music has gotten more and more repetitive – too focused on the dirty drop. I was always interested in the melodic part of house music."
As he often is, Avicii is in the middle of an absurdly long day. Last night he rocked a rave in Greece until 5:30 a.m., before hopping a private jet to Spain, where he's playing Ibiza's biggest parties. Since becoming one of EDM's major stars with his 2010 Etta James-sampling smash "Levels," he's been playing around 300 shows a year, making a reported $250,000 payday for each. As a result, Avicii had a basically unlimited budget for his debut album, True (out September 17th), which ranges from rootsy singalongs to pummeling, vocoder-heavy EDM. He sought out some major talent to help: an eclectic crew including Einziger, who plays guitar in Incubus; Imagine Dragons; and legendary Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers. "I wanted to collaborate with songwriters who weren't used to electronic music, which was interesting from the start," Avicii says. "I wanted to make real music, in a sense. And I wanted every track to be a single."
"Wake Me Up" was written in just two hours at Einziger's Malibu home with neo-soul singer Aloe Blacc, who added yearbook-ready inspirational lyrics. "It was a very fast process – not a lot of thought went into it," says Avicii. He kept the bluegrass vibe going on the even rootsier "Hey Brother," trying out six vocalists before settling on Dan Tyminski, best known for singing "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" in O Brother, Where Art Thou? "I don't like country," says Avicii. "But bluegrass to me has always been something credible and kind of cool in the sense that it's very melodic."
The album's most surprising collaborator? Definitely 71-year-old songwriter Mac Davis, who wrote "In the Ghetto" and "A Little Less Conversation" for Elvis Presley . "I may be an old fart, but I love EDM," says Davis, who got the job through a golf buddy, Interscope A&R chief Neil Jacobson. Davis brought Avicii the tune "Addicted to You," which became futuristic, high-gloss disco – with Adele-style vocals from Oklahoma singer Audra Mae. "He's a genius, no getting around it," says Davis. "I'm a traditional songwriter. I put my guitar in my lap and sit there for half a day. To watch him work, I swear, is like watching a mad scientist, with his computer and his focus."
Rodgers, fresh off Daft Punk 's "Get Lucky," co-wrote the glitter-caked, Studio 54-ready jam "Lay Me Down," which features vocals by Adam Lambert. "Tim will do stuff that, honestly, I would've never thought of," Rodgers says. "On the last couple of songs I've done with him, I'm the bass player. I played a guitar riff and he just puts it down an octave and it sounds so funky."
Up next: Avicii kicks off a globe-trotting arena tour in Toronto in September. "I never dreamed of making music on this level, or touring on this level," he says."You know, it has all happened fast. But I worked really hard. I haven't half-assed anything."
This story is from the August 29th, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone. 

Preview of Avicii and Adam Lambert 'Lay Me Down' Collaboration Goes Viral 

September 07, 2013 12:10 PM EDT

by Renee Snyder

Many fans of Adam Lambert have been eagerly waiting for the release of Avicii's album "True," which includes a song resulting from a collaboration with Lambert and Nile Rodgers, called "Lay Me Down ." Last night a preview snippet of the track was made available on iTunes and so far it has received wide acclaim.

When Adam learned of the snippet he retweeted Avicii's announcement on Twitter to his more than two million followers. Check out the preview available from Apple here . The song has a funky EDM beat, that clearly showcases Adam's amazing vocals. Rodger's guitar skills are also heard front and center, reminding fans of their "Shady" collab on Adam's sophomore album. The song has a 70's feel, which is making a popular comeback as evidenced by the hugely successful 70's vibe "Get Lucky" recently released by Daft Punk.

The entire song will be a full five minutes of pure heaven, but fans will have to wait.

Sharon Bunn Sep 8, 2013, 4:59am EDT
LMD will be a big hit in the clubs, it's catchy and Niles funky bass signature is easily recognizable. It's a smart move for Adam to expand his listening audience with Avicii and Nile, collaborating on another's album that other artists are also doing. I still prefer Adam's Trespassing album that I think is brilliant and under appreciated here in the US. I liked every track , along with the videos which were so well done. So many people have no idea where he's been or what he's doing with the exception of the Glamberts that are always in the loop. I think Glee, Queen and this track will remedy it. Adam always sings with integrity and so effortlessly, putting his flawless stamp on everything he sings.

Janet Bilicki Sep 8, 2013, 12:57am EDT
Adam could sing nursery rhymes and I'd love it, but this collab is really great. I am hoping for big things but I know the song must be released as a single and it hasn't yet. I honestly didn't think Wake Me Up was that hot (although if Adam sang the vocals it would have been better). Please let Lay Me Down be a single. Adam deserves a break. I fear the music world will snub this as well.

Karen Patten Sep 8, 2013, 2:15am EDT
5 mins of ear worm music... worthy of a single... No fears Janet... it is the Adam journey full of twists and turns making Adam so much fun to stan... ya never know what is around the corner... Glee was a surprise as well as this dream team collaboration, Adam, Avicii and Nile.

pics by bulgieluvsme

One day, Adam on the cover!

Thank you, it was an honor“: He's up all night to get lucky: GQ's Performer Of The Year is Williams

Grateful to moncler for the opportunity to design sunglasses for them. We'll unveil more styles soon...


My twitter is @lilybop2010

My fave fantasy in Adamtopia's contest today:
Adam FANtasy Contest Entry:
President Obama, who follows Nile Rodgers on Twitter, sends him this tweet:  "Hey, Nile!  Big summit at the White House!  Need killer entertainer.  Recommendations?"  Nile tweets back, "It's a no-brainer, man!  You want Adam Lambert."

Adam is extended an official White House invitation.  He soon learns that every leader of every major country in the world will be there--even those from countries unfriendly to the U.S.  He's nervous, of course, but vows to himself to give the best performance he's ever given.

It's the day of the show.  The Kennedy Center is packed.  Dressed in a beautiful, classic grey suit, Adam steps out onstage.  He is backed by his friend, Nile Rodgers.  He opens his six-song performance with the feel-good number "Sure Fire Winners."  Gets sassy with "Shady."  Acknowledges his international hit with "Whataya Want From Me."  Makes everyone think with "Outlaws of Love."  Stuns the room with his first live performance of "Runnin'."  He finishes with the traditional finale performance of "If I Had You"--and manages to get all the world leaders on their feet and following his command to "Now jump!"

The good feelings are contagious!  Putin vows to repeal all of the anti-gay laws in Russia.  Kim Jong Un decides that he will stop being batshit crazy and start taking care of the Korean people.  Everyone is hugging and promising that they will do away with nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and ALL weapons, because no wars will ever be waged again.  A rainbow appears in the sky and a dove flies overhead with an olive branch in its mouth.  People are dancing in the street, knowing that we are heading into a new reality where love and peace and compassion prevail.  

And it all started with a tweet....

Avicii : Ecoutez son titre inédit avec Adam Lambert et Nile Rodgers 

Samedi 7 Septembre 2013 - 12:24

A quelques jours du lancement de son album, Avicii fait monter la pression avec l’apparition sur la toile d’un des titres les plus attendus, celui où ont posé Adam Lambert et Nile Rodgers, et c’est déjà en écoute sur rien que pour vous.

Avicii : Ecoutez son titre inédit avec Adam Lambert et Nile Rodgers
Les fans du DJ et Producteur Avicii devront patienter encore quelques jours avant d’avoir entre les mains le très attendu « True » son album qu’il a su promouvoir à merveille avec le déjà cultissime titre « Wake Me Up » et son clip sorti au cœur de l’été.

Aujourd’hui l’attente est très forte, et la magie du net aidant, voilà que l’un des titres les plus attendus (surtout par nous) débarque. Ce titre se nomme « ID (Lay Me Down) » et le DJ y a convié le talentueux Adam Lambert actuellement en préparation de son nouvel album, mais aussi Nile Rodgers sous le feu des projecteurs actuellement avec « Get Lucky » des Daft Punk.

Découvrez sans plus attendre un long extrait de « ID (Lay Me Down) » en cliquant ICI

New theory by @MarwinLambert!

"Just for fun ;DDDD ( added caps + pics :DDD ) 
Was just foollin around a bit loll.. was it possible,that his last IG pics might be clues for some "elvis thingy" loll
1,Shosh asked ppl for some vids of Adam mentoring on AI,it was ELVIS WEEK,when Adam was a mentor on Idol 

2, Adam allready did an Elvis Photoshoot

3, Elvis Moovie?! :DDD
4, Double Trouble pic on IG
DOUBLE TROUBLE - ELVIS MOVIE - there was a character named LAMBERT :DDD
Movie poster has double Elvis on it :DDDD



Too bad they're looking for an unknown young Elvis!

Rock Radio Is 'Up' On Dance Superstar Avicii 

By Gary Trust 

Rock Radio Is 'Up' On Dance Superstar Avicii
Tim Mosenfelder

The EDM format cornerstone is winning over triple A and alternative programmers with his folk-influenced 'Wake Me Up !'

For a format whose core sound is a mix of rootsy rock bands and acoustic-driven singer/songwriters, the success of EDM cornerstone Avicii on Billboard's adult alternative Triple A chart stands out. His new single "Wake Me Up!" (featuring vocals by Aloe Blacc) rockets 19-10 in just its third week on the survey.
Expectedly, the track bullets at No. 2 on Dance/Electronic Songs (and No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100), while charging 19-13 as the Greatest Gainer on Pop Songs. However, triple A programmers say  that the song, which innovatively blends EDM and folk production, is a fit for their stations.
"Yes, this can be considered a surprise song for the format," says triple A KRVB Boise, Idaho, PD Tim Johnstone. "There's something unique about this record that fits really well with where we are. The Mumford & Sons-esque vocal is immediately appealing. But, the dichotomy of the EDM touch points in the chorus set this apart from everything else we're playing.
"For a triple A station that leans heavily female, this is just perfect for us," Johnstone says. "It's a terrific bridge between Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men and the more pop- and alternative-flavored songs from OneRepublic, Capital Cities and Atlas Genius."
KGSR Austin, Texas, assistant PD/music director Kristen Kurtis concurs. "After being serviced and playing acts like Ellie Goulding and Capital Cities, Avicii felt like a no-brainer. I think the guy made a genius move by melding two of the biggest trends in popular music right now. 'Wake Me Up!' perfectly encompasses a blurring of formats that radio is currently accepting.
"The early feedback we've gotten from listeners indicates that they think that it's a very cool song that they're happy we're playing."
In addition to its Triple A success, and as Kurtis references, "Wake" is also scaling the Alternative Songs chart, where it lifts 31-27. The song's alternative support is less surprising, however, than its embrace at triple A, as alternative has historically dipped into dance, from Depeche Mode and Erasure in the '80s and '90s to Capital Cities and Daft Punk today.
Still, that a core EDM act is soaring on Triple A and gaining traction at alternative is notable, especially given Avicii's sparse prior crossover history.Beyond his dance following, he was previously perhaps best known to mainstream audiences for his club anthem "Levels," which reached No. 60 on the Hot 100 last year. The track also served as the basis for Flo Rida's "Good Feeling," which reached No. 3.
"In the past, we played 'Levels,' " says Brad Savage, PD of triple A WCNR Charlottesville, Va. "Not as much as this one, but it got some test plays and specialty airplay around here. Plus, Avicii was a headliner at last year's Lollapalooza.
"So, I was already keen on hearing this song and hoping it may be playable for us.When it came with the interludes of a Mumford & Sons/Phillip Phillips/Avett Brothers-type folk/stomp-rock feel in the verses, it made it seem less like a club song."
Ultimately, Savage says, "Wake" sounds "right at home in our mix," while also noting that the song's international profile has helped, with the cut currently ranking in the top 10 on multiple charts in Europe and worldwide. "The dance-beat parts of the song spice it up and make it cut through. It's a great introduction to Avicii's catalog of music for listeners who may happen to like this song. I think that's a great factor of what we do every day: introducing fans to new music by focusing on a single track.
"I think it's great for triple A to embrace these sounds. We got some immediate response when we first played ['Wake'] from people who were already aware of it and were already fans of Avicii.
"They've Tweeted, commented on Facebook or emailed, saying 'Wow, I can't believe I'm hearing Avicii on the radio!' "



  1. Soccermom says:
    So Wiki says the first three episodes (9/26, 10/3 and 10/10) and then it lists Nov 7th as when it returns after a 4 week break (related to baseball), but no episode title for that 4th episode, and no episodes listed after that. Last year they had the same kind of break but it was between Oct 4 and Nov 8. But once 11/8 started up again last year, they ran until Dec 13th, and then that December date is considered the “midseason” break. Last year, they returned Jan 24th, a 6 week break after the last Dec episode, but based on the announcements that came out about the Fox schedule in May (before Cory’s death) there is a planned midseason replacement show in January (Greg Kinnear’s show) and Glee will not return until late spring (when is that – April?) and continue running into the summer.
    So it would appear we might see Adam in November for about 6 episodes, but then not again until late spring for another 12 episodes into summer?
  2. If Adam is not on Glee until the Nov 7th show, he probably would start filming that around the beginning of Oct (which makes sense since he is busy until the end of Sept). And then he would stay busy for all of Oct and a little bit into Nov to film the Dec shows, and then there would be a big break from filming, presumably, unless they decide to film way ahead, and maybe return to filming in early March for April episodes?


Adam is on page 20:

On another note!





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AWESOME! RT @doublebb_hes197: @adamlambert Today's Korea real time chart! #4 on top100!! #adamlambert #IIHY

Lots of Adam Stuff Here: 
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