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Stunning New Audio + Adam Back in the Studio + 'American Idol' Producers, Here Is a Clue!

Archiving this here because I agree with every word!

'American Idol' Producers, Here Is a Clue!

Jennifer Lopez Is Not What the Audience Wants 

Jennifer Lopez is the most frequent name being bantered about as a returning judge. Really? Is she the one who the the new producers think will stir things up and make the show exciting again? There is no doubt that Jennifer has her fans, but are they American Idol fans as well? It was obvious that Lopez picked her favorites and her picks were not based on vocal ability. Lopez was grossly unfair to Haley Reinhart, who may have had a shot at winning without Lopez's biased judging. The next year, Hollie Cavanagh was the girl who Lopez targeted unfairly. Lopez's favorites were guys who could not stay on key. If American Idolwants nostalgia, Lopez was never, ever even as good a judge as Paula Abdul, so just why do they want her back?

The judges' table has to have a certain dynamic to work. There has to be the Simone Cowell type, someone with intelligence, charm, wit, and the ability to be brutally honest and correctly critique the performance in a few words. It recent years, without Cowell, there has been a void. Who will be the lead judge at the table for Season 13? Keith Urban is a nice guy, but he is not forceful or dynamic enough, and certainly not Jennifer Lopez or

It may very well be that all three American Idol judges have been chosen for Season 13, and if the rumors are true, the panel will have Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban and one other member who is not Adam Lambert. The "not Adam Lambert" is the most important part of that sentence. As someone who has been writing about American Idol for four years and has thoroughly researched the demographic, it amazes me that the producers are still clueless. The man who is currently the #1 American Idol alumni male in all social media is Adam Lambert.Lambert has worldwide appeal. Lambert is the currant favorite male contestant and in many ways the most loved contestant of all time.

American Idol has to embrace the past charm of the show if they want to regain their audience. Viewers loved the story of a kid with a dream auditioning for their big break at stardom. They loved the idea that they were picking the winner. The judges were secondary. They were just there to critique and advise the contestants. The formula was simple, but the producers chose to complicate it. How much longer can American Idol survive when the audience feels like they are being manipulated and the winner is not the majorities pick? Where didAmerican Idol go wrong?

America does not love the story about an ego driven judges panel that barely has a coherent thought or the ability to properly judge vocal talent. America does not love producer manipulation that sways the audience in a direction that is not based on picking the most talented singer. America loved the story of the kid who came on the show, who forever changed the game, who week after week mesmerized the audience with a level of talent and showmanship that broughtSimon Cowell to his feet that one and only time. America believed that Cowell was right, that American Idol had found an international star. America did not love how that story ended. The American Idol audience knows who should have won and were willing to forgive and forget if Adam Lambert was brought back as a judge.

Rather than appeasing the core American Idol fans, the show has only further alienated them by toying with the idea that Adam Lambert will be a judge and then disappointing them once again. That is not the only problem. According toAmerican Idol contestant contracts, if the voting goes astray,the producers pick the winner. How many times have they done just that?

The American people would come back to American Idol if they could believe that they were really helping to find that next big star. Let their vote count; stop unlimited voting that allows a few overzealous fans to steal the win from the majority. Stop picking judges who have no connection to the core audience and who lack the personality, honesty, and accuracy to help the audience decide their choice as the winner. Stop the dreadful, scripted back stories and let the show be about singing again. Stop exploiting Adam Lambert's name unless you fully intend to hire him as a judge or as a guest. Those are a few of my suggestions, but I have little hope for producers who are repeating the mistakes of those who turned a great show into a laughable hot mess. Producers who would rehire Jennifer Lopez do not have a clue.



Posted by Lucas_Country ClubMartini Crew: "Hi everyone!! I'm the guy who did these acoustic versions, I came across this forum and, first of all, I would sincerely like to thank EACH and EVERY one of you for all the kind words, over here and on Twitter! I'm truly extremely happy that these Adam versions - some of my favorite ones out of all the acoustic remixes I've made - finally got to be heard by his fans and that you guys are enjoying it! Aftermath especially - it would kind of piss me off that while originally recorded a 5+min track with so many vocals and harmonies, a full choir (!) behind it and a gorgeous string accompaniment, so much of it was left out of the final mix and had never seen the light of day! For Aftermath, as pointed out, I've used his unprocessed vocal, along with the acoustic guitar and the live strings for the last chorus. For Trespassing, I've put them on top of the instrumental of "Metal & Wood" by Tyrone Wells (such a cute song!) - the difference there is that all vocals are in the album mix, many of them unfortunately buried among all these layers. I can't wait to finish more acoustic versions for other tracks, and hope you enjoy these too! Once again, my most sincere THANK YOU to all of you!" Download Links: Read more:

By @marisa_965 

I know people were curious about how ‏@lucasenlaplaya created those amazing accoustic remixes of Trespassing and Aftermath. Since he is Brazilian like me, I decided to ask him for details and then tell you all about it.

1. What did he use to create those remixes?

He used packages with tracks recorded for the songs. Those tracks can include all the sounds/layers that were actually used in the official version and others that were recorded, but never used: discarded and unprocessed vocals, chorus, instrumentals etc. 

2. How did he get access to that material? 

Mostly, he has connections in the record companies, and they help him get access. Other times, he got them through different sources - he found some of them online!!! Here's an example of what he found.
BTIKM (14 Stems Pack)
{I found this, too!}

3. What does he do with the material?

With the packages at his disposal, he procceeds to separate the layers and create new combinations of sounds. For Trespassing, he used only what was in the original track. He separated some of the vocals and harmonies and worked with that. For Aftermath, he had access to 80 different tracks, that included unprocessed vocals, a never-used chorus and even instrumentals that were NOT used in the official track. Those vocals in the end are totally new. He also used some violins and chorus that are not on the final track.

3. How do I find other remixes done by him?

You can find all his work in his Youtube channel: 

Also in his Soundcloud page:

New Interview at Hooray Henry's:
"I've got some music coming out... w/ other artists" (LMD?), "working on my own music, things are good." At 45 sec:

Adam as Santa, LOL:

Adam posted an old studio pic by Lee Cherry, probably from 2011:

Juice TV, October 2012

More screencaps:

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