Saturday, August 3, 2013


CLICKABLE ARCHIVE.   You can click "view conversation" and see the twitter status of the conversation. Twitter Party started at 8:24 PM EST and ended at 9:33 PM.

What Adam saw (no wonder it lasted over an hour): 

My fave tweets:


  1. : What's your favorite food?” I like Thai food a lot. Also vegan cuisine is usually pretty tasty.
  2. : Twilight, Harry Potter, or The Hunger Games?” I liked the Hunger Games books a lot.
  3. : are you going to do trespassing tour in US?” No ;( on to the next projects.
  4. : did you get on with your brother when you were younger?” Haha we fought a lot. We are a-ok now though. ;)
  5. : do you like Paramore? :)” yeah! Haley had a great voice.
  6. : Who is your favorite member of One Direction?” Hhaha they're all cuties.
  7. : coffee or smoothies in the morning?” Coffee.
  8. : what is your current favorite cologne?” OUD / WOOD By Tom Ford
  9. : Is it reassuring to know how much you are loved by us?” Everyday! Y'all are the fuel to my fire!
  10. : If you were to sing another genre, what would you sing?” I sorta sing a few different ones already. genres are blending.
  11. : what are your views on premarital sex?” Hahaha really? Just be SAFE!
  12. : when should we expect a new song? Note: if you say soon i'll die, but i'll patiently wait for u” I honestly have NO idea
  13. : can you draw?” I used to draw more in high school during classes that bored me.
  14. : You rocked hosting VH1 Divas,would you consider another hosting gig?” I had so much fun doing that. Yeah hosting is very me.
  15. Cant share.... Sorry love. It's all just gonna have to be a surprise!
  16. :when songwriting, do you imagine visuals as much as sounds and lyrics?”I like to write lyrics that are visual themselves.
  17. I love "Loose Yourself to Dance" by Daft Punk
  18. : Favorite movie of all times?” Can't choose a favorite but Velvet Goldmine is one.
  19. : Shady...r u and Sam singing duet or is he singing alone?” He sings the bridge. "I throw more shade than a cloudy day...."
  20. : give us the deets on the new album!” don't have Any! have been writing songs but it's very early to know what album will be.
  21. : how did the Avicii collab came about?” invited me to a studio to write to a track he and composed.

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