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"Apparently, Adam Lambert is joining the show. He's playing my nemesis, which I'm really excited about." Chris Colfer

AT 1:05: 

Edited Video of Chris talking about Adam being his Nemesis:

Chris appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael to promote his new book "The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns", and talked about getting back to the set to film Season 5 of Glee.

On August 5 at the Lovelace Premiere, Adam said he didn't have a clue about what role he'd be playing.

“It's going to be fun. I'm looking forward to it.  I have no clue, no indication of what I’m doing. I’m waiting on pins and needles just like you are.”

Why does Chris know more than Adam?  Maybe the producers are brainstorming, and will advise Adam directly when it's further along.  Chris said he hasn't been on set yet, so he didn't overhear anything there.  They may have given a heads up to Chris to raise his spirits. He's looking forward to it.  "It'll be fun for me."  
Maybe Chris really broke the news regarding the 'nemesis' role to Adam! Or maybe Adam was keeping it secret, in his hair:

"I would LOVE to have a nemesis."  Guest Host: "I don't want anyone being mean to you."  Chris: "Oh, I like it.  It's good." Michael: "You need a little back and forth, and nobody better than Adam Lambert coming in with the dark eye makeup and the hair poofed up!" 

Chris: "It'll be fun.  I always wanted to see Kurt being mean.  
I know no one else does, but I think it'll be fun for me."

I've seen little of Glee.  From Wikipedia:
"In the fourth season, Kurt moves to New York City with his best friend and rival Rachel", so it seems Adam is in the NYC storyline, which will thrill Lea Michele.  I read that Adam's character is named Henry ;)  I'm pretty sure Henry will be keeping Melvin. Probably no sweet faced Adam as a nemesis, LOL!  Although, this could be Henry:

The pic above is my fantasy Henry.  Although, depending on how comedic the role is, Adam can be very funny with his Melvin.  See GIFS below.

Adam/Henry as Kurt's nemesis/enemy/rival is so much more fun than just a mentor kind of role.  I'm really excited!  They'll be adorable together.  Maybe Adam's role has something to do with Kurt joining a band. 

Nemesis doesn't actually mean villain. Adam/Henry may be perceived by Kurt as his "downfall, undoing, ruin", so Kurt is mean to HIM, not vice versa!  Adam could respond with humor, which would infuriate Kurt!  I don't see them being up for the same role, though, so maybe it's another kind of rivalry, or maybe not rivalry at all. It may be a difficult relationship that Kurt views as his downfall in some regard.  Kurt said "nemesis", not "rival" after all.


Melvin Nemesis Whiplash by @ScorpioBert

I can see this Adam and Kurt up for the same role:

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Adam can be funny being mean/angry:




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