Friday, August 30, 2013

Sauli Koskinen & Nea: First Week Skating: GIFS, Screencaps + Sauli's Instagram Photos

Sauli's FOX Best Friend Show Trailer + Cristal & Sauli Interview: GIFS & Videos:

And from DOI fb page
"Thank you all for the lovely comments, we are both amazed how well you guys have taken this "news" and truly appreciate your support! Lot's of training and hard work still ahead of us, so looking forward what will happen during the upcoming weeks. More videos and photos will be posted next week so stay tuned.. Love S&N
ps. The purple hair in Sauli's face is from Nea's training gloves, whoopsie! xD #doifi #fans #skatingthedream"

Sauli with his friend Suvi Koponen
Helsinki Fashion Week
"This week I visited the lovely Suvi Koponen and we had sooooo much fun. Our thoughts were totally matching one to one and I really found a soul mate in Suvi. I don’t know many people who remember the songs from old Finnish commercials Hah!! grin.gif" - Sauli (March 2012) more:




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#mycosmo #fashionweek #mydearfriend @saulikoskinen1




Sauli & Susanna




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