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Adam Lambert Tweets About VMA Performances, Adam's Shoes, After Party, Cartoon, Sauli!



looked like she was having a ton of fun. Y'all need to relax and lighten up. It was meant to be funny. Leave Miley alone!

if being herself and having fun is bulgar the world is lost.

as in wheat? Lol

Hold up! I didn't actually state whether or not I liked performance. I merely said she was having fun and to cut her some slack

Whew folks are all heated bout this. Hilarious. I can't help it that I'm a contrarian -- just another healthy debate.

And listen if it wasn't ur cup of tea--- all good but why is everyone spazzing? Hey - she's doin something right. We all talkin.

  1. Also- the performance was really heartfelt. Right to the heart. So glad this message is being spread in the mainstream.
  2. But was the winner for me last night. VOCALS!!!!!

was a true showman as usual. 's was chic and polished. was more raw and real than I've ever seen her. A+

  1. I don't care how gay is, I would sit on his face and make him love me with his sweet mouth til he forgets all about dudes!!

  1. FLY “: Pharrell Williams and me in Saint Laurent sequin jackets at the MTV VMA's


Re-watched some of the VMA performances. Diff on tv than in the crowd obviously. 's intro was pretty iconic. Very Liza with a G



Adam Lambert wears Singapore label Depression at the VMAs 

August 27, 2013 11:53 AM by Shi Tianyun
American Idol alumni Adam Lambert makes an impression on the red carpet at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in shoes from Singapore fashion label Depression
Singapore fashion brand Depression got a shout out at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards when American singer-songwriter Adam Lambert strutted down the red carpet in a pair of grey lace-up platform shoes from the brand.

Lambert, who’s known for his flamboyant style that flits between rocker and glamourous, sported a shiny Lanvin suit with black lapels to attend the VMAs show and rounded his ensemble off with Depression shoes from the Singapore brand’s Autumn Winter 2013 Plastic Surgery collection.

Kenny Lim, the director and part of the designer duo that makes up Depression, told herworldPLUS: “I had no idea that Adam Lambert had a pair of Depression shoes! I only knew he had worn them to the VMAs when I woke up this morning and saw my Twitter and Facebook accounts flooded with congratulatory messages. It’s really an honour to have Adam Lambert wear our shoes to such an important event. I was really surprised and I have to say – great styling!
The other half of the duo, Andrew Loh said : "I love Adam Lambert. I love his style. He dares to be himself and dares to be different. He's definitely an icon."
The three-inch Transformer Creepers that Lambert wore are part of a collection of transformable apparel and shoes that can be “transformed” into entirely different looks with just a switch of a button or removal of sleeves. The pair comes with accessories like studs, bows and wings that can be buckled on but Lambert chose to work them without any additions for a more posh look.

Lambert’s choice of Depression shoes has definitely put the Singapore label firmly on the international fashion map. Depression shoes are stocked internationally at Solestruck and H Lorenzo in the States and also Wut Berlin in Tokyo.

The Depression flagship store is located at Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A.For more information about Depression, go to www.depression.com.sg . You can follow the brand on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/DEPRESSION.label and on Twitter at@DEPRESSIONcomsg .




shn_sghrn instagram
" is a gracious soul. Thank you for
 allowing me to snap your portrait!" 





Jared Leto, Adam

Kelly Osbourne ‏@kellyosbourne 
Who is watching our @e_FashionPolice #VMAs special tonight?

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert 
@kellyosbourne @e_FashionPolice me!!!! 

Kelly Osbourne ‏@kellyosbourne 
@adamlambert I love you sooooooo much it makes me sick!

Adam Lambert ✔ @adamlambert
@kellyosbourne get well soon! Lol

Kelly Osbourne ‏@kellyosbourne 
@adamlambert But I cant without the healing power of your presence! #come2me

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert 
@kellyosbourne hahaha

Kelly Osbourne ‏@kellyosbourne 
@adamlambert Im glad you find my suffering humorous!

AWW Adam liked two SAULI pics :))

Pics of Sauli at Fox Launch Party:

  1. I can't wait to see him skate! When does the show start?
  2. IKR!! It'll be so exciting:) It starts 28.9.
  3. So soon! We'll see Sauli on 2 TV shows prob before Adam starts on Glee!
  4. indeed! Both Sauli's shows are on Saturdays, SPK at 9 pm and DOI at 7:30 pm :)) Full programme for Sauliday:)




johnmisiti coolest guy ever

In Miami: via @14Gelly

Miley Cyrus Defends Racy VMAs Performance, Adam Lambert Weighs In 

August 27, 2013 07:50:38 GMT
The 'We Can't Stop' hitmaker shrugs off the haters, while the 2009 'American Idol' runner-up says the fact that everybody is talking only proves 'she's doin something right.'

Miley Cyrus Defends Racy VMAs Performance, Adam Lambert Weighs In

Miley Cyrus is unfazed by the critics who scrutinized her raunchy acts on the stage of 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. "My VMA performance had 306.000 tweets per minute. That's more than the blackout or Superbowl! #fact," she posted, after posting a picture of her holding up both of her middle fingers with her back to the camera.

The former Disney darling also countered the many negative reviews coming her way by re-tweeting a favorable comment from Rolling Stone. "Miley was the one star in the room who truly understood what the MTV Video Music Awards are all about!" it read. "Miley stole the night, which is why the nation is still in recovery today. Thanks, Mile..."

Also coming to her defense was fellow singer Adam Lambert . "Listen if it wasn't ur cup of tea--- all good but why is everyone spazzing? Hey - she's doin something right. We all talkin," he pointed out before singing praises for other performers like Bruno Mars and hitmaking duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Adam seemed to get mixed reactions for his opinion as he followed up later, "Hold up! I didn't actually state whether or not I liked @MileyCyrus performance. I merely said she was having fun and to cut her some slack. Whew folks are all heated bout this. Hilarious. I can't help it that I'm a contrarian -- just another healthy debate."

Miley first performed her singer "We Can't Stop" in a party set. She donned a swimsuit with a cartoony image of bear sticking out its tongue to resemble her familiar gesture. She then stripped down to nude-colored underwear and ground on Robin Thicke when he delivered his "Blurred Lines". She even used a foam hand as a sexual prop.

Not only was she criticized for her racy stage acts but she was also dissed for her repeated displays of sticking out her tongue. Her "Hannah Montana " co-starBrooke Shields called her "a bit desperate," while "American Idol " winner Kelly Clarkson described her as a "pitchy stripper" along with opening act Lady GaGa .

Without mentioning any names, Nick Cannon tweeted that night, "Remind me to never let my kids into showbiz... thanks." Kelly Osbourne , meanwhile, advised the singer not to stick her tongue out too much. "Put your f**king tongue in your mouth. I love you, but just put your tongue in your mouth," she said on "Fashion Police ".

Another of Miley's defenders, her beastie Cheyne Thomas, called out Kelly "fat and 30" to answer a tweet sent to him, "Kelly Clarkson called Miley a pitchy stripper. Do you think she's mad because her past few singles flopped and wasn't asked to perform?" He added, "The reasons Kelly Clarkson is bitter could really go on for day (sic)."

As for Kelly's remarks, Miley simply re-tweeted a post from her follower, "That tongue has been out as long as I've known her."

Adam Lambert and Rolling Stone Defend the Miley Cyrus VMA Act 

Adam Lambert gets Miley Cyrus
While nearly everyone on the planet has been bashing Miley Cyrus for her provocative VMA performance Sunday night,  there are many coming forward to sing her praises.
Adam Lambert hit Twitter in support of the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer, “Listen, if it wasn’t your cup of tea–all good but why is everyone spazzing? Hey, she’s doing something right.  We’re all talking.  She was having fun-cut her some slack.”
Lambert made waves of his own by kissing a male bassist on stage and grabbing the crotch of another during the 2009 American Music Awards.  ABC banned the entertainer from appearing on their network for several years – eventually lifting the ban in 2011.
Another advocate speaking out on behalf of the former Disney star is Rolling Stone magazine.  Their kind words so impressed Cyrus that she tweeted a couple of quotes:
The world according to Rolling Stone...
Billboard executive Bill Werde totally “got” the Miley-Robin act, “Guys, Miley Cyrus is an all-star hot mess for a hot mess pop moment.  She doesn’t care what you think and that’s her brand and she just delivered.
Viacom Media Network’s president Van Toffler, who owns MTV, had this to say, “Performers turn it up like athletes on game day.  Did Miley do every move in rehearsal that she did the night of the show? No.  We knew her performance was going to be provocative the way her video is.  But on live TV, the performers turn it up a couple of notches.”  Ya think?
A photo of a decidedly shocked Will Smith family received some major traction on Twitter yesterday, with most sources reporting the fam was reacting to the Miley Cyrus bump and grind performance.  We were deeply disappointed to discover that their collective astonishment was captured on audience cam when Lady Gaga revealed her shell bra and thong.
Will Smith family is horrified
In any case, we loved the image and felt compelled to add it to our very last bit of discourse on the 2013 VMAs.  Carry on…

‘It’s a tricky challenge’: Adam Lambert on bringing his own personality to Queen appearances 

For Adam Lambert, appearing with Queen — a band established well before he was born — requires a balancing act between honoring their legend and continuing to reach out to the American Idol finalist’s own fan base.
“It’s a tricky challenge, because when I was offered to do these concerts with Queen, I was intimidated and honored at the same time,” Lambert says in this CNTN clip. “How do I approach it in a way that’s respectful to the Queen fans, that’s respectful to the band, but also that has my own self respect — and respect for my fans?

Lambert has made a series of appearances with Queen since 2009 beginning when Roger Taylor and Brian May guested on the Idol finale. He then filled in for the late Freddie Mercury at the MTV Europe VMAs in 2011, in July 2012 performances in Ukraine, Russia and Poland and then at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.


Demi Lovato to play lesbian on Glee 

US singer confirms she will be returning to acting as she plays Santana's love interest on the Fox musical comedy drama
 | By Joe Morgan

Demi Lovato will be playing a lesbian love interest to Santana on Glee.
US singer Demi Lovato is set to play a lesbian character on the upcoming season of ‘Glee’.
The ‘Heart Attack’ singer will be looking to lock lips with Naya Rivera’s break-out gay character Santana on the show.
Speaking on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards, Rivera confirmed the X Factor judge will be a recurring character.
‘She’s playing my love interest so I’m very, very excited about that,’ she told reporters, adding she will sing at least one track with Lovato.
Joking ‘we’re bringing her to the dark side’, she said she could not wait to start filming the scenes.
On Twitter, Lovato confirmed she was returning back to acting.
‘Wayyyy too excited to be starting @GLEE this week!’ she said, adding: ‘I can’t believe I’m going to back to acting but the best part about it is that I get to act/sing with some of my really great friends.


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