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Adam Recording New Song + Roger Taylor Says Adam Is A Sexy Diva + Old Story: Adam Insures Voice for $50 Million + Gale Chester Has Died

Adam, when do you sleep?!

It's been reported that in an interview with Lee Downs, when asked if his voice has been insured for 50 million dollars, Adam replied: 

“Allegedly……It’s an important commodity. My voice is my moneymaker.”

Old story, Old Interview:
Adam Lambert Interview-1020 KDKA Pittsburgh-2013-06-11

Today's Articles:

“Glamberts: I wasn’t smoking. It was a VAPORENE. No nicotine, no smoke- Just vapor. They’re harmless. But I appreciate the concern ;) ”


@GaleChester HAS DIED

Gale died at home on August 12 at the age of 67.  This is such awfully sad news. My dealings with Gale have been such a joy.  I appreciated his hard work archiving Adam's news so professionally, keeping us posted on the latest events, pictures, videos, art, news articles, live streams, tweets, everything! giving credit to everyone who originated the media.  He was considerate, sweet, caring, and did his best every day to keep fans abreast of all the new Adam stuff going on in a timely fashion. He will be so missed, a dedicated Glambert. Gale's archive is at the Adam Lambert Fan Club on Facebook where you can post tributes. 
Energy Radio broke the news.
 posted Gale's latest tweets, thus the time discrepancy.

Read about Gale at his Personal Website

Gale Chester wrote the book
"Beyond Normal: The Birth of Gay Pride"

From Amazon:
This triumphant memoir chronicles the author's teenage suicide attempt and the real beginning of the Gay Liberation movement, pre-Stonewall, in 1969 San Francisco, where Mr. Whittington was fired for being gay. It's creative non-fiction, written like a novel, with a conservative alter-ego's thoughts inserted to keep it lively. His groundbreaking openly gay philosophy-coming out en masse as a way to enlighten and change the world-leads his comrades to crown him "Gale the Liberator."

Blackberry Time
Free Poem by Gale Chester Whittington, gay activist pioneer, author, humorist 

Drunk with summer
Eyes hooked on passion vines
We wrestled
In a pasture of clover and yarrow

’Twas blackberry time
Lips stained
Eyes blind
When you broke our perfect home

Every day, every night,
I think of you
And the downtown life
You preferred to me

No surprise
Yet I wept in house
Finding a sock you dropped
Too late to run after you

Gooseberries beckon now
Goldfinches dart
Sunflowers spot the pasture
That was yours and mine

Redwing blackbirds whistle
Purple dragonflies circle
Our sky blue sky
Unaware you’ve gone

Tadpoles ripple the pond
Like sound waves
Fireflies try to light my way
So I keep on

When honeydews ripen
Grown-up tadpoles croak
I’ll be playing in the moonlight
Reaching for you in the dance

I'll stain your lips
With blackberry juice
And hold your warm hands
We’ll make love in the clover and yarrow

Truth can then be set free
I'll scream it aloud
Pride be damned
I love you forever in blackberry time

We have lost a lovely man, a friend and a Glambert R.I.P. <3

Paris Tirone    R.I.P, Gale. You have certainly earned your *Glittery Glambert Wings* will forever remain in the hearts of the Glamily.

Such sad news about the passing of . He was always such a great supporter. His big heart and enthusiasm won't be forgotten.

: RIP He was a bright light in the Adam Lambert fandom.” Terrible news!

Williamson Spradlin Funeral Home:
"Gale Chester Whittington passed away on August 12, 2013 at his home at the age of 67 no services are planned."

R.I.P Gale Chester - Such a sad news! May you rest in peace!

Here's the offical announcement for our beloved Gale Chester

  1. I just phoned Williamson Spradlin Funeral Home - No funeral service planned - Gale Chester's brother will (cont)
  4. NP - OUTLAWS OF LOVE IN MEMORIAM OF OUR BELOVED FRIEND GALE CHESTER who has given us endless time and support

yes - we are going to dedicate Mondays UK AL hour to him - then we'll put together something - he was a great writer too

who passed away this week - your dedication to Adam Lambert was second to none. A true Glambert, gentleman & friend!

Adam talks about Equality, sings Outlaws of Love in Maryland, in honor of , gay pioneer:

Movement’s Pioneers Launch “Project History”
Gay Lib Began in S.F. in March ’69, Months Before Stonewall

The photo that began it all: Gale Whittington and Leo Laurence get close on camera for a March 24, 1969 Berkeley Barb story called “Homo Revolt: Don’t Hide It.” The result: both Whittington and Laurence lost their jobs, and the Committee for Homosexual Freedom (CHF) they had organized mounted the first demonstration in U.S. history challenging a private employer’s discrimination based on sexual orientation. This and other stories will be told in Changing History.

My interview w posted on Adam Lambert Fan Club 16.01.13 A Shining Star In the Adam Lambert Universe ~

Family isn't always about a blood connection. its about how someone can impact your everyday life in such a positive way and that was Gale

Adam Lambert fan club founder passes on, Glamberts mourn 

By Renee Snyder  August 16, 2013
Adam Lambert’s fan community lost a special member this week. On Friday (August 16) fans learned that Gale Chester Whittington passed away, leaving a huge whole in many people’s hearts. Gale was passionately dedicated to Adam Lambert and his love for his idol became the focus for his life. He formed the “Adam Lambert Fan Club ” (ALFC) on Facebook, which has more than 40,000 likes. He posted every tidbit of news he found related to Adam including interviews, video, news articles, and fan art.
Gale was born male on February 6, 1948, in Holyoke, Colorado. He wrote a book called 'Beyond Normal' and was a pioneer in early days of gay rights. Gale received numerous awards for his novels, memoirs, poems, short stories, and essays, including six from the prestigious Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc.(OWFI) and one from Writers Digest.
Not only was Gale a hugely dedicated fan of Adam, but also a very kind and friendly man. Fans have been flooding his Twitter and the ALFC page with sympathy messages. According to one of the assistant administrators of the fan club page, it will continue. However, no one can contribute as much as Gale did, as he devoted everything to the community.
He will be greatly missed.


News Re GLEE's Cory Tribute Episode:

He (Ryan Murphy) also added that while writers initially thought about imitating the real-life story of Cory’s passing (with cause of death being heroin and alcohol) they’ve now decided it will not be a case of art imitating life.

Ryan revealed "We have decided that we're not going to have him pass from that… Basically, what we're doing in the episode is we are not telling you yet, or maybe not at all, how that character died."

"The idea being, how somebody died is interesting and maybe morbid, but we say very early on in the episode, 'This episode is about a celebration of that character's life'. That might be weird for some people, but it felt really exploitative to do it any other way."

Angie Miller enters the post-‘Idol’ fray 

By Marc Hirsh 

August 15, 2013
Angie Miller.
When Angie Miller opted to sing her self-penned original “You Set Me Free” instead of one of the better-known songs pre-cleared for performance during the high-pressure Hollywood week of this season’s “American Idol,” she knew it was a huge risk. But the 19-year-old Beverly native approached it from a strategic standpoint: “I wanted to be able to show the world that I could play piano,” she says, “and I didn’t want to learn something [I didn’t know] real quick.
The song launched Miller from the middle of the pack to serious contention, and while she ultimately lost (getting knocked out the week before the finale), she and the rest of the top 11 got the customary consolation prize of the “Idol” live tour, which pulls into Agganis Arena on Monday. Miller recently chatted by phone in the middle of a 14-hour bus ride between the Chicago and Newark stops.
Q. What is a typical day on the “Idol” tour bus like?


Agganis Arena, 800-345-7000.
Date of concert:
Monday, 7:30 p.m.
Ticket price:
A. We do a show every night, and it ends at 9:30 or 10 or whatever, and then we have meet-and-greets until midnight. So we’re usually up for an hour or two talking about the shows. If there was any person who gave us something crazy, we talk about that. If anyone messed up on the show, we talk about it. (laughs) Then we go to bed usually about 1:30 a.m., or something like that. And bus life, it’s pretty much sleeping. We sleep until we get in at the next place, pretty much.
Q. You were eliminated in third place. Did you have time to process that at all before you had to start preparing for the finale?
A. Not really. But I’m glad. I’m glad that I didn’t go home and have to think about it and feel sad. It was kind of cool, being voted off but then going straight to the studio and straight to rehearsing with Adam [Lambert] and Jessie J.
Q. So other than the fact that you weren't in the competition anymore, there was nothing different about being on the show. You just kept on pushing ahead.
A. Yeah, exactly. Right when I got voted off, I got such good music, started recording my first single and started rehearsing with incredible artists that I always dreamed about working with. So it was bittersweet. (laughs)
Q. Were Adam Lambert and Jessie J your choices, or did the producers keep those as a surprise for you?
A. The first thing that they told me was, “You’re going to sing with Adam Lambert and you’re going to sing your original song ‘You Set Me Free.’ ” So Adam Lambert was the best surprise ever. I had no idea. I love Adam Lambert, so that was awesome. He’s such a great guy. And I was so looking forward to singing my original song at the finale, but then one of the producers came up to me and said, “Ange, I’m sorry to say this, but you’re not singing your original song.” I was like, ugh, wow, dream crushed, that’s terrible. But then he was like, “Because . . . you’ll be singing with Jessie J.” And Jessie J is my musical idol. So it was like I had heard the worst news and then I heard the best news ever.
Q. Did you get to join Jessie J in the UK to perform with her [as she promised in the finale], or is she just a great big liar?
A. Not yet, but it will happen. And I can’t wait for it.

Adam shopping in WeHo today
More, better pics here:

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