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Nile Rodgers Tweets Adam Lambert Today + More Vaporene? Adam Last Night At The Bowery Ballroom

This tweet is probably referring to their performance together on Monday, but who knows, it might be referring to a the song he's been writing!  He may want Adam to collaborate on it. The "too" may mean he's already worked on another new song with him. Cryptic Nile!  Nile's been in a writing frenzy.  I'm so happy he said "Adam Lambert is now my man!"  Their collaboration is great for both of them!

at Cafe Luxembourg August 18 2013
9:21 PM - 18 Aug 13


Cafe Luxemburg

The Stage is Going Up for the Nile Rodgers Dance Party on Monday Aug 19


via DebbyinHolland
Nile Talks about Writing, Recording "Lay Me Down" w/ Adam, on Radio: 
listen or dl:
By the way, Adam & Nile had dinner April 27 at the Sunset Marquis according to Nile's tweet.  Later Adam partied with friends celebrating Danielle Stori's birthday at the Saint Felix, then it was on to Bootsy Bellows!  No wonder he was hung over. 
Pics Here 

Bonnie McKee talks about Adam on the Toby Knapp Show, edited:
Listen or download:

Toby Will the music world, the pop music world, finally embrace Adam Lambert?
Bonnie McKee Oh, I think so. I think he is talent, he's one of my favorite people I've written with, and the things that he can do vocally are just out of this world!  He has a crazy range that is world class.  Not a lot of people can sing like he does.  He is an incredible performer, he is a fascinating person, great writer.  I think he has so much to offer, and I think the world will. I think a lot of people already have, he has a crazy fan base, rabid fans.
Toby Sure they are! I just want to see him go to that next level.

Adam was here last night: Midnight Magic & Escort Performed at The Bowery Ballroom


sparklep4ntsTotally vapor! Super nice dude
enhanced pic

The Bowery Ballroom is at 6 Delancey St in Lower East Side. Is that SoHo? Bowery Ballroom is 0.09 miles from Off Soho Suites Hotel so it's probably SoHo!  Vine may be from there.  I bet Adam was upstairs, hanging out, after the show in the main room.  Vine is from 3 am.  Review site is called Off SoHo:
Housed in a Beaux Arts building built just weeks before the 1929 stock market crash, Bowery Ballroom is quite possibly the best live music venue in the city. Though the club has three stories (and as many bars), the main room has a capacity of only 550, so shows feel intimate and all concertgoers have excellent sight lines. The real draw though is its roster of hip, up-and-coming acts and the excellent sound system (that rivals those of clubs twice its size) on which to hear them.
Then again, seems like Adam was at a party:

good seeing you after so many years at strange soho party. this is the new record:
12:58 AM - 19 Aug 13

Soho. 3am. Gettin REAL. : "Acrobats tho." - Adam Lambert

screencaps from vine




We are on at 10 o'clock tonight at Bowery Ballroom.

Backstage with talking about the slutty grandma from Who's the boss.

11:33 PM - 18 Aug 13


 with a hint of navy


 by @TrueGlambert3

My enhancement of Nile's pic of Adam. Lightened, cropped etc & ice filter

Nile On Connecting With Adam in Rolling Stone March 23 

Rolling Stone Mention




My apologies 4 the uncomfortable Sat night elevator ride at G. 2 much 2 drink. TY 4 the "video picture". appreciate your talent
12:48 AM - 19 Aug 13

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Russian site lists sexiest performers, Adam is #1! 
They list androgynous and gay friendly performers.  
Pretty ironic that the Putin Nazis haven't shut them down.

I agree! There's room for all! It's music not a contest. The fan "wars" are so silly too.

"Katy Perry Vs. Lady Gaga" Adam Lambert Chimes on the Media induced War
"Adam, who has supported both artists in the past, re-tweeted Michelle Visage on Saturday: "WHY does the media have to pit @katyperry and @ladygaga against each other? Can't they both release songs and just BE? WTF?" He responded with, "I agree! There's room for all! It's music not a contest. The fan "wars" are so silly too." Adam has relationships with both artists, being long-time friends with Katy Perry, and Gaga wrote a song on his debut album."




Nice to see 42 Countries bop by today :-) #GlobalGlamberts
Argentina, Australia, Azerbijan, Belarus, Belgium, 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia
Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Equador
Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong,
Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Madagascar,
Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Philippines,
Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia,
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