Monday, August 5, 2013

Sam Sparro's Twitter Party + Listen Online to "Mechanical", Track List

Sam’s new mixtape MECHANICAL is now LIVE on SOUNDCLOUD for your streaming and listening pleasure. The mix is the first taste of unreleased material from the forthcoming music mini-series “QUANTUM PHYSICAL”. VOLUME ONE will be out this September, with lead single, “HANG ON 2 YOUR LOVE” preceding it shortly.

Latch & Gold – Sam Sparro/Disclosure f. Sam Smith
Latch (T. Williams Club Remix – Disclosure f. Sam Smith
Right Now – Rihanna f. David Guetta
Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe (Fare Soldi Mix) – Kendrick Lamar
Are You That Somebody (Moduloktopus ReTwerk) – Aaliyah
Fascism – Sam Sparro
Kerpow – XXXY
Happiness (Acappella) – Sam Sparro
Closer Than Close (Mentor Club Mix) – Rosie Gaines
Hang On 2 Your Love – Sam Sparro f. Durand Bernarr
That’s Way Love Goes Refix – MNEK
Glow In The Dark – Bloody Beetroots f. Sam Sparro
Oh Sheit It’s X – Thundercat
Take Me Up High (True2Life Re-Flex) – Lady Bunny
Entrance Song – Eats Everything
Infinite (Rough Mix) – Sam Sparro


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Sorry if I didn't get to your question. I've got to run. Thanks for tweeting. Hope u enjoy the new music x

  1. single out Aug 13. EP not announced yet. But September. X

  1. not yet boo. Just a mixtape. It's on there. Check the website x
  2. yes. I've done it before and ill do it again.
  3. Do what I say don't do what I do. I know what you do because I'm watching you. - Fascism.

  1. I love Paris. Ill be back there soon.
  2. I'm from Sydney but have been mostly in LA and London a bit for the last 20 years.
  3. I've collabed with Presets. May be on QP volume 2

I think it only needs to be in a song once.

But how else will you fit into a song? <3

  1. oh no... I stopped smoking that shit years ago. Maybe when I'm old my medication dries my mouth out.
  2. Is there a Cottonmouth Part II? :D
    1. Possibly. I love some gay ass shit. It would be impossible to determine.

  1. Does your sexuality inform your art? How? In what ways does it influence your sound/your musical tastes?
  2. Incase I don't get all the food in my mouth... I can just lick it off my mustache
  3. I love you mustache, but why do you have it?
  4. Perhaps one day... she's got 2 kids now but that could be amazing.
  5. Some oldies and some newies
  6. will the covers you release all be current popular songs or some of the oldies that inspired you?
  7. well... now have Vine and Insta Vid... : )

  1. yes... the death stare! (just kidding). Tailored meets sportswear. After-all... it's the 90s again.
  2. is there going to be a certain 'look' with this album?

  1. It depends how your hi-hats are quantized.
  2. Pondering the relationship of Quantum physics and House... Is there an uncertainty principle of dance? :D
  3. I believe November but I can't confirm yet

  1. I'm featuring on the new Bloody Beetroots album. Doing some other collabs but can't say yet. mum.
  2. Tell us about some collaborations. There will be featurings with nowadays popstars? (:
  3. PS - one of my best friends is from Bromley.

  1. I want to go into film making eventually - both behind and in front of the camera. KICKSTARTER ANYONE. I Kid. I Kid.
  2. what are we thinking feature wise?
  3. not quite but similar theme's from a different perspective on the song INFINITE.

  1. I LOVE TV! lol. Also running, cooking and eating.
  2. YES! - I really want to do I live album. Maybe next year,
  3. can we please have a live album? 😁😁😁 pretty please

  1. Fave music this year are Disclosure, Thundercat, Aluna George and classixx
  2. Which 2013's songs/acts made you dance so far?
  3. oh lord... I don't know! maybe one day :)
  4. Yes - DF! I love Mexico!!!
  5. Any possibility to include Mexico on Tour?
  6. We Could Fly was one of of the most involved. I wish I never met you was hard in a different way.
  7. what is the hardest song you wrote?
  8. No this is a brand new original concept never ever thought of or done before... lol. yes kinda like that.
  9. So is it like Robyn's Body Talk collection? Like 3 EP's to create a collection?
  10. Hi Chloe - I think it was just a natural progression. Alexander McQueen once told me that he hated repeating himself. I definitely relate.
  11. Why did you want to change your music from the first album?
  12. Haha-No, I do DJ but it makes me incredibly nervous. I prefer to perform live. I should just do what (unnamed) do and pre-record my sets
  13. Is it just an idea that sounds more electronic than ? Are you working on a dj-career?
  14. NO T NO SHADE... But I don't think so. :)
  15. what about doing a duet with as a bonus track? Maybe you can twerk hard in the music video
  16. YES DEFINITELY. Some cities this year. more next year
  17. Thanks : ) I'll be in NYC later this year. Get Lucky I did on a whim one weekend. It's pretty rough but ppl seem to like it :)
  18. love you! When are you coming to NYC? Tell us about your Get Lucky!
  19. is it a more 'Pink Cloud' sound or 'Return to Paradise'?
  20. It's a bit like 21st Century Life and my Pink Cloud EP from 2010 had a future baby.
  21. Will be more like Return To Paradise or 21st Century Life?
  22. I ask: Is the melody good... and do I mean what I'm singing. Everything else is up in the air.
  23. What are the most important things to look at when u are making a song?
  24. On this EP I would have to say Timbaland & Missy, Todd Edwards, Masters & Work, Chaka Kahn, D-Train and KISS FM in the UK from 96-99 ish
  25. Your greatest musical influence?
  26. Nature, Kahlil Gibran, Bjork, Erykah Badu, my dogs, Sylvester, Prince, my manager, Meryl Streep, Keith Haring and
  27. Making an album takes ages. This is a more modern way of sharing what I'm doing more immediately.
  28. Hello! So what is the idea behind series, ?
  29. Have you considered releasing Quantum Physical on vinyl? (Would be awesome!)
  30. You know it. I believe there is a new breed if fascism sneaking it's way into domination. The song FASCISM is all about it.
  31. Is there a political message on , since you often share 'political' views on Twitter?

  32. I hope so is one of the greatest ever and is a lovely human being. It's nice when your hero's aren't jerks :)
  33. Will you be working on more songs with soon?
  34. I sing about infinite space and time, love, fascism and the duality of self.
  35. past songs have featured topics like gold, the moon and stars, flight; what shiny lyrics can the bird community expect in
  36. Funk/Jazz are in my blood but manifest in a more electronic sound on this project. You KNOW I will tour US - I'll let you all know ASAP.
  37. Will we hear more funk/jazz inspiration on the new album? U.S. tour?
  38. Grace Jones, David Byrne, Cary Grant, Michael Jackson, detectives of the 30s/40s and
  39. Who/What are your Style Inspirations?
  40. My favorite thing is to perform live but secondly songwriting and then producing.
  41. which do you prefer: songwriting or producing?
  42. Future 90s RNB and heavily influence by the current Trap, 2step, Garage, House movement. House is one of my first loves.
  43. can you describe the new sound? RTP was very Sylvester inspired which I loved!
  44. I've considered doing a cover of LAST CHRISTMAS by WHAM! we'll see.
  45. When are you coming out with a Christmas album?
  46. I'm gonna just keep it flowing. That's my philosophy. I want to expand my audience and keep creating music that I love.
  47. What are your overall goals for your music career (or are you just going to keep it flowing)?
  48. I guess growing up in church and singing gospel music has shaped my life in a huge way. I'm always on a quest for truth.
  49. What is the event or entity that has shaped who you are most? p.s. you new background is everything! xoxoxo
  50. I was inspired by the Quantum Physics and Dance music... a strange combo I guess. It's definitely got a future 90s vibe
  51. what inspired you to release this type of album? Janet Jackson? Prince? A little Madonna?
  52. No covers on the EP but I'll be doing some covers on my soundcloud over the next few months
  53. I absolutely love your Gypsy Woman version. Is there gonna be a cover or sample in Quantum Physical?
  54. The first new single is called HANG ON 2 YOUR LOVE and features amazing singer . It's out AUGUST 13
  55. Rather than one album is a series of EP's. The first one is out in September.
  56. Is Quantum Physical your third album or some kind of EP? And what will be the first single?
  57. Alright! I'm here! Let's chat. Anything you want to know... I will try to answer (mostly!) tag your questions

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