Friday, December 28, 2012

Yahoo Names Adam Lambert Artist of the Year

Adam Lambert, Best Artist of 2012

By Sarah Afshar

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Out of the many fantastic talents in the world today, Adam Lambert exemplifies what being an artist truly is. So, what makes him stand out more than other artists? What makes him the best artist of 2012? 

Lambert's voice has no limits. With everything from his outstanding ability to project and pour his soul into every performance to his incredible vocal range and delivery, Lambert is clearly the best singer in popular music today. No other artist in pop music has the vocal ability to do extreme things with their voice, while remaining in control of it.

Earlier this year, Lambert was invited by the band Queen to perform with them on tour. Although the shoes were big to fill, Lambert filled them rather well. With the personality and charisma of Freddie Mercury and the style of David Bowie, out of the many artists in the world today there is no one that would have been a better fit than Adam Lambert. After watching him perform with one of the best bands to exist in the world, I believe no one could have done a better job fronting the band. 


We look at For Your Entertainment and we see an amazing album that is so eccentric yet so bright with fabulous tunes that cross into various genres. We see some of the artistry that Lambert has including his capabilities as a star. Then, Trespassing is introduced to us earlier this year and we realize that Adam Lambert is more than just an incredible voice. He is a world-class superstar. 

He's had his breakthrough, he's had his experience, and now he is creating music that many can relate to, while staying true to his individualism. The collaboration of theatrical rock reminds me of a glitter and leather spin on the popular music persuasion and it works amazingly for Adam. At the rate Adam is going, I can see him breaking even more records to come. I also think that he may want to start polishing a Grammy or two.

As 2013 approaches us, I am looking forward to what Adam Lambert has in store because so far everything he has demonstrated has been unforgettable and nothing less than amazing. It wasn't a hard decision at all. Adam Lambert is clearly 2012's Artist of the Year. 

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