Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lyndsey Parker Interview 12/12/12 GIFS & Quotes, PT 2

"I'm probably going to start working on some
 new material next year" 

Asked if he's nervous about hosting a live show, Adam says 
"I can read, which is good. I've been reading for a while now"
"If I get flubbed up on it, then I get flubbed up"
"Hopefully I'll be able to connect with the audience and they'll be on board with me."

Adam bought a crazy pair of platform shoes online


Major Hand action & Tongue Action here

Slow Gif of Major Tongue Action

Asked about Idol judges discord, he hopes the energy isn't pulled away from the contestants by some
 "reality show, jersey shore style drama"

New music will happen faster this time 
"If I have my way..which I don't always get"

I've had some meetings w/ various production teams and producers at different networks and things... 
  I think this is a really exciting time to just experiment... 
I like lots of projects that keep me busy, and kind of on my toes and learning and exploring kind of different avenues.
I've never really hosted a live event before so this is a first...
 I get to do these little comedy vignettes...
I feel like I'm growing which is cool. 


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