Friday, December 7, 2012


Home for the Holidays Benefit, Beacon Theater New York City December 8th

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first day of rehersal for me, Home for the Holidays show. this yr will a lot of interesting guests.Can't wait to sing with Hunter Valentine...
also should be the nuttiest version of Santa Baby ever with Ro O'Donnell and I am sing with St Vincent, n Adam Lambert, Sarah Mclachlan,
and Alexis from Sleigh Bells. it should be a fun night. Sold out too should be able to do a lot this year. xx  

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from adamtopia


Leaving sound check, screencap
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screencap from wendy williams promo
Monday,  Dec. 10, Adam will be on Wendy Williams show & on CNN on 's Starting Point at 7am ET 

 Wendy's promo:

“American Idol” contestant and singer Adam Lambert tells us about hosting this year’s “VH1 Divas” concert!
Then, don’t miss a special performance from “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular’s” Radio City Rockettes!
Wendy Williams tapes at 10 am Monday
Her show is syndicated:

          Soledad O'Brien 
Adam will be on VH1's Big Morning Buzz on Tuesday 10 am ET

Hey have questions for tweet them to us using ...maybe he will answer yours on the show

My guide is showing Adam on VH1 buzz on Tuesday

central time
FIASCO MAGAZINE with Adam Lambert comes out on Monday! 


Then, on the West Coast:

San Francisco JINGLE BALL is December 14 
Star 101.3's Jingle Ball with Adam Lambert and One Republic 
Adam Hosts VH1 DIVAS Sunday December 16th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.  After his comedic turn on the show,  I bet SNL takes notice.  Adam mentioned comedy to an interviewer in China.  His promos are hilarious, so I can't wait!  Here's fun stuff on Best Week Ever:

Translation of the Hong Kong reporter’s Weibo tweets of the part of the interview that didn’t make it into the final print. (from ’s tweet )
 Translated by HCLU (@)

Divas Hits The Dance Floor
Links to VH1 Promos & GIFS of the Behind the Scenes video, too:   

enhanced, by suenomma

He's here!!!!!

OMG- looking gorgeous!!! (little bit o' Melvin!) 

ps Adam just left the venue to get ready ! 

Eileen 9m

(enhanced) Eileen 

(enhanced) Eileen

  Leaving sound check, screencap

Promo, shot in Hong Kong,
 for Teen Time interview


: Supreme Court To Take And Windsor Cases

This is the first time has agreed to hear a case on :

is nominated for WORLD’S BEST MALE ARTIST , WMA will be hold on 12.20th in Miami  

Classic Rock have chosen Queen and Adam Lambert at Hammersmith among the ‘best-of’ events of 2012
Read their interview with Adam

"A unique combination of humility and flamboyance- and the first voice to hit all the high notes..." Classic Rock on Adam+Queen

Adam posted one of his best portraits ever on his Instagram.  His Hennessy Press Conference
look was a hit with my feed:

photo enhanced by moi

 full enhanced pic

What a month Adam is having, and it ends in Bali!  Happy Days!


Just shook hands with at vynl. Über obsessed. Hope I wasn't annoying. 

Adam Lambert is in this bar
Never tweet anything about anyone famous. Lesson learned 

Drunk at a table in Hell's Kitchen with Adam Lambert and a tomato soup. I don't know how this happened. 

Look what we got in the mail! The state changed their background, & it's PERFECT!

I got the idea from

Hehe, found this pic from over 2 years ago. Google search for "Hottest Guy on Earth". So true



  1. LOVE ADAM LAMBERT... Transfixed for almost four years.. the voice,the charisma ,the caring man... Nobody better

  2. So true. All that, and now we're mesmerized by his own music. I love every song on Trespassing, and never tire of hearing it. Adam has talent, dedication, and his soul comes shining through in everything he does. His 30th year has been glorious. I'm glad he can share it with his true love, Sauli.