Saturday, December 1, 2012

Water-Gate in Shanghai, Hennessy Hilarity.

Adams seems oblivious to the lady in his space

Whoops, she's really here.   What's up? Down?

Oh, no she didn't.

Yup, there it goes,

WAT?  That's my water she's filching.

Seeking an explanation.  Hey.  Really?

Acceptance.  It's really gone.

Time for commiserating.  You saw that, right?

That was crazy.

That's a first!

Laughing, but feeling a bit violated, 
thus the arm scratching for comfort.

HaHa, we shared a moment, bonding over the crazy.

Another reason to remember this day. 
Hennessy Hilarity.

Maybe she wanted to be sure he had room in his belly
 to drink their Hennessy? 

A new charity auction?
Just plain old Ebay? 
A personal memento?
She wants to share the bottle with him?
Second hand intimate contact? 
She wants his DNA, any way she can get it?
Water not allowed?  Only Hennessy? 
Her five seconds of fame? 

Seriously, after seeing what followed, a presentation and toast, she was just clearing 'debris' away for the festivities. :-)
She was making way for Jackie Chan! 



Photos of what followed:  


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