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The Grammys and Adam Lambert

Adam at the 53rd Grammys Awards,  Feb 13,  2011.  He was nominated for Whataya Want From Me.
Sauli arrived the next day in time for Valentine's.

This year Adam was submitted by his label for 
 Album of Year & Pop Album for Trespassing and
 Song of Year,  Record of Year, and Pop Solo
 for Better Than I Know Myself. 

Adam's tummy rub, the first time he refers to Sauli.  He was asked how he celebrated his Grammy nomination
 for Whataya Want From Me in Paris.
 "I had some press to do that day and then {tummy rub}
I spent.. um.. a couple of days there.. ah.. with
special friend, so it was very romantic."

The Grammys Social Media Rock Star Summit,
one day before the 2011 Grammys 

Adam talks about his "special friend" at 3:29

If the Universe is fair, Adam can celebrate his Grammy nomination(s) for Trespassing tonight, with Sauli, in the home they share, a more meaningful time than the first time they celebrated a Grammy nomination together, in Paris.   Adam has been with Sauli for two years, and their true love has brought him much joy.  He has shared with Sauli the daunting process of writing, executive producing, and recording his album.  As Adam has said, Trespassing is his baby, so a Grammy nod would affirm him as an artist in a big way, leading the way for many to discover that Trespassing is an amazing album.


The nominations show on CBS airs at 10 pm ET/PT so Adam won't have to watch the show to find out if he's nominated.  I guess it's possible he'd enjoy the suspense of finding out by watching the show, in which case he'll have to avoid Twitter and turn his phone off!   

Think of the year Adam's had!  His devotion to his work and  fans has paid off.  Trespassing debuted at number one on the Billboard Chart.  He performed six international shows with Queen!   He's on a successful world wide Trespassing tour.  A Grammy nomination would be cream cheese icing on the carrot cake!  

Trespassing is truly my favorite album.  I love every single song and never get tired of playing it.  With or without a Grammy nod,  Adam's "baby" will remain my obsession.  A Grammy nomination would mean more people would get to hear it by buying it, as a result of its high profile.  It would also be more likely that Adam would perform at The Grammys, hopefully his next single, Cuckoo!  (Radio airplay might increase, too, although I don't understand how that works at all.) 

Whatever happens, Direct Management Group is doing Adam justice, and he's well on his way to being an international icon. Paula predicted it!  Simon said they found an international star in Adam.  Of course, his fans knew it all along.  Adam will ring in the New Year, performing in Bali!

Here's a list of the awesome accolades received by Trespassing by this year!

Adam and Sauli attended Elton John's AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party this year.   Elton invited them to sit at his table, along with Katy Perry. 

Adam's come a long way!

 Adam signing Lee Cherry's photos December 4th

Adam's in Sauli's loving arms, and that's what matters the most to Adam.
Sauli's Hollywood Blog, Dec. 6th: "Finally siippa is at home and life is smiling!" 

: Adam didnt get a grammy nom." Well don't be too sad. Neither did the Beatles (except a film score), or Queen - ever !!! So ...

: ”Wow! Jimi & Led Zep & Marley too ?! I guess it's more prestigious NOT to have a Grammy ! Bri x

((hugs)). You are amazing and so is your album. Never forget that you have a unique & bewitching talent and so many loyal fans 

Nobody can put Adam in a box. He is forging his own destiny. Trespassing is about him & made for his fans. Unmatched by any artist today. 

The GRAMMYs are voted on by Recording Academy members, thousands of recording industry professionals - writers, producers, engineers etc. 

At this point I've heard Trespassing a zillion times & I'm still not tired of it. I love EVERY song! Your baby is my obsession! 

A Grammy doesn't matter to your worldwide fans! UR Chinese fans work so hard for u, TP not released there:

He's not like anyone out there. He knows it. I think his label knows it. Nile, Brian and Roger know it. So his path is different. And good.

"A unique combination of humility and flamboyance- and the first voice to hit all the high notes..." Classic Rock on Adam+Queen  

Adam Continues To Conquer the World

Adam's message to his fans in Japan.  First two shows in Tokyo sold out immediately, so they added another Tokyo show, in addition to three other shows in Japan!

Please watch the video at UDO, the promoter's site: 

TY! UDO is the promoter & I want them to know our reaction, how many accessed the site to watch the vid in Japan/Overseas etc. 
If you cannot view it on that site,  there's this one: 

Here's the one photo we have of Sauli in Paris with Adam, 
 the weekend following his Grammy nomination:

Yup, that sliver of profile next the fan's ear is Sauli.
 At that time I wasn't aware Sauli existed, but I wrote:
 "Adam outside Le Raidd bar (hot shower shows), Paris, 
small profile of guy is more Adam's type."

by ScorpioBert


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