Saturday, December 29, 2012

BALI !!!!!

Nice bumping into you . Have a safe flight. :)  
Hehe he was next to us lining up to check in. He was really chill and sweet. 

This poster of Adam Lambert is everywhere, every corner at the Mulia Hotel 

Here we are!!!!! RT : Indonesian Glamberts waiting for Adam :))


  Komang Ayu Aptiani 17h

Here was giving an autograph to on Adam's face. Lol  

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 pics by @


and a worker told me tomorrow night Adam will have a private dinner/party in the hotel. I know where. Why I wasnt invited? /o\ 


miyaa_ interviewed adam

 Melvin accompanied Adam to Bali.  More like Gaston.


Had a great time interview adamlambert. Ended up talking about our tattoos



: at the Grand Ballroom, Mulia Resort. Soo Glam!!


 ticket via @

  So excited for tomorrow night NYE Gal Dinner with I ran into down the hall, so sweet!


alexanderenrico The view from our hotel room. Holy f*cking crap!!!!

alexanderenrico Another view from the hotel room. Can't wait to see all this tomorrow!!!

alexanderenrico @evepribadi I wish!!! Hahah mum told me the path to his villa is blocked by security



 Pic posted by Tommy

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 fan art by baiyi 





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