Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rehearsals For VH1 Divas

Should I look AT the audience or THROUGH them?

Poor Sutan gets fired

Our host rehearsing for the ! Everything about this is amazing.

and his dancers are getting a little handsy at rehearsals.

will sing more than any host in history tomorrow night.

Opening Skit with NeNe Leakes
Neil Lambert at piano!

~10:30 PM PT

Just left rehearsal... Long day but woah it was so fun! So excited for tomorrow.


fans will want to see his first song. And put on your red shoes.

, & are killing it on stage! Tune in tomorrow night for :)

Kelly Rowland's Instagram

Groove is in the heaaaart! , + got us movin and it's only rehearsal! 

REMINDER: You can watch the Red Carpet LIVE STREAM hosted by tomorrow at 8/7c

gettin his dance on!

Singer set to pay a Whitney Houston tribute during tomorrow night's performance!

Adam Lambert on Hosting 'VH1 Divas': 'Men Are Divas, Too' The Hollywood Reporter

a sketch with non-performer and Real Housewife Ne Ne Leakes, who will act as a diva coach for the 30-year old Idol season eight finalist. “We've pre-recorded a sketch that's quite funny," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "I haven't seen the final edit yet so I hope I'm actually funny ... But we had so much fun filming it so I think people will get a kick out of it."

The event will also serves as a sort of American Idol reunion for Lambert, who will re-team with musical director Rickey Minor and his band of musicians. “Working with Rickey is a really nice reunion," says Lambert. "His band and backup singers are a lot of the same people who were on Idol so it’s a great comfort and they are some of the best musicians in the industry. It’s a real treat to be able to perform with them.”

Lambert also divulged that he will be trading vocals with Rowland and Hilson, for a tribute number honoring Summer. “I'm doing a medley of songs by Donna Summer and they're both fantastic singers,” he said.  “For my [own] musical performances there's dancers involved and a few of them are actually good friends of mine.  So it will be fun to be on stage with close friends. It always makes for a better experience when you're connecting with the people that you're sharing a stage with.”

Lambert said the opportunity to perform alongside other artists is a “treat” that he doesn’t get to indulge in as much as he likes. “It’s cool to be on stage with other artists and collaborating. I don’t get to do that as much as I’d like. I think that’s a real treat,” he said. “You cross the line a little bit, and get into somebody else’s territory and introduce yourself to their fans and my fans are introduced to them, it’s a nice way to bring everybody together.”

  Less than 24 hours till airs live at 9/8c! Till then, here's giving us her best dance move ;)  

  VH1 DIVAS 9h Groove is in the heaaaart! , + got us movin and it's only rehearsal!

  guess who?! VH-1 Divas rehearsals went great!

It was also lovely singing w/ again! I just love him to pieces! He LIVES! Tune in tomorrow to see ! (Check listings.)






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