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Sauli Talks to Katri About Early Times With Adam

Sauli Koskinen Talks to Katri Utula About Days Spent With Adam Lambert Early In Their Relationship

NOVEMBER 8, 2010
Katri: Hey did you see Adam Lambert at the afterparty? yesterday?
Sauli: Yes... not yesterday but saturday!
Katri: What afterparty it was?
Sauli: They had gig and they were in some restaurant in Helsinki, where I saw Adam Lambert.
I talked with him a quite long time. He was so nice.

Katri: I'm so jealous!
I Heard he talked about astrology and other stuff?
Sauli: Well I don't know... lets not talk about details...
Katri: Yeah! Yeah!..
Katri: Now we are talking about dancing with the stars......

 Adam and Cristal Snow at Jenny Woo Nov. 6, 2010

Sauli: about the Kiss with Adam Lambert, NOVEMBER 15, 2010: English subtitles by Tay Charlotte:


Sauli on his trip to LA & Upcoming Tutka Roadshow English subtitles by Tay Charlotte:

Thursday, Jan 27, 2011: Sauli's first visit to LA,  at Disneyland with Adam, who looks smitten! 
More pics: 
They went to see Cirque Bezerk on Friday, Jan 28:


They went shopping on Melrose Avenue Jan. 28:

Sauli celebrated Adam's 29th birthday on Jan 29:

Riff Maxwell Cherry was born the same day!  Adam & Sauli visited Riff in the hospital on Sunday, Jan. 30. (We spied Sauli's belt buckle in one of the photos. Glamberts gave a record amount of money to Charity Water in Adam's name.

Tutka after Sauli's Weekend in Paris with 
Adam  English subtitles by Tay Charlotte:

Le Raidd Bar, Paris.   Sauli by the fan's ear!
Pic was posted ~Dec. 6th, 2010

Adam talks about celebrating his Grammy nomination December 2 in Paris with a special friend for a couple of days  "and it was very romantic".  

Sauli & Katri After Sauli's Bora Bora Trip With Adam

@adamlambert  Bora Bora was paradise! The St Regis was top notch! I've never seen water sooo blue. A great escape. :)

Adam & Sauli left LAX for Bora Bora Feb 15, 2011 

Translation by TheNonnu:

Katri: No.. I cant help this. Sauli, we had to go there like after one month not now!..wait.. what's coming there *looks at saulis hat*
Sauli: *LOL* I have borrowed this. *LOL* noooh. just joking this is my own hat.
Katri: Well atleast from now it's your own because you said so.
Sauli : I have to keep it like this *joking with katri that he'd had borrowed all of his clothes*
Katri: You have nice los angeles t-shirt also.

Sauli: Well, I was just dropping by, just dropping by (in Bora Bora). I had to drop by abroad because I was freezing here
Katri: What do you think that would have I gone abroad with you? What do you think?
Sauli: *long silence* maybe.. But i got a magnet for you from there.
Katri: Hey, how cool , I got a fridgemagnet as a present from there. Very nice. Thank you, thank you.

Sauli: But I just watched where were the warmest weather, and Bora Bora was very warm at that time so I went there. You know, skin needs D-vitamin, or is it a E-vitimin, anyways..
Katri: But I wouldn't even wanted to come there because I heard there were sharks.
Sauli: Yeah, there were every kind of things there.
Katri: Why were there sharks?

Sauli: Well usually there is sharks in the ocean. They weren't dangerous.
Katri: Allright, good. But now we are talking about a lot more important things than about your trips.
Sauli: I'll promise that the next time we'll go there together.

saulikoskinen1 saulikoskinen
Bad sauli 

adamlambert @ @saulikoskinen1 A little Bora Bora Glam taken by yours truly! 

Art By Krisztina Bartal:

Art by glaMisa_17

Rasputin, December 22

 From Sauli's Hollywood Blog

I bought myself a new footstool. ;) 

 Adam at Rasputin + Older Pic of Sauli

Hot Babes!  (I combined two pics)  

Looks like their dining room chair.  I enlarged the mirror image.  New home?  I recognize that white sculptural thing.  Is that a baby grand piano?

Enhanced pic from Adam's Instagram:

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