Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nile Rodgers Shares More Lyrics to "Calico" By Nile, Avicii, & Adam Lambert Who Goes Down For the People! What's it all about?

Calico, or so we think it's titled, has intrigued me since Nile & Adam exhanged some tweets,
(taken from my Sept. 27 blog:
That was exciting day.  Adam had begun filming Glee, visited Hooray Henry's with Rufus Taylor, and RIP Melvin! Cute protective GIFS are on that blog of Rufus, so it's worth a visit.) 

Adam had performed a song on Glee and Naya raved to THR about it!

Back to Calico, Nile & Adam had some fun:

What is this Calico business?  An interview with Avicii had been published, where he said this about Adam:

 "I have a way with pussy cats"

YUP!  Avicii said:
There was another song we did with Adam. It was about going down on a girl. He was like “well it’s not for me, but I’ll sing it. I’ll do it for the people, I’ll go down for the people” One way or another we all go down!
And the pearl clutchers went nuts!

Staying ‘True’: Avicii Opens Up About His New Album

Avicii also said this:

From: Wake up call for DJ Avicii

Today Nile Rodgers answered this question on Redit, sharing actual lyrics with us:

So there you have it.  Adam gets familiar with a pussy named Calico, at least in song. I think he'll use his lower register for those lines. 

Avicii performed at The Hollywood Bowl Nov 9.  Lay Me Down was the last song.  Wake Me Up was the encore, with fireworks!
The after party was at Hooray Henry's, so I'd be shocked if Adam didn't attend.   No photos yet!

The Tweets:

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