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Avicii Teams Up With Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers

Who imagined that today we'd hear a song cowritten by Adam, sung by him, that will be out in time for Grammy nominations?! #Whoopdeedoo!

Avicii Teams Up With Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers: Listen To “ID (Lay Me Down )”

Avicii premieres the official video for "Wake Me Up" so there may be one for Lay Me Down!!

Of-the-moment DJ Avicii has been teaming up with a litany of diverse stars onhis forthcoming debut album #TRUE  (hashtag true!) — and the latest collaboration features glam-pop singer Adam Lambert and iconic musician (and “Get Lucky” cameo-maker Nile Rodgers.  Avicii described the song, titled ”ID (Lay Me Down),” to Digital Spy  as having a “very disco” sound. 

He went on: “It’s kind of all over the place. It’s a fusion, but when you listen to the whole album it makes sense. It sounds like it’s going to be weird, but the final product is what I got so excited about.
He’s been testing the song at various music festivals over the past few weeks — and despite the low quality of the performance audio, “ID (Lay Me Down)” sounds like a potential hit with Lambert’s strong vocals and the feel-good production. The collaboration, alongside a song with Imagine Dragons, will be on #TRUE, out September 17.
Listen to “ID (Lay Me Down)”:


NILE RODGERS: The uber talented Adam Lambert studying the lyrics before singing the soundproofing off the walls:

The wonderfully talented Prince backed group King, who sang on a funky song Avicii and I had kicked out

Avicii "Lay me down in darkness - and tell me what you see"

Avicii One of the collaborations with @nilerodgers is sounding better each flight! Love working on planes!

MahmoudRagab95 @Avicii why you are concentrating only on this collab ... I think it will be the track of the year!

Avicii @MahmoudRagab95 im not! We just rly vibe and have a bunch of tracks and ideas!

nilerodgers @Avicii Hey Tim, I just came back to my room and heard the rough mix. It's INSANE! Music is life my brother!

nilerodgers We're all artists trying to GROW. Yes, I hooked up @Avicii, @adamlambert & @weareking. When we get it right we get a hit-but we always LEARN

Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers 1h

RT @RandomMedley: @nilerodgers your breakout in the middle of #LayMeDown honestly made my knees quiver.  <Jamming with AVICII is MAD FUN! >

ADAM IN STUDIO WITH NILE RODGERS & Avicii & King April 28! Tweets & Pics & Background Info:

Avicii debuted 7 "True" tracks for an invite-only crowd in NYC 7/17 but Lay Me Down was not played :(

GLEE'S CINEMATOGRAPHER ( DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY) Joaquin Sedillo ‏@JOAQUINSEDILLO 5m @adamlambert #joaquinthegleedp


Listen now: Avicii’s done a “very disco” song with Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers 

Story filed by Brad O'Mance on July 29, 2013

Knob-twiddling banjo enabler Avicii has said a couple of things about a new song he’s done with Adam Lambert and the collaboration-shy Nile Rodgers.
“I did one track with Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert that’s kind of very disco,” he explained to Digital Spy.
That’s sort of it to be honest, but “kind of very disco” sounds like a good idea doesn’t it.
Apparently the collaboration – as well as one with Imagine Dragons, so be wary – will be on Avicii’s new album ‘#True’.
UPDATE! The song seems to be called ‘ID (Lay Me Down)’ and you can listen to the track below – Avicii’s been ‘playing it out’ over the last few weeks and has, in fact, been finishing his set with it, which we suppose indicates that he has high hopes for the song’s future because if you’re a globe-trotting spinner of discs like Avicii you don’t exactly finish your set on a load of old shit do you.
For His Next Trick, Avicii Will Make Disco

After reintroducing himself to an entire new generation of fans with his Daft Punk collaboration, legendary musician and producer Nile Rodgers just wrapped up his latest project with one Tim Bergling, aka Avicii. 

Hot off his latest tune Wake Me Up, Avicii's next single will be titled Lay Me Down (presumably his counter-argument to being woken up), and it will be no-doubt be infused with some signature Nile Rodgers sound.


Matty Minkus 

Damn, so happy about this collaboration!! Avicii's current single "Wake Me Up" is #1 on Itunes in 15 countries and top 10 in another 4.  It also just entered the US Top 40 charts and is moving pretty well. 

Avicii Teases "Disco" Adam Lambert Collaboration

Avicii has teased his forthcoming "disco" collaboration with Adam Lambert.
The super Swede has teamed up with the ex-American Idol star and Nile Rodgers on a song for his new LP, #True.

He told Digital Spy: "I did one track with Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert that's kind of very disco.

"I did another with Imagine Dragons that's almost orchestral and classical. I then have one that's funky, one that's jazzy, one that's rocky and another that's blues orientated.

"It's kind of all over the place. It's a fusion, but when you listen to the whole album it makes sense. It sounds like it's going to be weird, but the final product is what I got so excited about."

He added: "Once I started making these tracks I realised that it works. It doesn't sound forced or that I'm trying to be pretentious - it just made total sense."

Over the weekend, Avicii's bluegrass banger Wake Me Up managed to stop One Direction from scoring a No.1 single with Best Song Ever.


Avicii Snubs Singers Like Chris Brown and Rihanna For 'More Talented' Artists

The producer doesn't believe they will add anything new

Avicii is currently taking the dance scene and mainstream charts by storm proving himself worthy competition for the likes of Calvin Harris and David Guetta, so it's no surprise that he can afford to pick and choose which of pop's biggest stars he would like to work with and it has emerged that Chris Brown and Rihanna are not on his hit list.

The Swedish producer, real name Tim Bergling, is riding high with his single 'Wake Me Up!' featuring Aloe Blacc storming to the top of the UK charts this week and several other countries, officially becoming the fastest selling single of 2013 after shifting an incredible 267,000 copies in its first week trumping Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines.'

For those expecting Avicii's debut album 'TRUE' to replicate Calvin Harris' '18 Months,' which featured the likes of Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Ne-Yo, Kelis and Florence Welch, they will be sorely disappointed as the DJ has snubbed high-profile collaborations.



Put on your dancing shoes (preferably platforms), Adam Lambert fans. It's just been revealed that Adam will be lending his unmistakable disco-divo vocals to the new album by Swedish superstar DJ Avicii, #TRUE, one of this fall's most anticipated releases.
Even more dancetastically, the #TRUE track on which Adam appears, "ID (Lay Me Down)," features a reunion with Adam's Trespassing/"Shady" collaborator (and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" collaborator), Chic legend Nile Rodgers. Oh hell yes.
Avicii recently described the track to Digital Spy  as "very disco," and judging by low-quality audio out there on the Interweb, his description is apt. The floor-filling club banger is sure to please fans of Daft Punk's retro-groovy "Get Lucky" or "One More Time," and it has already been successfully crowd-tested by Avicii himself, as he's been finishing his sets with it at recent gigs.

While the Adam/Avicii collabo seems like a match made in dance heaven, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the style of music Adam will make on his forthcomingpost-RCA third album. Adam recently told Ryan Seacrest  he will revisit his rock 'n' roll roots when he returns to the studio, and he told Yahoo! Music's Reality Rocks, when asked if he'd consider going in a more Guetta-esque dance direction: "I think EDM is starting to fizzle a little bit...I love dance music, but I think there's more room for other things right now. You look at the charts right now, there's a mix of EDM, neo-folk-pop; there's this whole other thing going on…I think there's a wide open playing field right now, which is really refreshing."

Exclusive: Avicii teases Adam Lambert collaboration: 'It's very disco '

Published Monday, Jul 29 2013, 8:00am EDT  |  By Lewis Corner  |  
Avicii has spoken about his new collaboration with Adam Lambert.

The DJ has teamed up with the singer and Nile Rodgers to create a song for his upcoming debut album #True.
Adam Lambert performing live at the Apollo Hammersmith London
© WENN / Carsten Windhorst  Adam Lambert performing live in London

"I did one track with Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert that's kind of very disco," Avicii told Digital Spy ahead of his set at this weekend's burn Yard Live event.

"I did another with Imagine Dragons that's almost orchestral and classical. I then have one that's funky, one that's jazzy, one that's rocky and another that's blues orientated.

"It's kind of all over the place. It's a fusion, but when you listen to the whole album it makes sense. It sounds like it's going to be weird, but the final product is what I got so excited about.
Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons
Avicii at burn Yard Live.
"Once I started making these tracks I realized that it works. It doesn't sound forced or that I'm trying to be pretentious - it just made total sense."

Avicii premiered new track 'Speed' at burn Yard Live , which he made in collaboration with the Lotus F1 team.

The star's current global hit 'Wake Me Up' spent a second week at number one in the UK over the weekend.


Avicii debuts "True" tracks for an invite-only crowd in NYC 

Thu 18th Jul, 2013 by Jacob Schulman in News 1032 views 
Image for Avicii debuts
New York – Billed as an album listening party, last night’s (July 17) invite-only Avicii shindig at New York’s swanky Standard Hotel only played-back seven tracks off the artist’s hotly anticipated debut True, many of which are already out in the world thanks to the artist’s promo mix, released in April.
Still, a packed crowd of major label heavy-hitters (like Island Records brass David Massey and Steve Bartels), dance music press, and good-looking hangers-on (including the model featured in the “Wake Me Up” video) crowded the Standard’s third floor lounge, looking to get close to the artist who’s slated to have even more “Levels”-level hits with True. Avicii himself turned up just as the sun was starting to set, and was immediately mobbed by well-wishers (including Massey, here on the left).
Bartels welcomed everyone to the event before showing a hype video touting Avicii’s laundry list of career accomplishments played on a screen at the front of the room. Tim then took the microphone for a brief conversation with Massey about the process of recording True (“It was really natural,” he said), before the video premiere of the album’s lead single “Wake Me Up.
Featuring a beautiful woman and her young daughter (dressed head to toe in Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply – we saw the tags), the video chronicled their struggle to escape a humdrum town (potentially in the Old West?) filled with far less beautiful people who were persecuting them. Frustrated, the model eventually rides a horse to a place with other good-looking people who have the same Avicii logo tattoo that she does. They take her to what we understand to be Ultra Music Festival (that Main Stage is unmistakable), where Avicii just happens to be playing with “Wake” vocalist Aloe Blacc (in actual UMF performance footage). She wilds out and fricking loves it. She then rides the horse back to pick up her daughter, who is sleeping in bed (reckless endangerment, no?), and take her to the magical land of Ultra, where they will finally be understood and accepted. It was as bizarre as it sounds.
Finally the big moment came when the album playback began — well, sort of.  The seven-track selection started with Avicii’s latest collaboration with Salem Al Fakir, “All My Life (Someone Like You),” a possible second single with a strong topline and the usual uplifting melodies and chord progressions. That was followed up with the so-called “country house” production “Hey Brother Hey Sister” (working title), and “Addicted To You.” The latter track features vocals from Audra Mae and is arguably one of the strongest we’ve heard thus far; it would make an excellent follow-up single to “Wake.” Finally we heard a new funky, disco-style track that could be called “Liar Liar,” followed by more music that has yet to be identified. The preview ended fittingly with the “Heart Upon My Sleeve” ID.
We’ve heard mixed things on how many tracks are on the final album, from nine, to 13 or 14. The seven played at the event certainly represent a new direction for Tim Bergling, but we’re now even more curious to hear the LP in its entirety. Hopefully we’ll get the chance before the official release September 17, but until then, we’ll be listening to “Addicted To You” rips on YouTube.

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