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Adam Lambert Spotted With Ex Sauli Koskinen, As News Of Adam Leaving RCA Records Breaks 

Adam Lambert Walking To His Apartment With His Ex

Singer Adam Lambert and his ex-boyfriend Sauli Koskinen were spotted walking to Adam’s apartment in West Hollywood, California earlier today (July 14, 2013).
Adam has been making tons of news lately. First there was the news of Adam being cast in season 5 of Glee , which may be postponed until mid-season due to the death of Cory Monteith .
Adam tweeted earlier today, “My deepest sympathies go out to friends and family of Cory Monteith. Such tragic news.”
Shortly there after the casting news broke, it was revealed that Adam is walking away from his recording contract with RCA after the label insisted his next release be an 80′s cover album, something which he steadfastly refused. 
He sent a letter to THR explaining his decision…
“We are indeed having the oft-cited “creative differences” as to what my next project will be. Your article was correct, the label is “pushing for an (80′s) covers album,” and feels that this is the only kind of release they are prepared to support. While there are lots of great songs from that decade, my heart is simply not in doing a covers album.
“Over the past four years, I have been truly fortunate to work with an amazing roster of producers, writers and engineers. Thanks to them, I have grown as both a songwriter and a vocalist. Artistically & professionally, I think it is essential that I continue with this evolution. I am already deep into writing new material with some very talented colleagues for a brand new album, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this new sound & direction. This music is where my heart is, and I believe that is what my fans want to hear.
Bravo Adam. Not many people have the guts to stand up for themselves, especially to a major record label. However, if anyone could have done it, Adam could.
Launch the gallery to check out Adam and Sauli in West Hollywood.
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Adam Lambert Steps Out with Ex Sauli Koskinen After Cory Monteith Condolence
Adam Lambert and his ex-beau Sauli Koskinen make their way to a private residence on Sunday (July 14) in West Hollywood, Calif.
That same day, the 31-year-old entertainer extended his condolences to Cory Monteith ‘s friends and family in the wake of his tragic death the evening before.
“My deepest sympathies go out to friends and family of Cory Monteith. Such tragic news.” Adam tweeted .
It was just announced that Adam would be joining the cast of Glee this upcoming season.
20+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert and his ex-boyfriend Sauli Koskinen out together…


"Krone": Are you planning new shows or projects with Queen?
May: The only thing we have been pretty ripe on the screen, a few TV shows. One in Las Vegas and one in London. We like to visit Queen play songs with several other artists. We also hope that Adam Lambert is back on board, for we have enjoyed working with him last year a lot. And besides, we're talking for ages about the Freddie movie. We had been so many problems, which can be an advantage but because you are cautious of it. And because we are very careful, after all we have a huge responsibility to portray Freddie really honest. The job has to fit, finally, we have this one chance.

"Krone": What's in the roumours that you are planning something with the South Korean whiz Psy?
May: We met him and he's going to remix a song from us. We have sometimes loosely talked about maybe what to do together in the future. We are in no hurry, but keep in touch.
"Krone": Can you say what song it is?
May: I do not know if I [can] do that (laughs). It's funny, because I've received so many different reactions to it. Many have said: "What a wonderful idea, what original thought." Others said again, "Oh my God, how could you do such a thing. Will you sell [out] completely?" But for me, music is just music. If I find something original, new - I do not care where it comes from.


CW to air iHeartRadio Music Festival next season 

By LYNN ELBER | Associated Press – Thu, May 16, 2013 8:11 AM PDT
NEW YORK (AP) — The CW network is bringing a popular radio music series to television and is going heavy on escapist fare in its new programming for next season.
As part of a three-year deal, the iHeartRadio Music Festival  will air exclusively on the network and stream on following the broadcasts, the CW said Thursday. Other iHeartRadio events, including a Jingle Ball holiday concert, are coming to CW as part of the agreement with Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

I'm not sure, but I don't these sunglasses are the same: (I've looked at lots of pics + video and it may be the lighting that make them look different.)  Here, they look the same:




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