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ATT LIVE PROUD FINALE JULY 3 Screencaps & Photos

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"We have changed public opinion."


@scorptwitr One of the cutest, most Adamy moments at LiveProud: At the very end of the show, at the end of AYGGMW Adam did this backbend to the last notes and the band was drawing it out, but Rick didn't do a final beat to finish it off, just left it hanging. So Adam is like UM NO and so, laughing, he walked over to the drum set and played the final beat himself. Because things just need to be right for him. LOL. so awesome.




leaving Muse, getting into a limo



video by islandgirljams

Adam Lambert dazzles as headliner at concert for Trevor Project and AT&T’s Live Proud Campaign 

By Greg Hernandez on Jul 4, 2013 
Had such a great time last night (July 3) at Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood where my pal Jim Key invited me to see Adam Lambert perform.
It was an event benefiting Trevor Project and AT&T’s Live Proud Campaign and we got the VIP treatment with delicious hors d’œuvres and an open bar.
One of the first people I spotted was Shane Bitney Crone whose movie,Bridegroom, will be screening at Outfest this month. I’m so excited to see it! The film, a documentary about the tragedy and heartbreak Shane endured after the sudden death of his partner, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where it was introduced by former President Bill Clinton.
Anyway, it was soon time to head over to watch Adam perform and he did not disappoint! He talked about last week’s Supreme Court rulings on Prop. 8 and DOMA a bit before launching into a 10-song set!
I happen to know Adam was only obligated to do three songs so him doing so many more – and giving it all that he has – shows how passionate he is about Trevor Project and his fans.
Lambert, 31, is an ambassador for the organization, which is the national leader suicide prevention among LGBT youth.
‘The younger generation doesn’t always feel like you have to label yourself, because they feel like we’re moving past it. But the older generation is like, “But wait! We fought so hard for this!’”‘ Lambert told
‘So I think the two sides having a dialogue is a big step in trying to kind of get to the next place, which is a post-gay reality,’ he added. ‘We’re not there yet…but we’re on our way!’
Lambert performed several songs including Bob Marley’s Is This Love and Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze as well as his hit Whaddaya Want From Me.
Among those in the crowd was Extra co-host Mario Lopez who was standing right behind us through much of concert. Mario is just too cute for words and I was glad to get a photo with him!

PICS BY Susan Slade Sanchez

Susan Slade Sanchez

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