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Adam Saw Cher at Q Thursdays at the Marquee Club on June 27!

Cher attends Q Thursdays at the Marquee Club on June 27, 2013 in New York City.  Looking like a bedazzling warrior princess Cher was the highlight of the night playing her new music and chatting with fans.

cher-toon....The Club Marquee!

Justin Luke's Facebook: 
Oh, hey. 
CHER just got here. — at Q Thursdays GRAND OPENING Featuring Cher!

Antwone Mississippi Infiniti Sewell what's funny is adam lambert is here to and nobody recgonizes him!!!

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thanks for taking a pic with us last night at marquee! You're even sweeter and cuter in person xo

Vaguely remember helping cut line and pee tonight so cute. Message me boo. Lets go on a datesies!!!! Wink ;)


Pics from CherWorld

More Pics at Catwalk Thursdays at Marquee Facebook:

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Cher And Andy Cohen Christen Q Thursdays at Marquee New York

Cher may be headlining the Sunday Pier Dance for NYC Pride but she made a special appearance at the grand opening of Brandon Voss Patrick Crough, Alan Picus, & Justin Luke’s Q Thursdays at Marquee.  The line stretched around the block with characters and club kids all waiting to catch a glimpse of the legend herself.  Susanne Bartsch set the scene with an outrageous catwalk as celebrities like Andy Cohen, Adam Lambert, and Gabourey Sidibe made their way to the balcony.  Cher made a grand entrance up the stairs and took to the balcony where she watched a grand parade of Cher impersonators and fans performing a special set of greatest hits.  We were able to nestle up close and personal near Cher and Andy, as these gypsies, tramps and thieves showed us that we do indeed believe in life after love.  After the performance, Cher and Cohen took to the stage to introduce her latest single, “Woman’s World”.



Full story here:


Cher Charms in New York With Early Stop During Pride Week ROLLING STONE:

Singer is guest of honor at debut of new Thursday party Q 

Cher performs at the Grand Opening of Q Nightclub in New York.
JonathonZiegler/ via AP Images
When Cher rolled up to the Marquee club in Manhattan in a stretch limo at 1:48 this morning, a throng of costumed fans were ready: From the sidewalk, iPhones captured the singer's entrance to the Chelsea nightspot, many having waited since late yesterday afternoon, dressed in drag and chain-smoking behind elaborate masks and makeup. Cab drivers who stopped to crane their necks were ordered to keep moving. 
A day after the Supreme Court dumped the federal Defense of Marriage Act and declined to reinstate a ban on same-sex marriage in California, Cher flew to New York to tease this weekend's Pride performance, but not by singing – she didn't utter a note. Instead, the LGBT ally was a spectator at the Chelsea venue, which thumped and pulsated with a horde of Cher lookalikes dancing to a medley of her hits, including "Believe," "I Got You Babe" and her version of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." She watched from Marquee's upper level, swaying and clapping and singing along. She wore a gold sequined top and a crown that sparkled through the venue's purple lighting and smoke-machine haze. 
An hour after she arrived, Cher descended the stairs to thank her several hundred supporters from the stage. "I've had ups and downs in my career, and you guys have never left me," she told the crowd, which exploded with applause."You guys have always been there.
Her words seemed to indirectly underscore LGBT resilience in the face of increased homophobic-driven violence in New York, where the police commissioner last month called the murder of a gay man in the West Village a hate crime. Such targeted attacks have doubled since this time last year.  
After speaking for less than two minutes, her new dance single, "Woman's World," throbbed from the loudspeakers. Cher's first album in more than a decade will follow later this year. 
As the song played, she pushed through the front door and a bouncer blocked it, refusing to let anyone else exit for several minutes. It was one minute before 3 a.m. Outside, after halting traffic on 10th Avenue, the limo carrying the singer sped uptown. Cher's NYC Pride performance Sunday at the Dance on the Pier benefit coincides with the two-year anniversary of New York's legalization of same-sex marriage.

Cher at The Grand Opening of Q at Marquee 6/27/13 by VOSS NYC


Cher - 1067Litefm Live Online Chat 

part 1

part 2

part 3

Cher Hits NYC's Marquee Club: Gives Emotional Speech, Lips Along To Her Hits


That's not Andy.  He was replaced by a pretty girl in sleeveless white shirt.  Pic is labeled wrong.

"celebrities like Andy Cohen, Adam Lambert, and Gabourey Sidibe made their way to the balcony"


This is Brandon Voss, the organizer of the event (see the other videos and official pics) :)))

YES, Brandon Voss is wearing a shirt similar to Adam's and the pants match my screencaps:


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