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Adam With Fan in NYC, June 26 + Potpourri, Odyssey Magazine Anthem Pride Party Tonight!

I was just sent this awesome video from YouTube. Made me smile. It’s been a good week.

346,554 views in one day!

Ran into the amazing today! Thank you for being so nice and saying hi!!! You made my day!

Got such a nice response from the 1st pic, thought I'd better share another with
Walking with
Yes, NYC. Walked and talked for a little while. He is a very nice person to talk to.

Nevada ‏@SnowWhiteplus71h @glambertizd4evr Haha, we talked about touring and how cute Tommy is :D Lilybop :P@--- ‏@lilybop201016m @SnowWhiteplus7 @glambertizd4evr You look like old friends walking down the street. Did your daughter know who he is? Nevada ‏@SnowWhiteplus712m @lilybop2010 @glambertizd4evr Haha, both my children know every word of every song- it has been etched on their brains since birth!

He was behind me as I waited at a red light. I turned around and died!
It was near broadway.


When Will Adam Lambert’s Worldwide Stardom Reach Critical Mass?

Adam Lambert is the best live performer in the entertainment industry today. He is the voice of this generation. Lambert's vocals are untouchable and he is more than just a superb singer. Lambert's extraordinary natural gift has been fine tuned with skillful technique and combined with his audacious showmanship.Lambert's raw sexual energy is reminiscent of young Elvis. The young Elvis parallel is completed by Lambert's blue eyed, six foot one inch of strutting, sexy, hip grinding Alpha male. Around the world fans are mesmerized and chanting his name, yet in his own country Lambert is treated like the red haired stepchild of the music industry. Award shows ignore him. Radio stations will not play his music. What will it take for Adam Lambert to get the acknowledgement he deserves in the good old US of A? Will the catalyst be "monkey see, monkey do"?
For those unfamiliar with the 100th monkey phenomenon it is the theory written about by Dr. Lyall Watson who recounted the stories told about the Macaca Fuscata monkey studies conducted by Japanese primatologists in the fifties. The story is told about a young monkey named Imo who lived on Koshima Island. Research scientist gave Imo and the other monkeys sliced sweet potatoes to eat. Imo liked the taste of the potato but disliked the dirt that stuck to it when it hit the ground. Imo decided to rinse the potato in the nearby stream to improve the taste. Imo taught her mother to wash the sweet potatoes. Soon, one by one, the other monkeys copied Imo.
Not long after the scientist observed monkeys participating in the same actions on other islands and on the mainland. The knowledge of the practice had jumped the sea. The scientific theory is that when a certain critical number of individual monkeys participated in the new behavior they were able to communicate their new found skill from mind to mind at a nonlocal level of consciousness
There are skeptics that scoff at the hundred monkey phenomena, but it has verisimilitude in the quantum theory of nonlocality, DNA experimentation and Carl Jung's theory of collective unconsciousness. Quantum experiments have proven the coherent phenomena of the distributions of energy that can manifest in chaotic systems. In simple terms information can transfer from one place to another without contact. Then there are the Russian remote-influence experiments on human targets that proved that remote human intention could affect physiological and conscious process in a distant human target including the delivery of telepathic messages
Russian scientist have studied our DNA, beyond the 10% that is normally accepted as the part that transfers genetic information, to uncovering the mystery of the other 90% which has often been mislabeled as "junk DNA". It is called junk DNA because the function of the 90% has not been identified.Russian scientist have discovered that parts of our DNA allow us the capability of hyper communication, which is the term used to describe situations when someone suddenly accesses information outside his or her personal knowledge base. It is not just that the information can be accessed, there are situations that contribute to an individual being more receptive to information and the new information can change the very structure of their DNA. Change can occur in response to sound frequencies.
Many highly respected scientist including Dr. Valerie Hunt, a neurophysiologist and former professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, acknowledge that we all have an etheric body that is an energetic duplicate of our physical body. Some people are consciously more evolved and connected to their etheric body. It wood be interesting to experiment on Lambert's energy and vocals to see if he is resonating at a 528 HZ frequency, the frequency that sends the most powerful healing energy in the universe to our DNA. This energy can change the very structure of DNA. Resonating at a 528 HZ frequency may explain why superstars like Elvis, Michael Jackson or even the past generation's legends like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald had such a universal impact and appeal.
It is an anomaly that Adam Lambert, an undisputed world-class vocal talent, capable of fronting the legendary music of Queen, is still struggling to make his mark in the US. No doubt that there are social - political - corporate interest working against him, but it is my contention that Lambert is unstoppable. He will overcome the social stigma of being a member of the LGBT community, the political views of the far right and the music industry's pressure towards homogeneity . Those hundred little monkeys are going to do the trick. Lambert's energy, a sensation that is almost a palpable static presence, which fills the venues when he performs, may have a scientific explanation. Could he be changing our DNA? Could Lambert's ability to change hearts and minds have a biophysical cause? Could it be the unexplainable X factor?
Adam Lambert has undeniable assets, talent, charm, intelligence, beauty, style, character, personality, wit, and mind-boggling sex appeal. It is impossible to camouflage his assets. How long can the US media battle with the force of critical mass in the universe? Surly they will lose. It will not be long until the 100 monkeys have changed the outcome and Adam Lambert's becomes a universal star that the United States cannot ignore.

Russian DNA Discoveries Explain Human 'Paranormal' Events
The 100 Monkey Theory
Dr. Valerie Hunt

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Adam celebrated at Odyssey Magazine Pride Party tonight! - open bar and free sushi at @Bamboo_52

Adam at Industry Bar after Broadway Bares:

Jerry ‏@plaintruthiness 1h
Odyssey Magazine Pride Party - open bar and free sushi FTW (at @Bamboo_52 w/ 8 others)

Richard JMV ‏@richard_jmv 20m @adamlambert it was great meeting you at #bwaybares2013 , and again @bamboo_52 tonight

Richard danced in Broadway Bares in the NY number, HD video here:

Rhea Litre at Industry Bar tonight:

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By Joshua Miller
Every TV you turn on, every magazine you read and everywhere you turn everyone is talking about ADAM LAMBERT. This L.A.-based vocalist worked the club scene at venues like Society, Metro Mondayz and Shits & Giggles tearing up the stage up with his androgynous sense of style, voc al power and range to make even Mariah Carey jealous. He was inarguably the most talked about contestant on American Idol this season and one of People Magazines “Hottest Bachelors.” Adam is currently in the studio recording his debut album and about to embark on the American Idol Tour stopping at 50 cities in North America. Amongst his hectic schedule I got a chance to talk to Adam about his upcoming projects and what it was like on the show.
1 After years in Los Angeles trying to “make it” you have hit the big time. You must be on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. What is the hardest to cope with? Don’t say the paparazzi, we see the pictures, you’re eating it up! 
The hardest part has to be maintaining my friendships. I’m so busy and I don’t want my friends to think that I’ve forgotten them. Its also difficult b/c old acquaintances now want to be my new BFF’s and it’s so obvious why. It’s flattering, but difficult to read peoples’ true motivation.
2 It seems that so many contestants on AI crumble under the pressure. How did you stay so focused? 
The pressure is definitely intense, but I’ve always enjoyed feeling busy and fired up to do projects. The extra expectation helps me deliver a stronger performance. I tried not to see the show as a competition, more as an opportunity for exposure and experience. That helped keep me less intimidated.
3 What can we expect (differently) from you on the American Idol Tour?
Well first off, expect sickening wardrobe and eye makeup! I’m also closing my set with an amazing David Bowie medley that gets disco- house at the end. Let’s dance!
4 Is there one song that you have heard that you connected with on such a level that you wish you had written it? 
“ECLIPSE” by ROBYN, heard it for the first time and wept. It reminds me of my ex and I. Also “COME HOME” by ONE REPUBLIC, made me cry as well. It was written about an army wife missing her man, but to me it meant asking for love itself to come to you.
5 Give us 5 words that would accurately describe an Adam Lambert performance. 
High. Fierce. Beat. Horny. Fun.
6 What was the last song that you listened to that you honestly enjoyed? 
“Lose You” by Peaches.
7 You have said you would love to work with artists like Lady Gaga and Madonna. If you had to pick ONE artist to sing with dead or alive who would it be?
I would be honored and so intimidated to sing with the late Freddie Mercury.
8 You’re a FIERCE Queen! Who is your favorite Drag Queen?
Out of fairness I can’t pick one. I love drag queens for the bravery, expression, and attitude they bring to the scene.
9 Describe your music-making process.
I am a team player. I enjoy co-writing where a couple people sit around and throw ideas out and everyone picks the best lyrics for the song. I also make suggestions for the production of the track as well. As long as I am involved in the creation of the song, I am thrilled.
10 Any advice for struggling artists?
Those auditioning should find a way to set themselves a part from the crowd. Think commercially though, this is the music BUSINESS. If you sing well, they are gonna be more interested in how to market you. Consider the type of artist you’d be and bring all that to the audition. Your song choice, look and presence are just as important as your abilities as a singer.
Adam’s debut album on 19Recordings/RCA records will be released Fall 2009.
For more information on Adam and upcoming projects please visit
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