Saturday, November 10, 2012

Adam & Sauli Saw Danielle Sing at the Roxy Nov. 9 & Adam on VH1 Countdown Nov 10 Re VH1 Divas

enhanced pic

Adam leaves for South Africa today, Nov. 10,  so it's sweet that  he went to her performance.

Sauli wore leopard pants :-)


Adam wore this jacket last night,
Pic taken at Cobalt, DC

Sauli wore leopard pants when Adam performed at Matinee

Adam was on VH1 Countdown Nov 10 talking about performing on VH1 Divas He's planning the songs and outfits, and there's ~potentially a duet, doesn't want give anything away.  "There might be some live animals I bring on stage."
I'm going to be in South Africa Thanksgiving, NO, China!

What do you have in store for us? 
"I can't tell you."

 Potentially a duet. "I don't want to give it away, man."

"I'm going to be in South Africa for Thanksgiving.  
NO, China!"
Adam said he's hoping for some Peking Turkey,
fortune cookies next to the sweet potatoes, a fusion. 

 You were the last greatest to be on that show (AI)
"Do you mean that?"  
"See, Glamberts, nice!" 


Pics at VH1, Divas included Adam:


 Live at the Vineyard, Napa

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