Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adam Learns What a Chok Is In Hong Kong + Melvinish Pics + Adam's New Avi + HQ Pics of Mattel Doll

a gif of the full video, more below

Teaching Adam Lambert how to "CHOK", Hong Kong style!

me & Adam! getting ready to CHOK : )

Ryanne made this:


Yippee! Finally after 2 long years! I wasn't the most quirky... a boy fan followed him to the washroom to say hi to him ;) 
Adam was quick to understand what "CHOK" means.... i showed him a face and he said "you mean BADASS! that's easy for me" :) 
I like your look though. Fresh and funky. An teaching him to chok! He would've enjoyed meeting you. :)
Hope so! <3 That's what he said too ("looking fresh") after i showed him my photo w/ him 2 yrs ago in full 

Ryanne first met Adam Oct 14, 2010:

Ryanne's Facebook Page 

 2011 Birthday Cake & IIHY Lyrics! So Cute! 


shopped by yani via @glam_alidol

with cute hats which sauli wanted to buy for his siippa lol . shopped by 薄荷

Alyson Hau 7h
!!!! It was soooooo lovely to see ya again !!!!!

 Adam's New Avi:

 Original pic? I'm not sure if it's the full pic or not. 
 Maybe if you crop & turn it slightly it's the same.


HQ PICS VIA @terra_zephead

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