Saturday, November 24, 2012

Adam And The Glamily Exploring Hong Kong!

 1 am Hong Kong Subway!


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iamhannatirto met Adam Lambert 😎😎 #adamlambert #singer #popstar #americanidol #iphonegraphy #instamood #instadaily #love #iphonesia

with love_andre

Adam at a club last night:

At Volume, a gay bar last night

he just back from shopping :D so sexy, so tall
awww..did he buy something pretty? :P
idk :p i only saw an eye candy tall handsome boy with shopping bags 

Me with O.o He held my phone for me...

enhanced pic

No one was around us, then he said "we can do like this" :3 I said "my arms are short" he took my phone, "my arms are long, ready?" 
 Oh by the way, hates the fragrant in the lobby xD He waved at his nose few times. They better change that weird smell. 

enhanced pic

My Angel's signature :DDDD  

 "mean streets of hong kong"

 our view from thanksgiving dinner hong kong via Tommy

'Saw Adam Lambert today. He is very nice and kinda hilarious and has an aura about him. He wanted coffee and saw a Starbucks sigh across the street; he immediately ran over there, only to find it's a demo sign. He looked crestfallen. Very adorable. Adam has an air of commandment. Very attractive. '  

This is what I'm doing today. Then back to sleep. Rainy day.

Hong Kong is dope!

Food Court at the Venetian Hotel, MACAO, 
a "personal trip" for the Glamily

Adam and the Glamily's Thanksgiving Keek:!0M2Eaab

Terrance posted a MAMA sound check pic:

Adam learns what a CHOK is:  


Screencaps & GIFs of the Keek

Mercedes Benz Afterparty in Guangzhou:


Adam with his translator in Guangzhou 

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