Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trespassing Video Contest Winners

Above and Beyond (best overall) 1st place
Aidan and Liam McEwan's "Trespassing" Contest Entry uploaded by MrAidanLambert  

 2nd place Entry By Tyler Smith (Age 16) Pooter2026  

3rd place

Best Performance and Energy (personality)
1st place by Ayana & Tatianna "trespassing" contest entry by ayanaismusic
 2nd place by pinktoonie:  

3rd place by GLAMBERTROSE
Best Choreography: 1st place is a group dance by lovephotograph 

2nd Place: Russian Glamberts' Trespassing Flashmob, uploaded by SakuSmile

3rd Place is a group dance by Hila Bernstein

Video with a Message: 1st place, uploaded by PandaJimbob: 
Shannon and Kate's Trespassing Music Video Entry (Part 1)
I will need email addresses for each winner....
Most RANDOM video: 1st place by flyinwhitehorse

 2nd Place by SleepwalkerAL12 : 

 3rd Place by SapphireNight  Boots, Snakes and Lots of Strutting so funny and charming!

Prizes are being figured out and sorted....but for right now u have the honor of being a winner!
gonna need help tracking down contact info for the winners because all I have are vid links. I'm sure an organized Glambert can help?
Best Video with a message, and lastly most RANDOM. There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in every category.
There are SIX categories: Above and Beyond (Best overall), Best Performance and Energy, Best Choreography, Best Video Using Own Vocals, ...
Are u ready to find out the WINNERS of the first Glambert Fan Video Contest!??!?

I just watched my first two hundred videos!!! You guys are so passionate and creative!!! Im really enjoying these. Ok High Tea Service...

Wow! Wasn't expecting that, but we're totally thrilled! THANK YOU. This means so much to us. Well done to all who entered! :)

OMG! Am shaking right now!! Thanks ! Glad you liked it! All the entries rocked! Great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

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