Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GIFS: Floorbert Adam on Best Hit USA 2012, Japan, September 18

"I'm always thinking, thinking, thinking, and one of the keys to really being in the right kind of frame of mind for singing is to not think so much.  So I guess it's really not a frame of mind, but it's a frame of spirit and heart and soul, it's trying to kind of detach from all your inner voices that go on in your head, your conscience and your self awareness.  It's just kind of tuning into the music.  And there's a peace in that. There's a real peace in that detachment from all the noise.  HaHa."  

"And that sounded crazy, but it's really true.  I mean it's the one time where you can really kind of just kind of go with the flow and be in the moment.   That's what music's about." 

Adam asked to sit on the floor because he thinks it's cute. After he's comfortably situated he says "not that office chair bullshit". ;)

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