Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adam Lambert As American Idol Mentor? is rarely wrong, so I believe their report that Randy Jackson is returning to American Idol as a judge, not mentor.   

This is a huge disappointment, even if Adam Lambert weren't in the mix.   I've raised my spirits a bit by imagining Adam as mentor.   I'm assuming (which is dangerous) that Keith Urban & Nicki Minaj will be judges.

The mentor role might be better for Adam & he might enjoy it more.
 He'd spend time actually working with contestants, and giving his best advice.   Jimmy Lovine had a lot more to say than any of the judges.  Adam wouldn't have to go to callbacks, so he'd have more time for his own career. 

American would still get to know the Adam we love, and he would be able to have a real impact on the contestants.   He sure seemed to enjoy his mentoring role during Elvis week.  Adam might perform, too.  I hope FOX is considering this.   We might not find out for a long time who the regular mentor will be, unless we hear that Jimmy is returning.  

Still, it's a shame "You're in the zone" Randy is returning as judge.  Yo, dawg, it's past time for you to go.  I guess FOX is afraid of an entirely new panel, but it's a mistake, despite what Simon says.

Your thoughts? 


  1. Gee you almost gave me a heart attack. Thought this was an official announcement. He said he had new job in Sept. Mentors don't get involved until next year.

  2. Nothing is official so let's just wait to see what AI announces.

  3. Sorry I startled you. I figured you would see "lilybop" and "blogspot" in the link, so you'd know it wasn't a news story.

    Adam said he didn't say "job" in Japan. He said "stuff". Maybe Fashion Police (tonight), and Fashion Week, which is more like stuff than a job.

    Yeah, I'm just speculating, but wanted to raise the mentor possibility. I never saw it in my feed. ;-)